Jan 27

How to shut down your Windows 8

For a typical Microsoft Windows user, shutting down a computer is very simple for you can always find the shut down option once you open the start menu. It’s just a few clicks away, as shut down option can be found once you open the start menu. However, in Windows 8, the new version of  Microsoft Windows operating system a bit of changes has been made, you will not see the shutdown button on the start menu or better known now as the metro view.

If you are a new Windows 8 user and wondering how to turn off your computer the easy way, just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Open the charm bar by pressing the Windows button/logo +c

windows 8
Step 2: Go to settings, then click on power

windows 8

Step 3: Click on shut down

windows 8

There you go, your computer is now shutting down, but wait, make sure to save  your work before doing so.

Shutting down Windows 8 as simple as 1,2,3.  Cheers!



Jan 27

How to Give Your Business’ Brand a Competitive Edge

You are in business to be successful and, of course, to make money. But it is highly unlikely that you will achieve these ends by being mediocre or run-of-the-mill. If your business is to be truly successful, it needs a competitive edge – an edge that illuminates your business as the clear front runner and the leader ahead of all competitors.


business strategy

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So how do you give your business this edge?

1. A Clearly Defined Brand

Don’t invest in a new sales strategy or marketing plan before you focus on your business’ brand. Professionals at organisations such as The Print Group know that a clear, defined brand can translate into increased sales.

Your brand should clearly express who your company is and what you do for your customers. With a strong brand and clear brand message, sales and marketing plans tend to more readily fall into place, and this extends to your website, communications via social media and your advertising efforts.

2. Strong Brand Strategy

How, what, where, when and to whom you communicate and deliver on your brand messages should be part of your brand strategy. Your brand strategy should also address the distribution channels that you use.

When your branding is consistent and strategic, your brand equity increases. This is important because brand equity adds value to the products or services of your company, so you are able to charge more for your products than the prices paid for the same, unbranded products. Think here of Coca-Cola and generic brand soft drinks. Due to the strong brand equity of Coca-Cola, the company is in a position to charge more for its drinks, knowing that customers will pay the price charged.

3. Take the Journey of Company Self-Discovery

The process of defining your brand is rarely straightforward or quick. At a minimum, you need to grapple with, and answer, questions relating to:

  • The mission of your company;
  • The features and benefits of your products or services;
  • Existing ideas of your company held by customers and prospects; and
  • The qualities that you aspire to have associated with your company.

Above all else, you need to do your research. You need to learn and understand the needs, desires and habits of the customers you already have, and your future prospects. Don’t assume that you know what they think. You need to make the effort required to be sure of what they think.

4. With Your Brand Defined, Let People Know about It

After taking action to define your brand, be sure to do the following:

  • Invest in a great logo.
  • Be precise about your brand messaging and ensure that employees know and understand the attributes of your brand.
  • Integrate your brand across every aspect of your business.
  • Develop a voice for your business that is reflective of your brand. For example, is your brand high-end? Casual? Conversational? Friendly?
  • Create a memorable and meaningful tagline.
  • Develop templates and brand standards to ensure the consistency of your marketing materials.
  • Be consistent and true to your brand. You must deliver on your brand promise.

To give your business a competitive edge, careful analysis, development and modification of your brand is needed. The benefits of dedicating time and attention to your brand are definitely worth the investment. With a highly effective brand, your business will have a competitive edge over its competitors and you can expect to see this edge translate into increased sales.

Jan 27

The Perks of Quitting the Rat Race and Being Your Own Boss

There are more than just a few reasons why so many dream about leaving the rat race to pursue their own passions. Being your own boss and being in charge of your own destiny usually means a much more fulfilling day-to-day routine, without many of the typical stresses of the 9 to 5 lifestyle. That’s not to say there aren’t things to consider and challenges for entrepreneurs, but here are some of the best benefits those who are looking to work on their own terms have to look forward to.



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Set Your Own Hours

Being your own boss means you can structure your day exactly as you see fit. This flexibility can be golden. Ultimately, it’s all on you, so if there are appointments, errands or other things you need to do during the day, you’ve got the freedom to schedule these however suits you best. This is also a great perk for people who don’t like mornings; they can sleep in and make up for it in the evenings.

Increase Your Earnings

Being your own boss at first might mean less financial security with smaller pay cheques but, as you establish yourself, the sky really is the limit and your earning potential is linked to you, rather than a boss who dangles the ‘pay review’ carrot. It can be daunting, but it’s also extremely empowering. If you’re keen to grow your pay packet, there are always new revenue streams worth investigating that can grow your business too. For example, an IT professional may want to expand their offerings into telecommunications services, which they could do through a company like Telcoinabox by acting as a reseller of phone and internet services.

Always a New Challenge

Forget being bored and feeling like your workday is perpetually stuck on repeat. When you work for yourself, you’ve always got a challenge and, if things feel like they are slowing down or repeating themselves, you can always set yourself a new challenge. Usually this has an added benefit of extra business or another incentive. No doubt this is a stark difference from your boss setting you a new ‘challenge’ (i.e. extra work for no extra money).

No Office Politics

Colleagues stepping on your toes and petty workplace rivalries can be one of the most frustrating aspects about life in the rat race. Everyone’s got something to prove and workplace hierarchies can quickly turn toxic with everyone trying to get ahead. Sometimes it’s not that dire, but daily gossip can become old fast. Plus, when you work for yourself, no one car fire you or threaten to do so.

Cancel the Commute

One of the most draining aspects of the daily grind is the long commute in traffic-choked streets. Starting your own business and being your own boss means you’ll be almost guaranteed to work closer to home, if not from home. And, if you do have to drive, you can schedule much of the drive outside of peak hour. When you cancel the commute you also gain an extra hour of sleep or have extra time to get other things done. What’s not to love about that?

Working on your own terms can be extremely liberating and empowering. Just ask the people who’ve already made the change. If you’ve long thought about being your own boss and leaving the rat race, there are definitely more than just a few good reasons to do so. What are you waiting for?

Jan 27

When You Want to Get More Out of Your UTV Ride

If you are the proud owner of a Polaris RZR 170, you know that you have more machine for your money. With a side by side UTV, you have more versatility on the trails. Your vehicle is tough enough to take on difficult conditions and anything nature can throw your way. Add extra features that make you feel more secure and it feels like you’ve got your own dune buggy making its way anywhere that you want to go. With another seat at your side, you can always take someone along and your shotgun when you want to share the experience. That’s why sidebysidestuff.com has a wide selection of accessories to make your ride even better. Check it out now and find out how you can really make your Polaris RZR 170 your own.




Start from the Bottom Up
When you hit the trails, take to the desert, or try rock climbing, you need to start at the bottom. Your Polaris RZR 170 is going to take a beating and it’s everything underneath that will take the brunt of the action. Aggressive tires and wheels will give you extra traction when you’re taking on tough terrain, while skid plates and guards will offer an extra measure of protection. Don’t forget bumpers for potential impact. Give your engine and exhaust attention as well to enhance your performance each time you ride. Whether you are taking it easy or planning on a rough ride, you want to rest assured that your Polaris RZR 170 can handle it with ease.


Don’t Forget the Rest
With options such as doors and cages, you can make your Polaris RZR 170 even more secure. Choose from a selection of seats and restraints when you want to modify the interior. You can always add a roof and windshield when you want to hold of rain, snow, and the heat of the sun. Lights and mounts are also available, allowing you to extend your ride into the night. When you accessorize your machine, it’s all about getting exactly what you want in a ride. When you want to set your Polaris RZR 170 apart from the stock machines, you can count on sidebysidestuff.com to offer you plenty of choices. Browse the selection and consider innovative ways to transform your UTV. You will be up for the next adventure.


Photo source: sidebysidestuff.com

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