Protect your electronic equipments against power failures through UPS


One of the most common causes of electronic equipment damage is power problem. The uninterruptible power supply or uninterruptible power source commonly known as UPS is an electrical apparatus that supply emergency power to a load when the main input power source fails. It is designed to protect electrical equipment especially your computer against power […]

Tutorial: Creating sticky posts in WordPress

wp edit post

I have shown a tutorial on how to create a sticky post in Blogger in my earlier post, now doing it in WordPress is also an easy peasy  job. There are two options you can choose from to make a post be seen on your homepage for quite a period of time. Here are the […]

A smart way to archive files

liteon box

In order to maintain the good and fast performance of your computer, it is recommended to free-up some disk space in your frequently used hard drive from time to time. As files accumulate over time it consumes a large portion of disk space making it almost full, one of the major causes which may turn […]

Work online anywhere with Gateway LT40 Netbook

gateway complete

I was looking for a handy yet reliable netbook in the past weeks. Thankfully through the help of our techie friends Bien and Gener, we were able to find Gateway LT40, a budget-friendly netbook that I can bring anywhere in order for me to stay online and updated with my online tasks.