Tutorial: How to make a blog post sticky in Blogger

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There are times that we want a blog post to remain at the top of the homepage for a certain period of time to announce important information to our readers and followers such as an upcoming event or a blog giveaway. Creating a blog post sticky in Blogger is a simple and a quick task […]

What to consider when hiring a computer repair specialist

You’ve got the latest, greatest Mac. A shining silver hunk of machinery designed to make your life simpler, more productive, more beautiful. At first everything is a dream. You’re charmed by the thoughtful features sadly absent in your last boyfriend, sorry, computer. Working feels easier, more pleasurable. And then you start it up one morning, […]

Lenovo P700 Me gusta!

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I was surprised when I saw Lenovo P700 mid-range level dual-SIM android phone and it was indeed love at first sight. I am planning to buy a new dual sim phone yet I cannot pursue on buying one for I am still on a low budget and I need to save more. Upon browsing the […]

Tutorial: Widgets for Homepage Only

By default your blog’s side bar widgets in Blogger or WordPress can be seen and displayed sitewide, meaning they will appear in every page of your site. If you wish to make a side bar widget displayed on Homepage only,  just follow the easy steps below: