What’s Best for Travellers- Smartphones, Tablets or Laptops

Finding the best device to carry with you for your travels isn’t easy. There are many things to consider like the purpose of your travel, the lightweight of each devices so the decision can be a tough one. For this reason, I will show you some of the pros and cons of smartphones, tablets and laptops to make your choice easier. Each device has its advantages and disadvantages so take a look at the comparisons and make your choice. If you wonder what’s best for travellers – smartphones, tablets or laptops, read the following article.



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If you don’t plan to work during your travel, the best device you can take with you is your smartphone. They are appropriate when you want to carry a light weight and take only the essential things. Smartphones have many functions and can replace a lot of gadgets like a calculator, music player, torch, map, alarm clock and many other things. You can use the Internet with it in every public restaurant, café or place which has Wi-Fi. There are also many apps, which can offer you translations, navigation, guide books and other things, essential for all travellers.


Smartphones have some disadvantages as well. One of them is their short battery life. They usually last a day or two, depending what you use them for and how frequent. Internet usage usually make your battery drop down very quickly. The other disadvantage is the size of the smartphone. Although larger screens are being manufactured constantly, a 5 inch screen isn’t convenient for reading books or watching films. All websites will be viewed with difficulty, except the ones who have mobile-friendly versions. Smartphones can be used for sending messages, updating  Facebook status, but not for other web activities or work.


Tablets are being used for a few years now and have the facility of larger screens and better battery life than smartphones. With the coming out of iPad they are very preferred. Their disadvantages are: requiring of space, having bigger weight and being more expensive. With your tablet you can use tools like WhatsApp, Skype and Google Voice. If you have Internet connection, you can make phone calls through them and use the web more easier. Tablets have longer battery life especially when in flight mode. Some tablets have cellular data option, which allow you to insert a SIM card inside and use them as a phone.


The disadvantages of tablets include their bigger size, which doesn’t allow you to put them in your pocket and carry them while travelling without a bag. Tablets aren’t appropriate for taking photos. Their advantage of having bigger   screens, compared to the smartphones can be a disadvantage, making them uncomfortable for transportation. They have the same apps and input as the smartphone. Typing and using them for work is difficult and inconvenient to do as it is with smartphones. You can always buy a Bluetooth keyboard and attach it to your tablet – another gadget you need to spend money on and carry around, making it less mobile. With a Bluetooth keyboard you will speed up your typing on the tablet.


Laptops are the devices with the most versatility. They allow you access to various internet sites, apps, tools. Their battery life is long enough and the screen is convenient for working, communicating and doing various things. They are perfect for working travellers. Their keyboard and screen is comfortable for using. The disadvantages are their heavy weight, especially their charger. Laptops are also more expensive and fragile. They can be easily damaged, but have a lot of power.


Smartphones, tablets and laptops are easy for cleaning – all you need is a special cloth for cleaning screens. If you buy a protector for smartphones’ and tablets’ screens, you won’t need to do the cleaning so often.


Depending on your budget, needs and the purpose you will use your device for, laptops, smartphones and tablets has their pros and cons. Evaluate them and make a smart decision what to carry as a traveller, using the information I gave you.



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Technology that is revolutionizing your daily chores

Nowadays technologies have developed so much, that it is hard for anyone to imagine his life without them. The machines, devices and applications, which ease our lives are numerous, new and more modernized are being invented every day. Here I am going to present some of the best technology inventions these days, which can be used for revolutionizing your daily chores.


The Roomba is a gadget, designed for cleaning floors, hoovering carpets and mopping all floor surface. It can be used instead of a vacuum cleaner, a mop and it will maintain your home for less time and efforts. It can be applied on every floor surface multiple times. After navigating it, the Roomba moves freely and saves a lot of time. It vacuums very well the floor, cleans bare floorings and mops them. There are plenty of cleaning robots, available in the markets. They can be programmed to clean certain rooms by being monitored from a distance through the smartphone.


The Roomba at large

image credits to Eirik Newth, on Flickr – https://flic.kr/p/qWJgT


ECOVACS Winbot is a cleaning device for windows – another smart technology, which saves time and does wonderful job. Using it is easy – switching on, setting the robot on the window and pushing start is enough. There are devices, specially created for windows on higher than the ground floor.


The Spotter is a multi-purpose technology, which can be connected to your smartphone and trigger various actions. It can be used to supervise motion, sound, light, humidity and temperature and control what’s happening inside the home. Through the phone the Spotter can notify with a sound alarm, for example, when the dishes are cleaned, the washing machine is ready with the laundry or when any other chore is completed or started.


Along with the modern lawn mowers for maintaining the grass length, there is a device for cleaning leafs from the front meadow. The leaf blower removes all leaves with just one click of the button. It can be navigated for working with higher or lower power, depending on the quantity of leaves you want to clean from your lawn. The batteries of the tool can replaced without any efforts and this machine can run for a long time, till it does the necessary work. The leaf blower is very useful in the autumn for cleaning meadows from the fallen leaves.


There are many applications for controlling the kitchen and other appliances remotely. They can inform you what’s inside your fridge so you will know what you need to buy, do the laundry remotely by turning on the washing machine through your smartphone and take care of many other daily chores. After connecting your smartphone with the devices in your home, you can control them and use them with just one click, from a distance.



TaskRabbit is a platform, which reminds of cleaning chores, informs about different things like delivery services and can be a very useful web technology. There are many other applications, which can be very helpful in organizing your daily chores.


The technology inventions, which are available in the markets and are created with the aim of revolutionizing your daily chores, are various. From cooking, laundry, cleaning, washing dishes and the rest of your daily chores, new devices and appliances are created with fast steps, for making them easy. They can make our lives a lot simpler. Without them nowadays life seems impossible. Cleaning robots can function as a mop cleaner and vacuum cleaner at the same time, and take less time and efforts. They are smaller in size and easy to be used even by Professional Cleaning Services. Web applications offer a lot of information for different services  everyone can use. They can be helpful in finding the nearest laundry service, restaurant, store and etc.

Quality and Affordability in One: The Cherry Mobile Flare HD

When it comes to your gadgets, it is understandable for you to want only the best in quality and features but you also want it to fit your budget. As a striving yuppie or a student living on a meager allowance, the likes of Apple or Samsung and other foreign brand can be a little over the top. Fortunately, a local brand came up with a solid, feature-packed mobile phone that is at par with some of the top foreign brands.


The Cherry Mobile Flare HD comes with an HD screen, quad-core processor and a nice 12 Megapixel camera sensor for starters. It is very handy and lightweight due to its small and compact design. If you will compare it with other more expensive phones, you will notice the distinct similarities in the minimalist yet neat style. When it comes to the features, Android 4.2 may not be the latest but it is still one of the best versions out in the market today.


flare hd



Phone Type: Smartphone

Smart Phone OS: Android Smart Phone

OS ver.: 4.2 (Jelly bean)

Shape: Bar

SIM: Dual SIM, Dual Standby

Processor Speed: 1.2GHz Quad-core MediaTek MT6589

Internal Storage: 4GB


External Storage: Micro SD up to 32GB

Screen Size: 4.3 inch (342ppi)

Resolution: 1280×720

Touch Screen: yes

Screen Type: HD IPS display

Network Speed: 2G/3G/HSPA+ Up to 21Mbps

Wireless LAN



Camera Pixels: 12mp , 8mp (front camera) with Flash


SRP: Php 5,999.00


For its price, the style and features of the Cherry Mobile Flare HD are pretty much impressive. Though it may not please everybody and some still find it lacking for their kind of lifestyle, but it still is the cheapest HD phone in the local market today.



6 Things to Remember when Shopping for a New Digital Camera

Choosing a new digital camera can be quite a daunting task. There seems to be hundreds of models available, all claiming to be exactly what you need.


This; however, is not the case, as some cameras definitely serve certain purposes better than others with some not actually being suitable for your requirements at all.


digital camera


The first thing that you need to do is sit down and think about what exactly you need a camera for. Do you need it for holiday snaps? Are you starting a photography business? Are you interested in landscapes photography? And so on. Once you have figured out these requirements, you are ready to start your camera hunting.


1. Compact Cameras

For people that just want to take the occasional snap, the compact camera is probably the best option. They are small, fit into your pocket or bag and can actually take very high quality pictures. The only real drawbacks with compacts are that you can’t change lenses or add accessories like filters.


2. The Compact System Camera

If you are a bit more serious about your photography, a compact system camera might well be the best choice for you. A compact system allows for extra lenses, flash guns and even filters which can be either bought with the initial package or purchased at later dates when needed. These cameras also have longer zooms than compacts and greater overall control. The only downside with these cameras is that they won’t actually fit into your pocket.


3. Digital SLRs

Digital SLRs are for people that have a very serious interest in photography or are professional. Digital SLRs range from amateur models that can be bought from as little as £250, to professional models ranging from £1.500 up to £5.000. These are big cameras that are designed to do a certain job, which is to take professional quality pictures. If you are not really sure what an aperture setting is, you would probably be best with one of the compact models.


4. Megapixels

A lot of cameras boast large megapixel specs, with some compacts even going up to the seven and eight megapixel range. This is all very well, but the higher the megapixel the more space you will take up on your memory cards. Unless you are planning on printing high quality poster size images, a four to five megapixel camera would be fine. For professional photographers the case is different, literally being the more the better.


5. Compatibility and Saving Money

If you already have a digital camera and would like to upgrade, it is worth thinking about salvaging accessories from your existing unit. You can save money if your new camera uses the same types of batteries, memory cards, flashes and filters as your old one. In fact, most professional photographers only change the main camera body units and keep the rest of their equipment until they need to be replaced.


6. Read the Reviews

If you are not a keen photographer, read as many reviews on your shortlisted cameras as possible. Publications such as Which magazine often write up highly detailed reviews of digital cameras and accessories. From these types of reviews; you can build up a great picture of what model would be best for you and which ones are the best overall value for money.


If you follow these basic considerations, you should be able to quickly find the best type of digital camera for your needs. The only other piece of advice is to shop around to get the very best prices.


Author: Carlos Lyon is a writer working on a freelance basis for Kelly McCann Photography. A fine art photography gallery based in the UK that has an online presence at www.kellymccann.co.uk.












5 Ways 4G is changing your life

At this point in time, your 3G phone entertains you.  But when network congestion is on its peak, you will generally have no use of it.  4G is a lot faster and it is expected by 2020 to have a traffic explode by 33 times.  4G however isn’t the cure for every video scenario.  You probably won’t choose watching live sports using your mobile device in the next few years to come.  When it comes to standard definition however, 4G is a lot faster as compared to 3G.




According to Richard Karpinksi, a senior mobile analyst at Yankee Group, connecting to 4G will give you an average 10-20 mbps as compared to your regular net speed when you’re connected to your hardwired DSL and cable modems at home.



Thanks to 4G, the futuristic video calls you only see on movies and TV shows are now on its way.  Now you can throw in any video application and your smartphone can instantly be a video hub for you.


Anywhere office

According to a survey by Telework, in 2005, a notable 74% increase in number of people in the US works from home at least a day per month.  Furthermore, 40% of Americans can already have their work at home.

In addition, about 96% of businesses all use wireless devices and 63% of these numbers admitted that their company could not survive without internet connections.  3G made it impossible to access files without delay and video sharing as well as normal word processing was a hit or miss proposition.

4G played a big role in the mobile office equation.  Now, everything is already accessible through a smartphone – whether it may be graphics, power point presentations or even video clips.  Even with the exceedingly high network traffic, you can still enjoy seamless data reliability with 4G.


Music made possible even in the outskirts 

Right now, you can stream music from audio streaming services like Pandora, iCloud, Spotify, Jango and even Soundcloud.  With the use of 4G, streaming even in the outskirts of the city where there’s no phone signal is now possible.  But with more users jumping to the use of 4G, expect that phone providers will increase their cap for high data usage.


The Internet of Things 

With the spread of 4G, expect to hear the phrase “the internet of things” more often.  It basically refer to basically everything that is connected to the internet.  The application of all sorts of data are now endless.  With internet connection, your normal alarm clock can even turn into a more intelligent device.  There’s a whole range of possibilities with the use of 4G.  Even online shopping can be made possible through your mobile phone.  Now you can shop anywhere and anytime.  Most online shopping sites like Lamido even offers an app you can use seamlessly on your mobile device.


Multimedia Madness 

With the use of 4G, video calls, gaming and even mobile social media are given a whole new definition with accelerated speeds.  One 3G base station allows a few dozen individuals to access the internet on their phones.  4G allows more people to simultaneously access and share a fast-speed connection.

Whether you are just up for a good online game or you want to have a great video chat with your loved ones, it is no doubt that you need a speedy wireless connection.  4G helps maximize your mobile experience by giving you the fastest data connection speed you could think of.


Image credit: Christian Lo – commons.wikimedia.org