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Jul 22

The Evolution of Product Design: Mobile Phones

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Like many pieces of technology, the Mobile phone is a product that has evolved drastically over it’s existence. Companies like Formzoo Designs are forever looking for new ways to improve product design in order to better the consumer experience. Since the very first mobile phone call in 1985, mobile phone technology has completely transformed the way …

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Jun 06

The value of SMS in the Modern Era

sms via pixabay

Can you still recall the time when you get to own your first cellular phone? The very first thing that you would do is to inform your other friends who also got cellular phones with your mobile number. You’re going to do it by sending a text message or SMS (short message service) because calling …

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May 27

Businesses that Don’t Embrace Mobile Print Technologies Could Be Left Behind

mobile print solutions enwikipediaorg

Rapidly, the world is going mobile. Businesses that want to keep up are having to change the way they operate and mobile print technologies are helping them do just that. Multi-function printers (MFP) have become a well-established prerequisite for most successful organisations.     With auto duplex print and scan functions, touch-screen controls, security features, …

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May 01

Laptop cooler, a necessity or a waste of money?

laptop cooler

Do I need to buy a laptop cooler? This has been a very common question among laptop and netbook users. Well, probably you don’t need one, but just to be safe get one Actually some laptops simply don’t cool as well as others. Using the unit all day will require high demand on the hard …

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