Energy Insight: Five Student Technologies for Harnessing New Energy Sources

There’s no denying we are in an energy crisis. Our future must contain new, advanced methods of harnessing energy and electricity from sources other than those currently in use. Nuclear power plants are unstable, and oil-based energy is limited, dirty, and (unfortunately) managed by corrupted corporate interests. However, researchers from all over the world are actively searching for new ways of harnessing energy from alternative sources. Some of these methods already exist, and are being improved through continual research. Others are merely in their development phases.

Molecules that Harness Solar Energy
Chemists working at the University of Copenhagen have been experimenting with a new molecule capable of harvesting solar energy. The goal is to synthesize a version of this miracle molecule and make it capable of storing the energy for extended periods and releasing it on demand. While still in its infancy, this technology would be revolutionary in the renewable energy industry.

Solar Winds
Solar winds have been found to act in a very different manner than do the winds here on Earth. NASA probes have found that these winds increase in speed and temperature as they move away from the source. This discovery could be used theoretically to create a new type of nuclear energy.

Water Evaporation
A researcher at Columbia University has been working with a spore which can shrivel and retain shape based on humidity. Using this spore to coat panels, he has managed to create a generator capable of producing energy from water evaporation.

Spherical Solar Collector
An existing solar energy company recently experimented with redesigning the traditionally flat solar panel. Their creation is shaped like a giant, crystal ball, which has proven capable of harnessing solar power even in moonlight! Existing solar energy companies like 1800-Solar-USA have been working to improve their existing products as well. New AMI energy is now being experimented with for home panels.

Combustible Ice
Chinese researchers have found what has become known as combustible ice in a frozen tundra environment. This “ice” is essentially frozen, natural gas, and is capable of being converted to energy via combustion. It remains to be seen whether this can be done in an ecologically sound way.

These are just a handful of examples of how new sources of energy are being discovered by scientific researchers every day. Even the older, more familiar technologies (e.g. wind and water turbines) are being constantly improved by students and researchers in the scientific community. Some cities like Palo Alto, CA are progressing more and more towards 100% renewable energy sources. Perhaps your city will be next.

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Crucial Ways To Save Money On Your Tech

If you are a tech-nerd like me then it can be expensive keeping up to date with the latest tech advancements. These days there is a new must buy piece of equipment out every other month. Some of us have the Apple events in our phone calendar. In fact keeping up to date is taking a sizable portion out your hard earned paycheck. By taking this advice you can learn how to spend less and still have some of the best items on the market.

Do Not Jump to the Easiest Solution

When your computer stops working it is easy to view it as an excuse to go shopping. You think it is time to replace it with the latest model. The truth is that most problems can be fixed by yourself or a professional. You will find plenty of PC repair companies that will fix your machine for hardly any cost at all. When it is returned to you, you will not regret avoiding buying another expensive computer. Your old one will be faster and more reliable than ever before.

Oh Really…

Be sceptical. How many of us see the next updated item on TV and immediately reach for our credit card. Most of the time some research will tell you that the new one is not that different from the one you currently own. There will be big advancements in technology and tech companies want you to believe they come along every year. This is not true. Most yearly advancements are nothing more than small tweaks advertised to look more important. Check the reviews and make sure you want to spend five hundred pounds to slightly improve the picture quality on your phone.

Just Say No

There are companies on the market right now who know they could sell you anything. You will be queuing outside their stores at midnight trying to get your hands on their next announcement. But do you need it or even want it? Smartwatches are a fantastic example of this. Do you know what a smartwatch is? A smartwatch is a tiny device that can do some of the things your smartphone can. Most of them actually need a smartphone for their features to work. Does that sound like something you need? If you can not answer that question, do yourself a favour. Ask yourself what a watch is. Then switch on the phone screen that is less than a foot away from your hand.

That’s a Pretty Name Isn’t it?

In most cases, this is what we are buying. We are not buying the cheapest product on the market or even the best product  on the market. We are buying a name or logo. Technology has become fashionable and this is a problem. It means companies do not have to make groundbreaking advancements. As long as their name has popularity they can keep making the same product with a few little changes year after year.  Buy a less popular brand name that has better reviews and you can reap the rewards of doing so.

There is some fantastic technology on the market and with real game changers on the horizon it is going to be a tremendous year. Why not wait for the real ground-breakers rather than spend money on tech you already own.

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Keeping a Muscle Car in Great Condition is Easy With These Tips

If you have seen old muscle cars for sale and dreaming of owning your own, you may be thinking about the maintenance. The truth is, those knowledgeable with automobiles usually like to do the work on their own, but there is a lot to be said about partnering with a professional for goods, services and maintenance. Here are some tips for keeping a muscle car in top-notch condition:

Store Your Car Safely

One of the main tips to maintaining a muscle car is to ensure it is stored correctly. You don’t want to spend the time and money on a muscle car, and allow it to sit in the driveway with no protection, right? These cars should be stored in a garage, shed or under a carport. If exposed to the outside elements, they should also be covered to ensure they and not negatively affected by debris, such as branches that may fly past in a storm.

Perform Routine Maintenance With High-Quality Parts

Another way to ensure you keep a muscle car in the best condition possible is to make sure you are performing routine maintenance on the car. Even if the car is not driven a lot, it is still important to keep up with scheduled maintenance. This includes services such as oil changes, as oil that sits there without moving through the engine can easily turn into sludge. In addition to keeping up on maintenance, it is also important to use high-quality parts. Though these parts may cost a bit more than value brands, you always get what you pay for.

Keep Up On Industry News

There are a number of industry magazines and organizations that focus on muscle cars, and it is important that owners of muscle cars keep up on this news. There are always new products and services that come out all of the time, so it is important that people who own these cars have connections with these entities. These entities are a great resource for those who are new to the world of muscle cars, too.

Make Sure Your Car Complies With the Law

Finally, it is also important that you ensure your car complies with the laws in your state. This includes registration and insurance laws. Some people who don’t often drive their muscle cars may feel as if they can skimp on these things. However, any time a car of any kind goes out on the road, legally it must be registered and insured in all 50 states.

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Make Your Business More Productive: Tech Gadgets Your Business Should Be Using

Businesses need to integrate new technologies into their operations on a regular basis in order to keep up with the competition through increased productivity. New tech gadgets come out every year, and occasionally some genuinely offer new capabilities, while others simply integrate existing separate capabilities into one seamless form.

Combining the Best of Both Worlds in Computing

A tablet and laptop hybrid would have to be the newest technological innovation that every business should have. Any employee who needs to have the ultimate in flexible and capable computing should not be without this tool that gives you on-the-go touch screen tablet functionality, while also giving you a keyboard for extended typing, all in one convenient device. The days of having to drag both a laptop and tablet around are over.

Keeping Those Other Gadgets Going When You Are on the Go

The next useful gadget is actually one that serves most of the gadgets you already have. When employees are on the road meeting with clients and have to use their digital devices for extended periods of time, you can’t have them running out of power right at a critical juncture. There are external batteries that hold a bigger charge than the small batteries in our smartphones and tablets and they are portable, so you can take them with you wherever you go. There are also some that charge your device faster than the charger that came with it.

Complete Integration to Make Productivity Blast Off

This next one is more service than gadget, but it does work in combination with your gadgets. There are companies that provide bundled cloud communication, conferencing and network services for businesses. You can get unified communications to any of multiple devices whether in the form of voice, video or web content. Some companies offering these VoIP solutions make them cloud based for maximum mobility, security, redundancy and collaboration. Telesphere VoIP Solutions enables employees to communicate seamlessly, even when in different offices across the country.

Impressing a Room Full of People With That Presentation On Your Smartphone

When you need to make a presentation, it helps to have a projector available. The best way to have one handy at all times while on the job is to use a pico projector. These are hand-held and connect to mobile devices, and they enable you to project presentations from your phone or tablet. They haven’t been anything to brag about for the most part, but like smartphones themselves, they have been getting better over the years.

These are just a few of the technological innovations your business may want to look into for increased functionality, communication, connectivity and, therefore, productivity. Sometimes it pays to stay ahead of the competition by being the early bird in adopting new tech gadgets and services that give you an edge.



Technology and Gadgets: Understanding the Future and Evolution of Science

Science and technology will forever be linked. As technology advances, so too will our ability to better understand science. Something as simple as the integrated circuit has allowed us to create computers capable of modeling advanced systems of nature like weather.

The converse is also true. As our understanding of science evolves, new technologies will arise. The current limitation of 6nm for processor transistors, which is where quantum tunneling begins to be a problem, will be overcome by a better understanding of the natural universe.

Science’s mutual partnership with technology has a few other unique intricacies that will dictate how science evolves in the future. Let’s examine some of those details.

Smaller and Cheaper Experiments

One of the major changes that technology has brought to science is the ability to conduct experiments for less. Computers and other components have reduced greatly in size, which has reduced their cost while further reducing how much space they require in laboratories.

This reduction in cost has allowed more people to have access to scientific experiments. More people testing hypotheses makes for a larger amount of varied scientific advancements.


Advancements in science have come primarily as a result of government funding. This is why NASA is credited with making many of the technological marvels we have today possible.

Projects that were financially unviable may have been overlooked. This is where crowdfunding enters to support the evolution of science.

Crowdfunding has allowed “garage engineers” to create new implementations of technology. Some crowdfunded projects, such as the Garden of ETON hydroponics garden, offer an outstanding insights into the natural universe.

Independent Scientists

Another astounding change that technology has brought to the realm of science is the independent scientist. This is the individual whom performs experiments on everything from biology to quantum physics in his or her garage.

The ability for these scientists to conduct research has been made possible by items like digital microscopes. You can learn about digital microscopes to understand their importance to the independent scientist.

A Greater Interest in Science

Technology has allowed the common person to acquire access to as much knowledge as he or she could ever need through the Internet and computers. This simple enabling has revolutionized the way people interact with science.

For example, consider how much time it takes for one scientific discovery to be published in written media. It must be accepted, verified repeatedly, then the media must be printed. This could delay a discovery as much as a few months.

The Internet allows for an incredibly rapid distribution of information. Scientists can validate another scientist’s findings while the average person can learn about these findings through online media outlets.

Cutting-edge discoveries generate a large amount of interest in scientific topics. This allows everyone from school children to senior citizens to learn about new and exciting scientific facts, which they support by displaying an interest in these topics or even conducting research to advance them.

Predicting Where Science Will Evolve

The changes brought about by new technologies are more numerous than could be listed here, so it’s important to understand that the fact that technology has made science more available to the common person. This has heightened the ability for individuals and groups to conduct new experiments and research for less money.

The evolution of science will likely lead to a place where the individual collaborates in home labs across the country with other researchers. Funding for such projects may be derived from crowdfunding, which is supported by a greater public interest in science.

The major breakthroughs that shake our understanding of science will occur in these new styles of labs rather than large corporate laboratories or government-funded facilities. These are the changes that will allow both technology and science to evolve in ways never seen before.

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