Cellphone Cases That Suit Your Lifestyle Needs

Mobile phones have slowly evolved from simple communication devices into smart and multifunction mobile devices. These were once designed to look like small telephone handsets with buttons that you can dial. Soon mobile phones have become slimmer, smaller and smarter! Mobile phones today can be your GPS, your music player, your organizer, your handycam and your entertainer. They have also become a little less tough and a bit more sensitive compared with the older models. This is why different types of cellphone cases and covers are now available for each and every model of mobile phone there is.

More than getting cases and covers for protection, many people also searches for phone accessories that suit the kind of lifestyle that they have.

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Professionals love the sleek and clean lines of smart phone covers. Some prefer the classic feel and touch of leather cases and covers. These materials are well suited with their status or jobs. You may also find leather cases with designated card slots just like a trusty organizer.

Younger generation chose those cute and colorful cases decorated with cartoon characters such as Hello Kitty or Mickey Mouse. On the other hand, young adults and teenagers’ choices are highly influenced by their idols or by some famous celebrities like One Direction or Super Junior. These groups have their own line of phone accessories that can even be considered as collectibles.

Basically, cases and covers are essential in protecting mobile phones from accidental damage. There are cases such as Slim Armor and LifeProof which are specifically designed to cater to the needs of those who live an active lifestyle and need something tough and reliable for their mobile devices. These protective gears are at par with the demands of their adventure while still allows ease of accessibility and functionality.

Cellphones especially if you got yourself an expensive smartphone or an iPhone, can be considered as one of your prized possessions. It is understandable for you to find the best protective gears for your gadget. Thankfully, Iphone 6S Cases are here and are readily available too.

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For women with discriminate taste, cellphone cases and covers with bling, Swarovski crystals and other designs are the best options. Depending on her train of thought, a woman may choose a gold bumper case to go along fine with her gold iPhone 6S too. When it comes to protective covers and cases for cellphones, the options are endless. They are indeed more than just protective gears for they come in all colors, prints and designs. These kinds of covers and cases are really eye catching and will easily show the lifestyle and status of the cellphone owner.


3 Communication Systems Your Business Should Have

Effective and efficient communications are vital for a business to stay in touch with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders. So, there is no question about whether a business should invest in methods and equipment that produce positive results. Communications can range from that most analogue of systems, human face-to-face interaction, to sophisticated digital methods such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones, 4G mobile technology and email.

Voice over Internet Protocol

VoIP phone at WFM

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VoIP is quickly gaining favour as an integral component of business phone systems. The popularity of VoIP can be attributed to its low cost compared to traditional telephone calls, clear sound and its flexibility to be used across an array of devices such as desktop phones, desktop and laptop computers, mobile phones and tablet computers. That means you can redirect calls from your office phone to a compatible device logged in anywhere in the world. What’s more, a VoIP system is easily scalable, allowing expansion at low cost as your business grows. Telecommunications companies such as Com2 can help businesses of all sizes select and install a reliable VoIP system to suit current needs and allow plenty of scope for future growth.

Face-to-face communication

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It may sound old-fashioned, but in the era of social media and ubiquitous electronic devices, there is still room for the good old analogue concept of face-to-face communication. In fact it could be argued that interpersonal communication devoid of electronic assistance is more valuable than ever before. This communication system might include a friendly person greeting customers when they visit your business. Or courteous sales staff on the shop floor who are attentive without being overbearing. Perhaps it’s meeting with clients over coffee to discuss new value-adds to the service you currently provide to them. While the specifics of face-to-face communication vary according to the nature of the organisation, businesses that make a genuine effort to connect with their customers can reap the rewards of trust built through open and honest interpersonal communication.


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Email is another essential communication system your business not only should have; it’s imperative. It is almost inconceivable nowadays how businesses operated in the days before email came along. We had to rely on conventional mail and courier services to ferry letters and documents from one place to another, which could take days or even weeks. Faxes were a useful interim solution, but email has completely revolutionised business communications. The main advantages of email are almost instant delivery, accessibility across multiple devices using the same account, and low or zero cost. Another indispensable feature of email is the ability to rapidly transmit large files such as documents and images, with the only real limitations being available space on the recipient’s server and stable Internet connections.

With so many affordable options available for closely managing business email from mailboxes linked to your own domain name, there is really no reason to use the large generic email servers that lie outside your direct control.

These were just three communication systems your business should have. Why not leave your suggestions for other communication systems a business should have below?

Business mobilization to compete efficiently and effectively

With hundreds of millions of people around the world accessing the Internet exclusively from their mobile devices, it is imperative for a company to have a website that is mobile friendly. More than that, it also is very advantageous for a company to design apps that allow people to easily use their services online with the help of their mobile device. Because of this, many companies have been started with the purpose of helping businesses mobilize themselves so they can compete more effectively. Business mobilization is an effective way to reach more customers. Designing your own business mobile app is one of the most effective marketing strategies nowadays.  Are you looking to hire a company to mobilize your business? Here is how you can find one.

Get references online

There are many message boards you can look at where people give recommendations for various tech companies to help them expand their business. You should be able to find some posts that reference companies that specialize in designing mobile apps for businesses, like Chelsea App Factory. Gather a list of company names, then visit their websites to see exactly what they can do. Most of these companies should have videos you can watch that demonstrate the sort of apps they can design for your company.

Look at apps of other companies

Play around with the apps of your competitors. If you see some that you think are quite fun and innovative, find out what company developed it and give them a call. Set up a consultation to see what the company can do for you. It is important to compare prices, because the fees charged by mobile app developers tend to vary greatly.

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Rising Popularity of Tablet Use in Small Business

Not that it comes with a surprise but businesses are all being dealt and operated through small handheld devices in the form of smartphones, tablets and similar gadgets. Tablet in particular come very handy when it comes to dealing with slightly sophisticated and complicated operations. The apps and features being offered in different tablets are very helpful. In the same shade, Apple Inc. had offered its services in the form of iPad, which helps small businesses. Besides the amazing delicate physical features of iPads, what makes it unique and supreme is its access to latest and advanced apps through iOS store.

Following are the major apps that help you initiate and consolidate your small businesses or become part of larger corporations working in your country.

Create a Logo, Design and Start

The first thing you need to start a business is to create an emblem, a logo that will be function as your identity. Makr is the app that helps you create a logo in few minutes. Come to Weebly and there you can have the page design, its templates etc. This app is so innovative that it is only up to you how to make the best out of it. Want to start a food blog or clothing market etc. just do it.

Keeping Tab on Paperwork

Part of the advantage of being online is that it is environmental friendly and one can avoid a lot of paperwork. Evernote Scannable is the app that maintains all the archives and paperwork of your business. Within minutes one can swift through all the necessary fact checking. The invoices, receipts and much more is all recorded into its database.

Go Global

In this world of globalization, it doesn’t take much of struggle to become part of a global market. The iOS apps (available in android and BlackBerry as well) of online marketplaces KaymuEbay and  Amazon gives you the opportunity to become part of a big network through your tablets and smartphones. Through these apps, you can buy, sell and go through the exciting features at its portal.


The important question that bothers many is that how someone is going to keep the record of finances and other financial matters. As per its description on Apple portal “Square Credit Card Reader turns iPad into a point-of-sale system, great for small cafés, boutique retail shops, or booths at the craft fair. Its partner app, Square Register, allows you to select products by photo for quicker transactions.”

Coordinate With your team

With OmniFocus in your iPad, you can connect with your team and share all the details. Moreover, one can also check the project’s process and other milestones you want to achieve in your business plan.

In a nutshell, it is an open offer to everybody who has ever wondered of starting a business of his or her own, this is their chance to do so. All the technicalities have been resolved, just start your journey.

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Best HCL Tablets to Buy in 2015 Under 10K

Tablets are an essential gadget for everyone these days. For students it assists in learning better, for business people it comes in handy to manage all their communications and be abreast with the latest news and business updates. It also helps them serve a lot of other purposes based on the kind of apps they use on their device. Whilst, the tablet computers are very useful, until a couple of years ago not all people could afford to buy them because of the heavy price tag.

Today, however, the scenario has changed drastically. With the growing competition amongst the leading global tech giants, the companies are offering their own line of affordable tablets. One of the leading companies that have championed the affordable market segment with its high-tech products is HCL. The HCL tablets are of top notch quality in terms of use of the latest technology, best hardware specifications and advanced software features. Also, if you compare the HCL tab prices with other tablets available in the market, the prices are much low although the features are more or less remain the same.

So if you are looking to buy a good tablet with awesome features but don’t wish to spend more than 10K, some of the best budget tablets you can consider buying are:

HCL ME Champ

True to its name, this tablet is a champion of a device. Loaded with 1 GHz Cortex Processor, 1 GB RAM and Mali 400 Graphics Card, the tablet not only gives you a seamless multi-tasking experience but also provides you an impeccable graphic experience. The 7 inch tablet comes with a brilliant 800×480 pixels resolution that makes browsing internet, watching videos and playing great fun. The powerful 3100mAh battery ensures that your tablet runs all day long with mixed usage. The 2 MP primary camera provides decent picture quality and the 0.3 MP front camera comes in handy for video calling. All these and many more features are available for just Rs. 7,999 which is a delightful bargain.

HCL ME Connect V3

Priced at just Rs. 8200 this amazing tablet packs in a powerful performance and gives the users a delightful experience. In terms of the hardware specifications, the devices comes loaded with 1.2 GHz Cortex A9 Dual Core and 1 GB DDR3 RAM. There is also a 2D/3D onboard GPU that runs even the most advanced graphics with supreme ease. So if you are gaming lover, you would surely love playing your favourite game on this device. The tablet is sadly only supports 2G connectivity but it also gives you full functions of a smart phone including voice calling, SMS and integrated voice receiver.


If you are looking for a table for basic home use to help your child learn, U2 would be your perfect choice. This 7 inch tablet has an amazing screen that is quite comfortable for reading, watching videos and even playing games. Besides, the 800×480 pixels resolution provides a brilliant video output that enhances the tablet using experience. Under the hood lies the 1GB DDR3 RAM and 1 GHz ARM Cortex Process and 4GB internal memory capacity, which can be further expanded up to 32 GB with a microSD card.


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