The New iPad


Hi Everyone! This will be my very first gadget review and let’s take a look at the astonishing new iPad, the one that started the tablet era.   The new iPad has a high resolution Retina display, a whopping 2048×1536 display on a 9.7inches screen. The images and videos are very crisp thanks to the […]

Tablet Wars


Tablet PCs are very popular and it seems that everyone wants to get their hands on it. Why? It is mainly because it is lightweight, portable, and stylish. Tablet PCs almost have everything that you need, Wi-fi allowing you to access your email, surf the internet, download and chat with your friends, it also has […]

Four Ways To Boost Your Typing Speed


Most people are using the computer nowadays, it is essential for us to learn how to key-in the letters and numbers on the keyboard accurate and fast. Productivity is the main reason why we need to build up this skill. Practice plus proper knowledge on hand and finger keyboard positioning, good memory and proper sitting […]