5 Things Your Business Needs Right Now

Running a business is hard work, but it can also be extremely rewarding, especially if you are doing something you are passionate about. If you are currently in a tough spot, do not fear – there are always things you can do to make your life a little bit easier. Here are five things your business needs now that can be used in any company, whether you are new or established. Read through the list and see if any of these can alleviate some of your stress.

1. Storage

Every business will inevitably accumulate items over its lifetime, and while you may be able to do a spring-clean every so often, you might actually need to use most of these products. If you are running a larger scale business and you are having storage issues, consider using pallet racking as a solution, as these are great for storing large amounts of items – even in relatively small spaces. If you are interested in utilising pallets in your business, click here to see what storage specialists such as Elbowroom can do for you.

2. Upgrade Technology

Technology is moving at such a fast rate these days, and your customers will be adapting to it almost instantly. Keep up with the latest technological advances and think about how your business can use them to connect with your customers or to improve your current processes. If you are still running on old operating systems, considering updating to something newer – this little switch might just get your computer working that bit faster.

3. Analysis of Competition

You don’t want to be offering the same things as your competition, because those products or services will be just eating up your market share. Take a look at what your competitors are doing and see what you can change in your approach – or maybe even see how you can improve your product or service over theirs.

4. Social Media Presence

Social media is so important when it comes to marketing to your customers. Make sure you have a presence on all the more popular platforms, and monitor their progress carefully. Facebook and Twitter in particular have great power and influence, so use these to your advantage.

5. Projections

You need to know where your business is at any point in time so you can make plans for the future. It is also a great way to see if you are on track to meet your goals, and then you can think about what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and what you can improve in general. You can think about this without projections, but having the numbers in front of you will be a great help.

If you don’t have any of the above in your business, seriously consider adopting one or more of them and you might just be surprised at the impact it can have. Of course, every business is different, so do have a good think about what you need and don’t need before you race out and make any purchases.

What are some things you think every business should have now? What do you have in your business that you think would be useful for others to know? Leave your advice in the section down below.

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Is Your Business Making The Most Out Of Modern Technology?

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Technology has always played a vital role in business. However, modern tech has brought a shift in the way companies conduct their work. But is your operation making the most of the available resources?

If the answer is no, this needs to change immediately. Here are four fantastic ways that modern technology can benefit your business. Employ these tips now, and you should notice major improvements.

Improve Office Productivity

One of the main ways that technology serves modern businesses is increased productivity. There are dozens of computer programs aimed to aid workflow and make various procedures easier to complete.

Most companies now use computer technology in one form or another. But having managed IT services can improve your staff’s productivity greatly. This form of modern tech can also cut costs while removing the threat of prolonged downtime too.

Everyone understands how important computers are to a business. It would be criminal if yours didn’t make the most out of the opportunities presented.

Easier Monitoring

Mobile phone technology has progressed greatly over the past few years. Nowadays, smartphones offer fantastic opportunities for business owners to be productive on the move. More importantly, it allows us to monitor our businesses no matter where we are.

The most popular phone apps allow us to complete a number of tasks from the palm of our hands. Meanwhile, you can also use your smartphone to monitor financial transactions or respond to emails.

Mobile phones are more advanced than simply being a communication tool. If you aren’t making the most of yours, the business could be suffering.

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Staffing Costs

The most important word to your business is profit. There are generally two ways to increase yours. One is to increase sales, and the other is to lower expense. Modern tech can help you with the latter in many different ways.

There are various techniques and tricks to lower equipment and productivity costs. However, one of the biggest overheads is staffing costs. Thanks to outsourcing, you can lower yours significantly. Better still, it can allow you to work from smaller premises.

Wages aren’t the only important thing to consider, though. More importantly, this form of hiring allows you to assemble a winning team. This is crucial to long-term success. After all, your company can only be as strong as your employees.


Your business could provide the best service and products ever, but it will count for nothing if you don’t have enough customers. The internet has changed the world of marketing forever. Success in the digital market will almost certainly take your company to the next level.

A strong presence on Google will give you a professional appearance and encourage greater website traffic. Meanwhile, social media marketing offers you a chance to recruit new audiences with inspiring content.  It’s a great way to express your ideas and win over customers. Best of all, it won’t cost you much money.

The online market is far too big to ignore. Embracing it can be the key to long-term success. If this arena isn’t already a priority, it’s time to make a change. After all, it’s these people that will essentially line your pockets.

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How To Set Up The Ultimate Business Meeting

How to run an effective meeting

Image credits: Nguyen Hung Vu – https://flic.kr/p/oc6ejQ

A major part of running a successful business is liaising with new and existing customers. You want to try and maintain relationships and start new ones. Basically, you want to keep the money from the clients you already have and add new clients to your customer base. A steady stream of new and old will lead to undoubted success in the long-term, which is why business meetings are essential.

The meeting is often looked down on by the outside world because they see it as a means of slacking off. Maybe people do use the term to get an easy ride, but a true business meeting is anything but an easy ride. To make sure your next meeting goes exactly to plan, here are a few things you will need to streamline the process.

Overhead Projector

If the rest of the room cannot see what you are doing, they are not going to react to what you are saying. Research shows that the majority of people react better to stimuli when they can physically see it, as they can understand it better. Plus, from your point of view, an overhead projector allows you to structure your presentation. All you need are a few bullet points on each section that encourage you to talk. The company Projectors specialise in everything projector related. Plus, they have a variety of affordable products to choose from.

Hand Outs

You cannot fit everything into a PowerPoint presentation. In fact, you fit want to because it makes it look cluttered and untidy. For what you cannot fit on the screen, print it out and hand it around the room. It doesn’t have to be much, but it still might be essential to the message you are trying to convey. Also, it sets the tone for the rest of the meeting. You might hand out an itinerary for the meeting, but that itinerary shows you are prepared and professional.

Get Organised

Don’t put together the meeting the night before because that is one way that you are going to fail. Not even the suavest and most charming people in the world can fake a business meeting. Although you don’t want to overthink the meeting, you still need a basic structure. What are you going to begin with? How are you going to break the ice? When are you going to hit them with the final punch, so to speak? These questions and more can all be answered with a simple structure that allows the meeting to flow seamlessly

Keep It Short, But Sweet

No meeting should last over half an hour. A lot do, but that doesn’t mean it is the correct way. Adults, like children, don’t have great attention spans and are easily bored, especially if there are a lot of numbers and raw data on the screen. Keep it concise and succinct and you will win everyone over in a matter of minutes. Fifteen minutes to be precise!

Stand Up Straight

Dominate the room by standing up straight. If your body language exudes confidence, your presentation will benefit. The best business meetings are given by the people who can attract attention and make people listen and want to invest.

Do your business meeting skills need some fine tuning? Adopt the above and you will see a dramatic rise in your fortunes.

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Marketing Your Brand Online: Tips for Small Business Owners

Almost every small business owner knows that online marketing is incredibly important these days. After all, most consumers get their information and find out about brands they’re going to buy in the near future via online sources and advertisements.

However, if you’re a small business owner it can be incredibly difficult to know how to take advantage of your website or blog. It isn’t impossible, but it does take some work on your part to do successfully.

Use this guide to help you make sure your online marketing efforts aren’t wasted.

Social Media

Social media is one of the main ways you can reach new customers and keep in touch with customers that you already have. Lots of business owners simply don’t take advantage of social media the right way though.

To really get the most out of social media you need to make sure that you post regularly. For most small business owners this means every day or every few days but no less. Just make sure your posts are interesting, relevant and not just sales pitches.

If you have a blog that provides information you can use links as social media posts as long as you include a readable description of what you’re linking to.

Collect E-Mail Addresses

A lot of small business owners believe e-mail marketing is dead because consumers are flooded with so much. However, e-mail marketing can still be successful – if your message is on-point and you don’t send tons of e-mails.

Make sure customers can opt in and out easily. If in case you need help to see a clear overview of your product and how it sits among your competitors, you can opt to avail the services of Redshift brand audit research to conduct different techniques of market research into your brand to increase and expand marketing strategy and recognize its positioning in the market.


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Incredible Ways You Can Make Money On The Web

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I have a question for you, what do you use the internet for? I would guess the main answers would be, checking the news. Not many people wait for things to appear on TV anymore. They want to know what is happening as soon as there is a breaking news story. You might have thought, shopping. Very few people bother heading onto the high street for the latest game, DVD or even item of clothing. Even businesses are now relying on E-commerce companies to provide the products they need for their company. You might have thought about how much you talk to your friends online and connect with people who are far away. Those are some of the main things people get up to online. But, you might be surprised to learn that when some people read that question they had one answer. I make money.

Yes, it’s true, there are many different ways people make money online, some big, others small. Some forms require work by the internet user. In others, the money falls into their hands without them doing much of anything at all. If you want to be one of these lucky individuals, here is just some of the ways you can do it.

Online Surveys

Just to warn you, I’m starting off with a way you can quite easily make small amounts of money online. This isn’t going to be a concept that will get you rich; we’ll get to those a little further down. But it will put some extra money in your pocket. If you find a company that offers to pay for the completion of online surveys, you can make around seventy dollars a day. That’s assuming you do around ten articles that would take you approximately one hour. It’s not a fortune, but all you have to do is click a few buttons and skim questions. How easy is that?

Selling Your Assets

There are plenty of different forms of selling your property online. You can trade in your old mobile phones and tech for cash. Again, it won’t make you rich but when times are hard, it sure can help. Let’s say you have an old iPhone 4s or 5 lying around. If you sell that online you are probably looking at a payment of around $150. Not too bad at all, and there are bigger ways to utilize your assets. If you have a second car, you can use the internet to advertise it for loaning on weekends. That can give you quite a nice little stable second income. You set up the service, they come collect the car and give it back to you once they’re done.

Online Gambling

Is online gambling legal?  Well, this website offers the most comprehensive breakdown about gambling in the United States. The short answer is in some states yes, in others no. So before you try this one, you may want to get more information. The good news is that online gambling is easy and a completely smooth process. You make the wager, and if you win, money is transferred straight into your bank account. If you lose, just think of it as another bill you have to pay out at the end of the month. For those of you who are not fond of the idea of betting, do you ever invest money? Investing in shares, forex and property are all forms of gambling. But they aren’t as financially safe as betting online.


Unless you win big in the next football game, this is probably how you make the most amount of money online. I kid you not, the most successful blogs in the world make their owners billions. Yes, the law of averages is hard at work here. So, for every person who is an online millionaire, there is another who can’t even use it as a stable income. But wait, because the average person trying to make money blogging collects around $3.50 per day. That’s when you first start out. If you build it up, you can reach the group of bloggers that make over ten thousand per month. If you want to know the secret to being a successful blogger, it’s easy. Don’t start a blog for creative writing because you are just entering a market that’s overflowing. Also, it’s hard to get advertisers because you attract advertisers related to what you’re writing about. So instead write about something like home improvement, family matters or fashion. Choose a topic that appeals to the stay at home moms. They’re the readership you’re trying to claim. Once you do that, start to build up your marketing online, perhaps investing in a company to build it up for you. Keep active on social media and you will see your number of readers slowly increase. That’s when you advertise you’re looking for promoters at which point you will start making bigger amounts of money.


With this one, I’m not talking about rummaging through your attic and finding valuable items. Although I can’t deny, this is another way to make money online. Instead I mean starting a business selling things on Ebay. Now, you can start with selling items that you own and don’t want but that’s not a business venture with longevity. You have to buy products to sell at low prices and then sell them at higher prices to make a profit. The best way to do this is buying products in bulk from abroad. These are commodities that can not be bought in stores in America. You then sell them without postage and packaging and sure enough, you have a stable online business. Be aware, though, Ebay will officially classify you as a business once you start making enough sales.

Starting An Online Company

This last one is hard to achieve, but it’s certainly not impossible, particularly if you have a strong business idea. If you have a plan that will appeal to investors for a new product or service, you might be able to gain funding online through crowdsourcing. Once you have done that, you will have the starting blocks for your own business. After that, it’s up to you.

So, you see the internet is more than just a resource of knowledge and junk journalism. It’s a money making machine!

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