Difference between Static and Dynamic IP addresses

An Internet Protocol address or what is known as IP address is a numerical label or binary codes separated by three dots like for instance, 112.–.–.– which is assigned to each computer device and identifies that particular computer on the internet. Every computer requires an IP address to be able to connect to the internet. […]

Why You Should Bet With www.fansbobet.com

If you are excited about the idea of betting on the outcome of soccer matches, you may not have the time to drive out to place a bet in person. Betting online with www.fansbobet.com is an excellent solution for you. The site enables you to place bets from the convenience of your own home, or […]

An early Christmas present

samsung galaxy pocket Christmas present

My youngest son is now a teenager and at the age of 13 he is becoming more interested with mobile gadgets. One weekend, my husband and I overheard him through a telephone conversation with his friend that he wishes and long for a touch screen cell phone for his Christmas present. Last week, my husband […]

Up To 10GB Limit For Gmail Attachment Now Made Possible

It’s just so frustrating that whenever we send an attached file using our email (Gmail), we are being limited to 25MB. How about when we are going to send a huge amount of video file? We were left with no choice but to look for format “shrinkers” before we can send it or perhaps lower […]