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6 Things to Remember when Shopping for a New Digital Camera

Choosing a new digital camera can be quite a daunting task. There seems to be hundreds of models available, all claiming to be exactly what you need.


This; however, is not the case, as some cameras definitely serve certain purposes better than others with some not actually being suitable for your requirements at all.


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The first thing that you need to do is sit down and think about what exactly you need a camera for. Do you need it for holiday snaps? Are you starting a photography business? Are you interested in landscapes photography? And so on. Once you have figured out these requirements, you are ready to start your camera hunting.


1. Compact Cameras

For people that just want to take the occasional snap, the compact camera is probably the best option. They are small, fit into your pocket or bag and can actually take very high quality pictures. The only real drawbacks with compacts are that you can’t change lenses or add accessories like filters.


2. The Compact System Camera

If you are a bit more serious about your photography, a compact system camera might well be the best choice for you. A compact system allows for extra lenses, flash guns and even filters which can be either bought with the initial package or purchased at later dates when needed. These cameras also have longer zooms than compacts and greater overall control. The only downside with these cameras is that they won’t actually fit into your pocket.


3. Digital SLRs

Digital SLRs are for people that have a very serious interest in photography or are professional. Digital SLRs range from amateur models that can be bought from as little as £250, to professional models ranging from £1.500 up to £5.000. These are big cameras that are designed to do a certain job, which is to take professional quality pictures. If you are not really sure what an aperture setting is, you would probably be best with one of the compact models.


4. Megapixels

A lot of cameras boast large megapixel specs, with some compacts even going up to the seven and eight megapixel range. This is all very well, but the higher the megapixel the more space you will take up on your memory cards. Unless you are planning on printing high quality poster size images, a four to five megapixel camera would be fine. For professional photographers the case is different, literally being the more the better.


5. Compatibility and Saving Money

If you already have a digital camera and would like to upgrade, it is worth thinking about salvaging accessories from your existing unit. You can save money if your new camera uses the same types of batteries, memory cards, flashes and filters as your old one. In fact, most professional photographers only change the main camera body units and keep the rest of their equipment until they need to be replaced.


6. Read the Reviews

If you are not a keen photographer, read as many reviews on your shortlisted cameras as possible. Publications such as Which magazine often write up highly detailed reviews of digital cameras and accessories. From these types of reviews; you can build up a great picture of what model would be best for you and which ones are the best overall value for money.


If you follow these basic considerations, you should be able to quickly find the best type of digital camera for your needs. The only other piece of advice is to shop around to get the very best prices.


Author: Carlos Lyon is a writer working on a freelance basis for Kelly McCann Photography. A fine art photography gallery based in the UK that has an online presence at












Aug 19

Why A PC Could Be A Good Choice For You

The demand for PCs is falling worldwide. It seems that everyone wants a tablet or laptop these days. Some of us are just getting by with our smartphone alone. The rise of portable devices has meant that many people have forgotten PCs. That’s a great shame. It could mean that you make a poor decision next time you buy a device. PCs still have a lot of advantages over smaller devices.


For starters, they’re customisable. You can’t alter your iPad – Apple won’t let you get anywhere near the internals. By contrast, you can take apart a PC and rebuild it to suit your needs. That’s a fantastic advantage for tech lovers. You can boost your memory in an instant. You can adjust your processor to increase your speed. That’s a huge issue for laptops – their processors just try to keep battery life high. I know a guy who’s spent years building his ideal desktop machine. It cost him a fortune and used up all his time, but still. That dedication isn’t necessary for everyone.

A PC is also a good idea for security reasons. Who can steal a PC? They’re heavy as hell and difficult to disconnect. You can lose your laptop or tablet to a thief in seconds. They’re lightweight, portable and easy to steal. You could also drop or damage your portable device in a heartbeat. A PC is tough and can stand a little wear and tear.

PCs also have specific advantages in certain areas. They’re great for photo editing – much better than any non-desktop competitors. They shine brightest, of course, in the world of gaming. PC gaming has long been the best alternative to consoles. Cheap and tacky mobile games can’t rival an immersive PC experience. There are loads of great desktop PCs and computers that offer brilliant gameplay.

The PC also has a few more practical advantages over mobile devices. You’ll never lose battery on a PC – they’re connected to the mains. Of course, that means you can’t take them on a train. That doesn’t mean that a portable device is better than a PC. Anyone with a laptop or tablet knows the frustration of a dying battery. You can’t be dependent on that kind of device. A PC can also accept many other devices through its USB ports. That level of interconnectivity puts it way ahead of a mobile device. The final consideration is the cost. Everybody knows that desktop machines aren’t cheap. That doesn’t mean that they’re a bad deal by comparison. It’s easier to find a rip-off if you’re shopping for a tablet. A PC is a more dependable machine – worth the extra cost.

Anyone who’s in the market for a computer should consider a PC over a laptop or tablet. You can’t drop a PC down the stairs, after all! On a more serious note, they’re just a better class of machine. You can do so much more with a PC than you can with any other alternative. In truth, there are no real alternatives to a good-quality PC.

Aug 19

Secure Shopping Carts For Websites

A secure web site shopping cart is needed for every business that is serious about selling online. Listing items on a website for sale is not effective when customers do not have the peace of mind that comes from a secure shopping cart. Every customer who logs on to a site to shop with a business like will notice the secure “https” prefix. This prefix alone makes websites more attractive. However, the setup of the shopping cart is what keeps customers coming back.



image author: geralt –


Saving Items

Most customers who use online shopping carts prefer the carts because they can save items they have found online. The customer may not want to buy items today, but they are more likely to come back to the business when they can come back to their full shopping cart at any time.


Forwarding Items

A shopping cart that also features a wish list makes it easy for customers to show their family and friends what they have discovered on the site. A wish list can forwarded to friends, and they friends can shop on the site without signing up for a new account. The functionality of a wish list alone makes a website more attractive for someone who is looking for something specific that can only be found in one place.


Saving Information

When customers frequent a website, they will want to save their payment information in their shopping cart. Customers can simply click a button to use their save customer information to make a payment. In fact, some websites make this very easy with one-click shopping. The customers on the site can shop quickly, shop easily and will not be bothered with going through a drawn-out payment procedure.

Using online shopping carts to promote a business and engage customers is wise. The shopping cart technology makes it easy for the customer to shop at their leisure, and the business can see activity in these shopping carts. Businesses can see which items are most popular, and they can determine what they must do to promote those items. Consider the shopping cart a convenience for the shopper that provides business intelligence at the same time.




Aug 12

5 Ways 4G is changing your life

At this point in time, your 3G phone entertains you.  But when network congestion is on its peak, you will generally have no use of it.  4G is a lot faster and it is expected by 2020 to have a traffic explode by 33 times.  4G however isn’t the cure for every video scenario.  You probably won’t choose watching live sports using your mobile device in the next few years to come.  When it comes to standard definition however, 4G is a lot faster as compared to 3G.




According to Richard Karpinksi, a senior mobile analyst at Yankee Group, connecting to 4G will give you an average 10-20 mbps as compared to your regular net speed when you’re connected to your hardwired DSL and cable modems at home.



Thanks to 4G, the futuristic video calls you only see on movies and TV shows are now on its way.  Now you can throw in any video application and your smartphone can instantly be a video hub for you.


Anywhere office

According to a survey by Telework, in 2005, a notable 74% increase in number of people in the US works from home at least a day per month.  Furthermore, 40% of Americans can already have their work at home.

In addition, about 96% of businesses all use wireless devices and 63% of these numbers admitted that their company could not survive without internet connections.  3G made it impossible to access files without delay and video sharing as well as normal word processing was a hit or miss proposition.

4G played a big role in the mobile office equation.  Now, everything is already accessible through a smartphone – whether it may be graphics, power point presentations or even video clips.  Even with the exceedingly high network traffic, you can still enjoy seamless data reliability with 4G.


Music made possible even in the outskirts 

Right now, you can stream music from audio streaming services like Pandora, iCloud, Spotify, Jango and even Soundcloud.  With the use of 4G, streaming even in the outskirts of the city where there’s no phone signal is now possible.  But with more users jumping to the use of 4G, expect that phone providers will increase their cap for high data usage.


The Internet of Things 

With the spread of 4G, expect to hear the phrase “the internet of things” more often.  It basically refer to basically everything that is connected to the internet.  The application of all sorts of data are now endless.  With internet connection, your normal alarm clock can even turn into a more intelligent device.  There’s a whole range of possibilities with the use of 4G.  Even online shopping can be made possible through your mobile phone.  Now you can shop anywhere and anytime.  Most online shopping sites like Lamido even offers an app you can use seamlessly on your mobile device.


Multimedia Madness 

With the use of 4G, video calls, gaming and even mobile social media are given a whole new definition with accelerated speeds.  One 3G base station allows a few dozen individuals to access the internet on their phones.  4G allows more people to simultaneously access and share a fast-speed connection.

Whether you are just up for a good online game or you want to have a great video chat with your loved ones, it is no doubt that you need a speedy wireless connection.  4G helps maximize your mobile experience by giving you the fastest data connection speed you could think of.


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