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Aug 12

5 Ways 4G is changing your life


At this point in time, your 3G phone entertains you.  But when network congestion is on its peak, you will generally have no use of it.  4G is a lot faster and it is expected by 2020 to have a traffic explode by 33 times.  4G however isn’t the cure for every video scenario.  You …

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Jul 22

The Evolution of Product Design: Mobile Phones

flare 2.0 (2)

Like many pieces of technology, the Mobile phone is a product that has evolved drastically over it’s existence. Companies like Formzoo Designs are forever looking for new ways to improve product design in order to better the consumer experience. Since the very first mobile phone call in 1985, mobile phone technology has completely transformed the way …

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Jun 06

The value of SMS in the Modern Era

sms via pixabay

Can you still recall the time when you get to own your first cellular phone? The very first thing that you would do is to inform your other friends who also got cellular phones with your mobile number. You’re going to do it by sending a text message or SMS (short message service) because calling …

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Feb 21

Samsung Galaxy S5: The Flagship Phone

One of the most exciting techie events to look out for in the 2014 is the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S5. It is rumored to come out in the first few months of the New Year and gadget-freaks are all talking about the features that this new Samsung Galaxy will have. The Galaxy S5 …

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