Rising Popularity of Tablet Use in Small Business

Not that it comes with a surprise but businesses are all being dealt and operated through small handheld devices in the form of smartphones, tablets and similar gadgets. Tablet in particular come very handy when it comes to dealing with slightly sophisticated and complicated operations. The apps and features being offered in different tablets are very helpful. In the same shade, Apple Inc. had offered its services in the form of iPad, which helps small businesses. Besides the amazing delicate physical features of iPads, what makes it unique and supreme is its access to latest and advanced apps through iOS store.

Following are the major apps that help you initiate and consolidate your small businesses or become part of larger corporations working in your country.

Create a Logo, Design and Start

The first thing you need to start a business is to create an emblem, a logo that will be function as your identity. Makr is the app that helps you create a logo in few minutes. Come to Weebly and there you can have the page design, its templates etc. This app is so innovative that it is only up to you how to make the best out of it. Want to start a food blog or clothing market etc. just do it.

Keeping Tab on Paperwork

Part of the advantage of being online is that it is environmental friendly and one can avoid a lot of paperwork. Evernote Scannable is the app that maintains all the archives and paperwork of your business. Within minutes one can swift through all the necessary fact checking. The invoices, receipts and much more is all recorded into its database.

Go Global

In this world of globalization, it doesn’t take much of struggle to become part of a global market. The iOS apps (available in android and BlackBerry as well) of online marketplaces KaymuEbay and  Amazon gives you the opportunity to become part of a big network through your tablets and smartphones. Through these apps, you can buy, sell and go through the exciting features at its portal.


The important question that bothers many is that how someone is going to keep the record of finances and other financial matters. As per its description on Apple portal “Square Credit Card Reader turns iPad into a point-of-sale system, great for small cafés, boutique retail shops, or booths at the craft fair. Its partner app, Square Register, allows you to select products by photo for quicker transactions.”

Coordinate With your team

With OmniFocus in your iPad, you can connect with your team and share all the details. Moreover, one can also check the project’s process and other milestones you want to achieve in your business plan.

In a nutshell, it is an open offer to everybody who has ever wondered of starting a business of his or her own, this is their chance to do so. All the technicalities have been resolved, just start your journey.

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Best HCL Tablets to Buy in 2015 Under 10K

Tablets are an essential gadget for everyone these days. For students it assists in learning better, for business people it comes in handy to manage all their communications and be abreast with the latest news and business updates. It also helps them serve a lot of other purposes based on the kind of apps they use on their device. Whilst, the tablet computers are very useful, until a couple of years ago not all people could afford to buy them because of the heavy price tag.

Today, however, the scenario has changed drastically. With the growing competition amongst the leading global tech giants, the companies are offering their own line of affordable tablets. One of the leading companies that have championed the affordable market segment with its high-tech products is HCL. The HCL tablets are of top notch quality in terms of use of the latest technology, best hardware specifications and advanced software features. Also, if you compare the HCL tab prices with other tablets available in the market, the prices are much low although the features are more or less remain the same.

So if you are looking to buy a good tablet with awesome features but don’t wish to spend more than 10K, some of the best budget tablets you can consider buying are:

HCL ME Champ

True to its name, this tablet is a champion of a device. Loaded with 1 GHz Cortex Processor, 1 GB RAM and Mali 400 Graphics Card, the tablet not only gives you a seamless multi-tasking experience but also provides you an impeccable graphic experience. The 7 inch tablet comes with a brilliant 800×480 pixels resolution that makes browsing internet, watching videos and playing great fun. The powerful 3100mAh battery ensures that your tablet runs all day long with mixed usage. The 2 MP primary camera provides decent picture quality and the 0.3 MP front camera comes in handy for video calling. All these and many more features are available for just Rs. 7,999 which is a delightful bargain.

HCL ME Connect V3

Priced at just Rs. 8200 this amazing tablet packs in a powerful performance and gives the users a delightful experience. In terms of the hardware specifications, the devices comes loaded with 1.2 GHz Cortex A9 Dual Core and 1 GB DDR3 RAM. There is also a 2D/3D onboard GPU that runs even the most advanced graphics with supreme ease. So if you are gaming lover, you would surely love playing your favourite game on this device. The tablet is sadly only supports 2G connectivity but it also gives you full functions of a smart phone including voice calling, SMS and integrated voice receiver.


If you are looking for a table for basic home use to help your child learn, U2 would be your perfect choice. This 7 inch tablet has an amazing screen that is quite comfortable for reading, watching videos and even playing games. Besides, the 800×480 pixels resolution provides a brilliant video output that enhances the tablet using experience. Under the hood lies the 1GB DDR3 RAM and 1 GHz ARM Cortex Process and 4GB internal memory capacity, which can be further expanded up to 32 GB with a microSD card.


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Easy Tips for Using Your Smartphone for Work and Play

Once upon a time, a lot of people would have had a work phone and a personal phone. While some people still do, others prefer to keep everything on one device. There’s no need to handle two different phones if you can keep your business and home lives separate on the same smartphone. It’s easy to do using the right features, operating system, and apps to lead a double life from one device. Everything from using two sim cards to organizing your apps will help you survive with only one phone, instead of two. If you want to keep your personal and work information separately, use these tips to stop them from getting tangled up.

Connect Your Phone to Your Desktop 

Being able to connect your phone to your desktop, or access files from both places, is useful for both business and personal purposes. For work, you can access documents, spreadsheets and other important files to work on in the office or on the move. And you can organize your photos, videos, music and games for entertainment. Whether you plug your phone into your desktop or you use a cloud service, it’s much easier to organize everything if you have a choice of functionality and screen size.

Sony Xperia J

Image credits to: Vernon Chan, on Flickr – https://flic.kr/p/d5DEjS

Choose the Right Operating System

If you want to be able to use your phone for both work and play, you need the best operating system and the best phone. Most phones will allow you to carry out business and personal tasks, but everyone will have a preference for which one suits them. The choice is essentially between Apple iOs, Android, and Windows. There can be some great perks designed specifically for work and play on each system. For example, you might be able to get a Work & Play Bundle from Microsoft or use Android for Work to separate your business apps. But once you choose an operating system, you need the perfect phone.

Use Two Sim Cards

The ability to hold two sim cards might be something to look for in your new phone. It’s a great way to split your work and home lives. On dual sim mobile phones, you can keep two sets of contacts, storing data on the different cards to keep them separate. You can give out one number to personal contacts and the other to business associates. If you’re worried about screening calls or answering your phone professionally, you can make things easier by using two sim cards.

Get the Best Apps

Don’t forget to make sure you’re using the right apps to get the most out of your phone. You can organize them, so personal apps are in one place and work ones in another. If you want to keep business and play entirely separate, use different applications for each. Don’t use the same calendar or note-keeping tool for the two purposes, or else split your files so you can keep them apart.

Having two phones can be an inconvenience, so don’t bother when you can do everything on one device. You don’t have to mix work and play when it’s easy to keep them apart.

Six Ways Your Smartphone Can Help Make Your Home More Safe

Smartphone apps have made performing a lot of tasks easier. However, you may be surprised to know that a smart phone can also be used as a way to help keep your home and family safe. Below are six ways your smartphone can help make your home safer.

1. Emergency Contact Numbers

One great thing a smart phone can do is make dialing emergency phone numbers far easier. You can program a smart phone so that the phone numbers for things like 911, the fire department and poison control can be dialed much more quickly via a shortcut. This can make getting emergency assistance easier. You won’t have to worry about finding the numbers or typing them in correctly when your family or your home is in danger. During health emergencies and fires, every second counts.

2. Security System Integration

Most security systems these days provide apps to their clients that can integrate their smart phone into their home security service. For example, if the system detects an intruder outdoors, the homeowner can be immediately alerted of that fact via a smart phone alert. This can kind of integration can be very useful. It can alert a homeowner of threats inside or outside the home. It can also alert a homeowner of a threat while away from home. If the home has been broken into, this could prevent family members from coming home after a night out while the intruders are still inside. It can also be used for other things like remotely locking and unlocking doors or turning off lights. Read Northstar alarm reviews for more information

3. Smart Door Locks

One scenario many people worry about is leaving their front door open and allowing a criminal to enter the house. You can actually use a smart phone to guard against this possibility. Install something known as a smart door lock. This is a door lock that is connected to a WiFi network and can be remotely operated. With the use of an app, you’ll be able to lock your doors from anywhere. If you accidentally leave your front door unlocked after leaving on a trip, you can simply use the smart lock app to lock the door.

4. Live Security Camera Access

You can also use your smart phone to view live security camera footage from both inside and outside your house. There are many cameras available that come with smart phone apps. For example, you could install one to check on your baby during the middle of the night to make sure everything is all right. Alternatively, you could have access to video from a camera that is activated by a motion detector in your backyard.

5. Flash Light

Many flash light apps are available. This can come in handy during certain circumstances. For example, you may experience a thunder storm that takes out your power. Most people don’t have flash lights sitting at arm’s length. However, they do usually have their smart phones nearby. Activating the flashlight app could mean being able to light your way towards the fuse box. Without this app, there is a risk of tripping in the dark and being injured.

6. Natural Disasters

There are many apps available that can alert your family of incoming natural disasters. For example, many weather apps can immediately send you an alert informing you of an incoming hurricane or tornado. There are also apps from organizations like the Red Cross specifically for people that live in areas prone to earthquakes. Better yet, these apps can tell you what to do during a natural disaster and how to properly take shelter. This can prevent you from panicking because you don’t know what to do to keep you and your family safe.


The smart phone is an amazing piece of technology that has changed how people live across the globe. One thing a smart phone can do is help keep your family safe. If you can install apps that increase your home security, certainly do so. The benefits far outweigh the tiny amount of effort required.




Crucial Ways To Save Money On Your Tech

If you are a tech-nerd like me then it can be expensive keeping up to date with the latest tech advancements. These days there is a new must buy piece of equipment out every other month. Some of us have the Apple events in our phone calendar. In fact keeping up to date is taking a sizable portion out your hard earned paycheck. By taking this advice you can learn how to spend less and still have some of the best items on the market.

Do Not Jump to the Easiest Solution

When your computer stops working it is easy to view it as an excuse to go shopping. You think it is time to replace it with the latest model. The truth is that most problems can be fixed by yourself or a professional. You will find plenty of PC repair companies that will fix your machine for hardly any cost at all. When it is returned to you, you will not regret avoiding buying another expensive computer. Your old one will be faster and more reliable than ever before.

Oh Really…

Be sceptical. How many of us see the next updated item on TV and immediately reach for our credit card. Most of the time some research will tell you that the new one is not that different from the one you currently own. There will be big advancements in technology and tech companies want you to believe they come along every year. This is not true. Most yearly advancements are nothing more than small tweaks advertised to look more important. Check the reviews and make sure you want to spend five hundred pounds to slightly improve the picture quality on your phone.

Just Say No

There are companies on the market right now who know they could sell you anything. You will be queuing outside their stores at midnight trying to get your hands on their next announcement. But do you need it or even want it? Smartwatches are a fantastic example of this. Do you know what a smartwatch is? A smartwatch is a tiny device that can do some of the things your smartphone can. Most of them actually need a smartphone for their features to work. Does that sound like something you need? If you can not answer that question, do yourself a favour. Ask yourself what a watch is. Then switch on the phone screen that is less than a foot away from your hand.

That’s a Pretty Name Isn’t it?

In most cases, this is what we are buying. We are not buying the cheapest product on the market or even the best product  on the market. We are buying a name or logo. Technology has become fashionable and this is a problem. It means companies do not have to make groundbreaking advancements. As long as their name has popularity they can keep making the same product with a few little changes year after year.  Buy a less popular brand name that has better reviews and you can reap the rewards of doing so.

There is some fantastic technology on the market and with real game changers on the horizon it is going to be a tremendous year. Why not wait for the real ground-breakers rather than spend money on tech you already own.

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