Apr 19

Incognito browsing mode, browse in private

Browsed websites together with download histories are typically saved and recorded in most browsers. Browsing back a certain webpage is effortless as you only have to type at least two characters on the address bar and then you’re ready to look through it again. However, there are times when you want to browse in private especially when you use a different computer which is not yours. If you are wondering if private browsing is possible? Yes it is via the incognito browsing mode offered by Google Chrome.

By using this stealth mode feature you can check your emails and freely login to your other password protected accounts without worries. Through incognito surfing, opened webpages as well as files downloaded are not recorded in your browsing histories as all new cookies are deleted after closing the opened incognito window.  Read the rest of this entry »


Apr 19

TMart Logitech Wireless Mouse with Unifying Receiver Review

My long awaited TMart.com package arrived today and I am very excited to use this Logitech Wireless Mouse with Unifying Receiver for my tasks immediately. A computer mouse is the one of most important accessories of my netbook and like other people sometimes I can’t work effectively without it. But this accessory is also the most abused and the one that is easily broken or damaged. This is why I prefer branded and high quality mouse because of its durability, precision and excellent control range.


logitech wireless mouse


There is wide range of choices when you look at Tmart Computer Mouse section and you’ll be surprised at how affordable they are. This Logitech wireless mouse has the following details.



  •  With unifying receiver
  •  Fashionable, cool and shiny appearance
  •  Decorated with noble and creative pattern
  •  Offer you excellent hand feel thanks to the considerate ergonomic design
  •  Long control distance and quick response
  •  Move smoothly and locate precisely
  •  10 meters wireless control range

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Apr 19

Portable Power Supplies for Aviation

Aircraft and locomotive turbine engines are reliant upon batteries that must carry a great deal of starting voltage to power engines. Typically, aircraft engines require a 24-volt battery rather than the previously required 12-volt battery. This battery is lighter and requires lighter wiring, reducing the weight of the electrical system in the aircraft. Modern turbine engines do need a great deal of extra energy to start the engine and then charge the 24-volt battery to its pre-starting capacity.

To achieve this starting voltage and reduce wear and tear on batteries, a portable power supply is recommended to extend battery life. Typically, under normal stress, these batteries last for about 400 stress cycles of discharge and recharge. That means that the batteries are good for only 400 starts before needing replacement. With a power supply, the voltage can be boosted, reducing the sulfation of the battery.

portable power supplies

Photo credits: startpac.com

The portable power supplies, themselves, can be purchased with either lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid batteries. The advantage of lithium-ion is the lighter weight and freedom from sulfation, whereas the lead-acid is less expensive. Choices are available on the market. Contact with the manufacturer can give graphs and schematics indicating the value of each.

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Apr 11

Diskless workstations for ICafé Business

The Internet Café or ICafé business is one of the lucrative industries in town. The World Wide Web has become a part of the people’s daily lives all over the world as it provides fast communications whether for personal or for business interaction, convenient online shopping, business product promotion and undertakings, research and information for students’ homework and for entertainment as well. Most ICafé owners take advantage of using diskless workstations to reduce the overall cost of its local area network.

Diskless workstations is a system that uses network booting to load the operating system wherein computer units on a LAN (local area network) do not contain its own hard disk and other boot devices like floppy drives or CD/DVD-ROMs but contains common components like  CPU, RAM, video, sound and network adapter. The machine boots and store files on a network file server.


diskless workstations


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