The Top Four Reasons Why You Need To Backup Your Data

In the present day and age, we rely more and more on technology simply to manage day to day life. If you’ve ever fallen victim of a hacking, or a broken laptop, you will know how difficult it can be when you have lost vital files. More of us than ever store important documents on our computers and cell phones – everything from Office files to financial information. But this does not mean to say that all that information is safely locked away forever. Human error, such as accidentally overriding a file, is a common cause of lost information. Hacking technologies have become more advanced than ever before, and a lot of schemes are very easy to fall for. Plus, sometimes technology simply fails, especially if it is a new venture. Therefore, it cannot be stressed enough how vital it is to have a backup of all your data, just in case you find yourself in any of the above situations. The beauty of backing up the cloud is that it is all online. Therefore, even if your phone or computer gets totally broken, you will still be able to access your files as long as you have an internet connection. Whether you need a backup because you run a business from you laptop, or if you simply want to look back on family photos, using this simple technology can save you a lot of hassle.

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Backup can save your livelihood

As mentioned above, backing up your work data can mean that your business becomes much more infallible. If a business loses a large proportion of their work and information, they are much more likely to be destroyed forever. Or, in the worst-case scenario, they could find themselves in liquidation. A study from the University of Texas back in 2007 showed that 43 percent of businesses who suffer a major loss of data unfortunately never recover. This is something no owner of a company wants, especially if you are the person putting money in your employees pockets. Save yourself the stress of having business data that can easily disappear into thin air by backing it all up. Should the worst happen, you’ll be glad you did!

It can also save you time

Even if you are not running the risk of losing important files, it is still very much worth it to backup your documents. Accidentally deleting or overwriting files is very common, and if it’s happened to you, you will know how frustrating it can be. Some programmes, such as Microsoft Word, do offer an automated backup feature. This tends to be when your computer has needed to restart, or if the programme has crashed. However, even in these circumstance, this system is not entirely reliable. Having to start an entire piece of work again from scratch because your system has not automatically saved it can mess up your whole schedule. If you really want to make sure anything you’re working on is secure – whether it’s a college paper or a blog you’re writing – you will need to back it up.


You can keep precious memories alive

Since photography was invented in 1827, humans have been compelled to take pictures to document certain times in our lives. Photography has come a long way since the days of 8 hour-long exposure was needed to develop the image.In fact, most people these days now use their cell phone cameras to take pictures due to the increasingly high quality images these phones are able to produce. But unfortunately, if your phone gets damaged, that’s it; they’re gone forever. Even if you have them synced to your laptop, there is still no 100% guarantee that they will be there forever. Your best bet is to backup your photos to the cloud. That way, you will be able to access them online from any source, should your usual technology fail.

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You can carry on normal life with your apps.

The majority of people who own a smartphone, also regularly use apps. These days, there is essentially an app for everything. A lot of people use gaming apps to help beat boredom on that daily commute. Other people have lifestyle apps, such as health and fitness ones. Your smartphone can even track the quality of sleep you get and how many steps you take in a day! All in all, a lot of us probably couldn’t survive without apps. But, if your phone ends up damaged, one of the first things you can lose are your apps. If you backup your iPhone, your Apple account will keep a record of all the apps you have previously downloaded. Therefore, all you need to do is press ‘yes’ when it asks if you want to re-download apps you have already paid for.



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Tech Is Revolutionising Entertainment, And Things Are Only Getting Better

Ten years is a long time. But, for the entertainment industry, it must feel like an eternity. Seldom have we seen an industry so utterly transformed by the power of technology. No longer do people line up at their local Blockbuster store to rent a video. And no longer do they watch their favourite hit singles on TV shows, like Top of The Pops. No; things have changed, and they’ve changed for good. And it’s all thanks to the rise of technology.


People have been predicting the end of the movie industry since TV started turning up in everybody’s homes seventy years ago. The latest boogeyman is virtual reality. Why would you go and watch a movie on an old-fashioned screen, when you can literally immerse yourself in it in VR?


It turns out that the film industry has thought about this. A lot. And it’s doing all it can to get ahead of the game once more. When TVs first came out, everybody thought that was it for the big screen. But the big screen offered something that the small screen couldn’t, namely that it was big. Now the big screen is trying to do something that VR can’t do. When the film, Interstellar came out, London’s IMAX cinema wanted to go a step beyond just VR. So they created an experience where cinema-goers could experience zero-G in zero-G chairs. Pretty neat, huh?


The march of technology has probably been felt the most in the home. After all, the home is the place where most people spend the majority of their entertainment hours.


The biggest trend we’ve seen here are live streaming services, like ShowBox, allowing you watch what you want when you want it. But we’re also getting a taste of what the future holds, now we’re in 2016. Three technologies are coming together that will take streaming your favourite movies to the next level. First, we’re getting OLED screens. These screens produce deeper blacks than current screens, making images more realistic and immersive. Second, we’re getting HDR. This expands the number of colours TVs can display. No longer will colours look different on our TVs than they do in real life. And third, we’re getting super HD 4K resolutions. These make images on your TV look as though you’re watching something through a glass window. And you thought streaming in 1080p was good!


The cool thing about technology is that you never quite know where innovation is going to show up next. Take one simple Barcelona comedy club for instance. Club Teatreneu’s sales fell off a cliff after a spate of regulation and stale acts. The company was on the brink.

Jess Pratt performing at her student graduation show at The Dubai Laughing Comedy Club.jpg

But it was at that moment that the managers decided to do something different. They changed the business model so that customers only paid in proportion to how much they laughed. Each seat had a facial recognition tablet which recorded the audience’s faces. The more they were recorded laughing, they more they paid for the act. Average ticket prices jumped by 6 euros and sales rocketed by 35 percent.

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Could Tech Save Us From Obesity?

Not too long ago a Disney film presented a horrifying version of the future. Humans were floating around in space, completely unable to walk and totally dependent on technology. It presented tech as the reason why health problems like obesity are soaring in the western world. However, recently there has been counter-evidence to suggest that technology could be the fix rather than the cause. It seems crazy, but tech just might get more people out of the house and exercising again. It’s already starting to happen!

Get Off Your Segways And Walk!

Hoverboard LScooter LBS15 - The "Little Scooter"

Well actually, anyone who has ever ridden a segways will tell you it isn’t quite as simple as most people believe. You are certainly not rolling around from one area to the other with no effort. You need to bend your knees, tilting your body forward and backward. Yes, you can travel a great amount of distance on a Segway compared to running or walking. However, it’s not quite the same as sitting on an electric scooter. Your body is still doing some of the work and that’s an important thing to remember. Particularly, when we think about the new craze of hoverboarding.

Love it or hate it, using a hoverboard will still get you some exercise. First, this idea they are used by unhealthy people is preposterous. If you’re over a certain weight, you won’t even be able to stand on the board without breaking it. Most people on hoverboards are quite young, slim and fit. You have to be to ride them at all. It takes a great deal of balance and of course, this means using your muscles. Again, it’s not as lazy as most people believe. Here’s a nice site that explains how great this new tech is. But it’s certainly not the only tech that’s getting people out of the house.

Go And Catch A Pokemon

Pokémon Go da más dinero a Apple y Pokemon Company que a Nintendo

Yes, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. It’s Nintendo’s next conspiracy as they continue their efforts to get the world back in shape. They tried this before, remember the Wii? That brought around a brand new era of gaming that encouraged people to get off the sofa. It didn’t last long, and they took a stumble with the Wii U. Pokemon Go, on the other hand, seems to be working quite well. On the first day of release, everyone was staring at their phones. Most of the players were children and that’s important. Of late, child obesity has become a more serious problem. Even with new school dinners that are healthier and artificial flavors being taken out their favorite foods. Kids are getting fatter. We admit, Pokemon Go has taken things a little too far. However, it’s certainly getting people moving.

The Future?

Lexus made a hoverboard! Say what? ??Read more about it on

Truth be told, we’re not sure what the next piece of tech will be to get people exercising. We have a sneaky suspicion other game developers are working on their own forms of AR. However, it might be something completely different. If Google Glass ever does surface from development hell that certainly has the potential to make people more active. One thing is clear, though. We should stop seeing technology as the enemy to physical fitness. It may turn out to be it’s greatest ally.  

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Technology Has The Power To Make Your Home Seriously Secure

Advancements in technology over the past few years have meant that we have the ability to make our homes the most secure they’ve ever been. There’s no doubt about it; new technology has meant that home security has advanced in leaps and bounds. So much so that soon, it should be 100% effective at preventing home break-ins.

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Because of how effective technology can be at preventing home break-ins, many people are willing to spend a small fortune on it. Our homes are our private spaces, retreats from the world if you like, somewhere that you don’t want being breached by an intruder. And so, it’s only natural that a lot of us are willing to invest in security for them. The question is, to prevent a break in, in your home, what are the best and most effective pieces of tech to use?

Intruder alarm

Once upon a time, an intruder alarm was simply that, an alarm. If the door was open and code not put in promptly enough, the alarm would sound. Today, however, intruder alarms are so much more than that. All the best makes and models, such as Yale alarms, for instance, come with advanced technology installed. This includes things like motion sensors and alarms that sound at the slightest noise. As well as being able to link them to your phone so that should the alarm go off, you are instantly contacts. Most intruder alarms are now also wireless which is great, as the old-fashioned models could be easily disabled by cutting the wires.

Wireless home security cameras

One of the best advancement in home security technology is in terms of security cameras. In the past few years, security cameras have been developed to offer the highest levels of home security. All the best systems come with built-in technology that can tell the difference between a passerby and someone trying to break in. These cameras then alert you via smartphone, so that you’re able to take the appropriate steps, such as calling the police. You can even live stream the camera footage to your smartphone so that you can have a good look at what’s going on. To find the best wireless home security camera system for your home, it’s just a case of looking around. There are so many to choose from, that you need to take the time to find the one that’s most suited to your needs.

Video door bell

Many thieves are opportunists; they check if a property is empty and then if it is, opt to break in. By installing a video doorbell, when someone rings on the door, you will get a call to your phone. This will be a live video stream that allows you to have a face to face conversation with the person at your door. You can even opt to snap a picture of them if you’re concerned about your home’s security. The great thing about video doorbells is that wherever you are, you can see who’s trying to gain access to your home.

Technology can do so many things; it’s something that really has revolutionized the way that we live.


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Things to think about when buying a new laptop

If you are ready to invest in a new laptop, what do you buy? What should you look for? Which brands are going to outlast others? Making sure you know what you are buying, and where to find great deals, is key to finding what you are looking for, for less. These are a few of the many things to think about when buying a new laptop for work, pleasure, or use around the home or for school.


Desired use

Is it a gaming laptop? Is it used for school, work, pleasure, or is it a family laptop? Depending on desired use, as well as the speed you wish to attain, graphics, and quality you desire, there are many models you can go with. Compare them all, and buy a laptop dedicated to the intended use you have for it.

Number of users

Will the kids use it? Guests in the home? Is it just for you or a work computer? This is going to help you determine the security settings, safety features, passwords, finger print technologies, and so forth. The more users, the more restrictions there are. So, make sure you know who will use it, and for what.

Used, New, Finance

Before deciding which laptop to buy you might also want to consider buying a second hand laptop from online websites like ebay. You can save a great deal and still get a fairly decent laptop if it’s not been heavily used. You could also look at spread the cost options such as pay monthly laptops or even buy now and pay later.

Brands available

It is worth investing in top brands. They don’t give you as many headaches, they aren’t going to break down, and they do what they promise to do. Further, they typically come with longer warranties, and they are dedicated to certain users (gaming, video streaming, work, etc). So, even if it does cost a bit more up front, it is worth the additional investment, and fewer headaches that come with it.


Do you plan on upgrading to a new laptop in a few years, or using this one until it gives up on you? Do you want top digital graphics, speed, and volume control? Making sure it offers the latest upgrades, for the desired and intended use, and functions as you want it to for the period of time you plan on owning the laptop will allow you to make the right choice when you are ready to invest in a new one for personal use or for work use.

With so many brands, new models, and updates coming out regularly, you want to find the best. In order to do so, compare, and consider these simple factors the next time you plan on investing in and purchasing a new laptop for personal, work, or school use.

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