02Jam Game Review

02Jam is an online game that prevailed through the years. It was a simple free online rhythm action game that requires the coordination of both your eyes and fingers. However, it has been shut down by the year 2012. Good news for 02Jam players, the game is back! – though not for the PC but for the smartphones. So without further ado here is where this game review begins.


Starting off, the simple yet attractive GUI of the game has caught my attention almost instantly. You can navigate through the system without a problem. The menu is divided into several parts as you can see in the photo above. I’m not going to cover all of its functions so you can enjoy exploring it on your own. What I’ll be covering, however, will be the big red start button in the center. As the word suggests, this starts up the game and brings you to the song menu.

Shown above is the song menu. It’s divided into 4 parts; Category, Sort, My Album and Search. Category is simply where you can find songs by type. Sort depends on the title and level of the game. While Album is where you compile all your favorite songs. However, it’s only limited to 10 songs per album. To get a new one, one must unlock it by paying 30 000 gems, and Search, as the name suggests, gives you the power to find a specific song you wish to play. Okay, enough about the submenus, let’s get into the gameplay.

First off. allow me to explain the Point and Gem system. These two systems act as the stamina for the game. Points are deducted at each and every time you play. The amount of points that have been deducted solely depends on the level of the game. You can regain these points by buying them on the store, leveling up, or wait for them to replenish. You can also receive more points by completing offers. Gems, on the other hand, are more commonly used for power-ups. You can use them to buy songs so you can play them permanently without deducting any points. The power-ups are divided into three: active, passive and pattern. Now not all of these are power ups; some of them are to make the game more challenging. I won’t be telling what every power up(or chips) can do. It’s up for you to discover what lies ahead. Now, let’s move on to the gameplay itself.

To play a song, you have to press its icon on the song list. After pressing it, you have to press the play button on the center. Doing so will cause the game to download the song. After the song has finished loading; you are greeted by this. The 4 bars on the bottom is where you have to hit the notes as they fall from the top. Take note that this is the landscape version. The chips are commonly shown at the top right corner along with your score and the pause button. Pausing can give you the chance to resume, go back to the menu or change the speed settings. Now, please take a look by the top left corner of the screen. Written there is “JAM COMBO.” Jam Combo is more or less the score multiplier. To activate the combo, you must first fill in the gauge. After that, you have to either press the button that appears underneath it or shake your phone. It’s a crazy mechanic but it’s extremely useful. After finishing, you will be greeted by this screen and I do believe it explains everything.

There’s more to this game but I’ll leave the rest up to you. No point in spoiling the fun. Enjoy playing :)


About the Author: Another guest post contributed by my youngest son- Yahmir, 16 years, grade 10 student, who excels academically, a gamer, a writer and the author of The Lunacy of a Warrior.






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Online Gaming: Entertainment at its Finest

Entertainment has become a necessity for those who are always busy with their everyday routine. Finding time to amuse oneself through movies, music, recreation sports and online games can relax and create a diversion from the list of chores to be done. The development of computer and the internet paved the way for the most popular means of entertainment for both young and old.

online gaming
Image credit: Kenny Louie – https://flic.kr/p/8pcjVX

Today everybody can while away his leisure time playing games online through a computer network. Most online games are free and anybody can play without paying anything. You can find single player games as well as multi-player online games where an online community is created to pursue the game. Multi-player games also serve as a venue for social interaction. Most of these popular online games are classified based on the genre. These are:

Action Games – include fighting, shooting and games that emphasize physical challenges such as high-speed reaction and hand to eye coordination.

Role Playing Games – these are the kind of games which are usually multi-player and may require an internet connection.

Simulation Games – may include activities such as city or empire building, business, war games and more. Different real life activities are replicated in simulation games and they may not have a specific goal and involves playing as the character.

Sports Games – may include a variety of sports such as soccer, tennis, F1 racing, basketball and more. Most players of this online game are also sports fanatics with a clear understanding of the game to play effectively. This game usually tests a person’s precision and accuracy. Athletes and teams are usually featured to make the game more interesting.

Online casinos – some people consider casino playing to be a casual hobby to entertain themselves but others play with serious gambling in mind. Technology has made it possible for players to play real time such as in casino.netbet.co.uk without having to leave the comforts of their home. There are probably thousands of online casinos today and each one has offered deals and bonuses to encourage players to check them out.

Online games attract both male and female players who wish to while away time and escape from the demands of their day. Whatever game it is that play, it is sure to give them the entertainment, relaxation and amusement that they need. Most of these online games can be played for free; all you need is to access the internet.


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4 Reasons Why Branding Is Important to Your Business

A strong brand can be the difference between your business succeeding or failing. In short, branding is everything.This is because it communicates to the consumer your business’ product and identity. Even though the visual branding of a business is a very important aspect, it is much more than just a good logo.If you’re starting a new business or reconsidering your existing brand’s image, these four reasons explain why it might be worth thinking about your company branding.


Branding Can Make the Right Impression

Colours, logos, typefaces and layout are all aspects that contribute to making an impression, where it’s as customers come into contact on the street, or when they land on your business’ website. If the colour schemes, layout and other design elements connect with your ideal customer, you’ll be more likely to gain their trust and their business. However, the combination of these differs between businesses and personalities. Conversely, if your visual branding doesn’t align with what people expect within the industry, it could hurt your business. There are many design studios such as 40/40 Creative that can assist with forming a brand identity that sends the right message to your ideal customer. You only have seconds to make a good impression, so it’s important for your business to be branded well.

Branding Supports Advertising and Marketing

A strong brand personality can be leveraged through advertising and marketing, whether it’s visually or through intangible aspects such as company values. If you have a strong brand that your customers associate with a certain image, your advertising becomes more focused. This also means less effort is needed to communicate basic information about the business and what you stand for, so more time can be spent on communicating the key selling points of the business.

Branding Promotes Loyalty and Grows a Business

With a strong brand you don’t necessarily have to be the best. For example, Levi’s aren’t necessarily the best jeans in the marketplace, but their reputation and brand recognition means they often come to mind first for many people looking for jeans. Therefore, creating a strong brand will be rewarded with customer loyalty over time. An established brand can also easily introduce new products or services to grow the business and expand under a strong, recognisable name.

Brands Help Make a Business Memorable

One of the most powerful reasons for building a brand around your business is the instant recognition it can bring to your business – just think of the McDonald’s Golden Arches or Pepsi red, blue and white circle. With just a simple design, and no words, a logo can serve as the face of the company and elicit an understanding of the company’s character, values and message with just a quick glance. Brands also help differentiate you from your competitors, even if you’re selling exactly the same product. This is just another reason that speaks to the importance of building a strong brand.

A strong brand can’t be created overnight, but building the right branding around your business is an essential element in ensuring its future success and longevity. That’s why business owner should always turn their attention towards branding when considering their image and identity.

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Easy Ways You Can Improve Your Website

Do you feel like your website needs some improvement? There are plenty of ways you can improve your site, and many of them are so easy! Take a look through this guide for 8 easy ways you can improve your website:

Make Your Load Time Faster

If your website takes longer than a second or two to load, you’re not going to make a great impression on visitors. If you can make your load time faster by getting rid of unnecessary add ons, especially flash, you’ll improve your website in no time.

Improve The Quality of Your Content

Take a look at your content and be honest; can you improve it in any way? If you can improve the quality, then do so. You might make your content more relevant, longer, or better written. Be sure it’s original too. The higher the quality of your content, the better your site and SEO.

Track How Your Visitors Use Your Site

When you begin to track the ways your visitors use your site, you can see what they like. You can see the pages they’ve spent the longest on, what they did, and then make qualified guesses as to how you can improve your site. You can also see what isn’t working so well.

Split Testing

Split testing is essential, and it’s something you should do in the long run and not just once. You send two versions of your site to two halves of visitors and see which gets the best response. Just make sure you only change one small thing at a time, or you won’t know why it was more successful. You can continue to do this until you have the ultimate version of your website.

A Friday night in with the dogs (reading Responsive Web Design)
Image credit: Chasing Daisy – https://flic.kr/p/9UmsCJ

Add a Clear Call to Action

A clear call to action is so important. Although your visitors may be intelligent people, sometimes you need to let them know what you want them to do. You can’t just assume they’ll do it.

Switch to WordPress

WordPress is one of the best platforms, if not the best platform to build your website. When you switch to WordPress, you’ll be able to create an overall better web design when it comes to looks and functionality.

Upgrade Your Hosting

The better your hosting, the better and more reliable your website. Make sure you research different hosting services to be sure you’re using the best one for you.

Include Contact Information

Include multiple ways to contact you, so that your visitors have options. A phone number and an email address may suffice, but it might also help to see where your business is based.

Use these 8 easy tips to improve your website and you’ll love the results. Remember, improving your website is an ongoing thing, and not just something you do once. Continue to improve your website over time and you won’t get stale. You’ll continue to build up your customer base and go from strength to strength. Let your website be a reflection of you. Any thoughts of your own? Leave them below!

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The Essential Tech Involved in Oil and Gas Extraction

The oil and gas industry is huge, and it is now using all kinds of new technologies to make profit margins larger. It also improves speed and safety in the industry.

Tech for Remote Locations

Nowadays, oil and gas is being extracted from some of the most remote and distant places on the planet. This is a good thing in many ways, mainly because it allows new reserves to be found and taken advantage of. But it also poses new risks, and it means that new safety measures have to be put in place. Telemedicine companies are being used to help recovery when workers get injured doing their job, for example. The newest technology also makes it easier to drill in these new, unknown environments in the first place.

Tech that Limits Damage

One of the most pressing concerns at the moment is the risk that oil consumption poses to the environment. We all know about the very real dangers of global warming. And now more and more people are waking up to the idea that something needs to be done to make the situation better. This is where new, modern technologies can have an impact on oil companies. There are all sorts of technologies that are being used to limit the harm caused by hydrocarbons, or instance. And there is still an effort to find cleaner ways of generating energy too.

Fuel Upgrading Tech

If a type of oil can be converted into a better type of oil, this is something that companies understandably want to do. And now this is something that’s possible. It can be done by using Fractal Systems, which is a type of technology that makes it possible to turn an inferior form of oil into a more appealing and valuable type of oil. This is being used to upgrade heavy oils and bitumen into lighter oils. This is also better for the environment because they pollute much less than heavy oils.

Essential Software

Software can now be used by oil companies to map out where they have drilled and where they may want to drill in the future. This is something that allows them to recreate huge masses of land on screen using digital technology. This is essential because it allows them to adjust flows and monitor the progress of the drilling job. There is also oil and gas software that makes it easier to manage the flow and transportation of oil from one location to another when it comes to distribution.

West Texas Pumpjack.JPG
Image source: http://bit.ly/20plWUy

Laser Technology

One of the key problems that the oil industry has had to face is how they’re going to reach the oil that’s hard to extract. But thanks to the latest technology, they know believe that they’re going to be able to reach more of the oil than they previously thought would be possible. Long distance laser technology is now being used by companies. It allows them to destroy the hardest types of rock that are encountered in the process of oil extraction. And they are also using tech that allows them to stimulate microbes in the earth.

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