Understanding What DNS is All About

An_example_of_theoretical_DNS_recursion by Lion Kimbro - commons wikimedia org

Recent browser developments have included “DNS” in their features. Ordinary netizens like us may not really understand what it is all about, but some claim that it speeds up web browsing. For some people interested in building or creating a website, understanding DNS and how it can change our browsing experience is very important.   […]

Know the hiding places of Malware

If your laptop or personal computer becomes suddenly unusually slow and your antivirus program unexpectedly stops working, then a malware might have slipped through the cracks which your antivirus might have failed to catch. Most modern day malicious programs use technically sophisticated defenses which makes it tougher for users to detect and remove.     […]

Ever Heard About Cloud Computing?

You’ve been using the internet for many years now, but have you ever heard about cloud computing yet? Just recently, the term “cloud” slowly became a household word and more people realize that they had actually been using it through the processes they do on the internet. Computer wizards and geeks have known what cloud […]

Difference between Static and Dynamic IP addresses

An Internet Protocol address or what is known as IP address is a numerical label or binary codes separated by three dots like for instance, 112.–.–.– which is assigned to each computer device and identifies that particular computer on the internet. Every computer requires an IP address to be able to connect to the internet. […]

Virus 101


Virus or computer viruses are uninvited visitors of a computer unit. Early viruses are self-replicating program that floods the network and usually send spam messages. The first known virus is known as “Creeper” wherein it will send out a message saying “I’m the creeper, catch me if you can!” to the network. Later on, Reaper […]