Things to think about when buying a new laptop

If you are ready to invest in a new laptop, what do you buy? What should you look for? Which brands are going to outlast others? Making sure you know what you are buying, and where to find great deals, is key to finding what you are looking for, for less. These are a few of the many things to think about when buying a new laptop for work, pleasure, or use around the home or for school.


Desired use

Is it a gaming laptop? Is it used for school, work, pleasure, or is it a family laptop? Depending on desired use, as well as the speed you wish to attain, graphics, and quality you desire, there are many models you can go with. Compare them all, and buy a laptop dedicated to the intended use you have for it.

Number of users

Will the kids use it? Guests in the home? Is it just for you or a work computer? This is going to help you determine the security settings, safety features, passwords, finger print technologies, and so forth. The more users, the more restrictions there are. So, make sure you know who will use it, and for what.

Used, New, Finance

Before deciding which laptop to buy you might also want to consider buying a second hand laptop from online websites like ebay. You can save a great deal and still get a fairly decent laptop if it’s not been heavily used. You could also look at spread the cost options such as pay monthly laptops or even buy now and pay later.

Brands available

It is worth investing in top brands. They don’t give you as many headaches, they aren’t going to break down, and they do what they promise to do. Further, they typically come with longer warranties, and they are dedicated to certain users (gaming, video streaming, work, etc). So, even if it does cost a bit more up front, it is worth the additional investment, and fewer headaches that come with it.


Do you plan on upgrading to a new laptop in a few years, or using this one until it gives up on you? Do you want top digital graphics, speed, and volume control? Making sure it offers the latest upgrades, for the desired and intended use, and functions as you want it to for the period of time you plan on owning the laptop will allow you to make the right choice when you are ready to invest in a new one for personal use or for work use.

With so many brands, new models, and updates coming out regularly, you want to find the best. In order to do so, compare, and consider these simple factors the next time you plan on investing in and purchasing a new laptop for personal, work, or school use.

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4 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a New Phone

Choosing a new phone these days can be a massive life decision. We are so reliant on our phones now that choosing one is almost akin to picking the right car. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking a new phone. Here are some of the important things you’re going to need to take into account when you consider your new phone.

new phone

PAYG or Contract?

One of the big decisions you’re going to need to make is whether to go with a contract or pay as you go phone. Now, there are arguments to support both, and it really depends on your personal circumstances. You can get contracts for really cheap these days, so it’s probably going to work out cheaper to do that. But, you should think about the option of both before you commit to a decision.

A panoramic view within a Verizon Wireless Store, Norwalk, CT, United States
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Consider Getting a Hand-Me-Down

There are plenty of ways you can get hold of a new phone, and you don’t always have to buy brand new. A lot of people prefer to get pre-owned phones. You can buy these online or in stores, or you can get them direct from a friend or family member. But, if you do go down this route you need to consider the fact that you may need to get your phone unlocked. That’s why you need to look into the options that allow you to unlock iPhone models, and other smartphones. It’s important to have something lined up to help with this because you won’t be able to use your phone otherwise.

Pop into the Local Store

If you want to get some expert advice, or you have questions, you should head down to the local phone store. There are bound to be some in the area like Carphone Warehouse. Or, you could pop into the EE or Vodafone stores to see what Android phones are available. Being in a store full of experts gives you peace of mind to help you make the right choice about the phone you choose. It’s the best way to get the right value for your money and helps you avoid the wrong choices.


Shop Online

Make use of the internet as much as you can these days. There is basically nothing you can’t buy online nowadays, and online shopping is taking over. So, if you go on the internet, you’re going to find loads and loads of options for phones. You can go to the official sites of phone networks and make a selection there. Or, you can use sites like eBay and Gumtree to buy phones that people are selling. It’s always good to have an idea in mind for something you’d like. This will help you with the selection process as much as possible.

HK Wan Chai Fleming Road sidewalk 3 telecom shop interior 183 Johnston Road March-2011.JPG
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There are a lot of things you should think about when it comes to choosing a new phone. And, it’s important that you do as much as you can to make the right choice. These are just a few of the things you need to consider when choosing a new phone. They will help you to make the right choice and pick the perfect one for you.


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What android phones are available?

Shopping for a new smartphone? Looking for the android based OS? If so, you will find more and more manufacturers introducing new phones on what seems like a daily basis. These are currently a few of the top phones to look out for, and consider investing in, if you want the best, the latest, and newest models which are currently available on the market.

Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

Either the traditional or the edge model are the latest in the long line of Samsung Galaxy phones. They are sleek, light in weight, run on the latest android OS, have a lightweight aluminum frame, and expandable memory which the S6 model didn’t offer. Removable battery is also an upgrade which hasn’t been seen in other android based phones on the market recently. It has 32 GB in store memory, an upgraded camera, a 5.1” and 5.7” model, and all the latest upgrades presently available on the market.

HTC 10

HTC One A9

A front mounted fingerprint sensor offers added security, a large, vibrant screen is impeccable and easy on the eyes as well. New and improved speaker set up, the snap dragon 820 processor, 4 GB of ram, and 300 mah battery power can go for hours on end without a charge. An improved camera is also going to offer great picture, video, and quality resolution for streaming calls as well.



A unibody metallic design, removable battery port, an added camera grip for capturing photos and videos, and expandable memory, are a few of the upgrades from previous G models. It has the snap dragon 820 processor which is lightning fast, a 5.3” IPS LCD display, 16 and 8 MP cameras (front and rear facing), and 32 GB of built in memory, in addition to the ability to expand if it is required by the user. If you want quality, sleek design, and an easy to operate phone for a reasonable price, this is one of the top options which are currently out there.

Not sure which to buy? Don’t want to pay the highest price for these new phones? Consider used or second hand android phones. Many are in “like new” condition, run and operate like new, and are far cheaper than a brand new phone. Further, you can find and comparison shop used phones through various online sites in order to find the best deal.

Regardless of what you seek in a new phone, these are some of the top android models presently available to consumers looking to make an upgrade from previous phones.


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Essential Things to Remember When Buying a New Digital Camera

These days, many people use their smartphone to take photos. They’re excellent for capturing snaps on the move or taking selfies. However, if you want to take your photography a bit more seriously, a smartphone camera isn’t going to do. It can only do so much before you need some more options. So you will probably want to look for a digital camera to help you take your photos. You might want something you can carry with you everywhere or just a camera you can have on special occasions. Before you decide which one to buy, consider the factors below.

What Do You Want to Use It For?

The first thing you need to think about is for what purpose you want your camera. For most people, it will be a casual gadget that they get out whenever they’re having fun. You want to use it to preserve memories when you go on vacation or to get pictures of your friends. However, you might be thinking about taking photography more seriously. If you are, you probably don’t want to jump straight into getting a professional camera. You’ll end up with a complicated camera and too many options you might not even use. Another option is to get a bridge camera, between a simple digital one and a professional one. It will offer you more control over your photos without overwhelming you.

digital camera

How Portable Should It Be?

There’s no doubt that you will want to carry your camera around. But some cameras are more portable than others. Do you want to be able to slip it into your pocket or the phone pocket in your bag? Or are you fine with a camera that takes up more space and perhaps even needs its own bag? You can get plenty of small digital cameras that you can carry with you wherever you go. For example, the Canon PowerShot G7 is small enough that you won’t notice it’s in your bag most of the time.

Essential Specs to Compare

There are lots of specifications you should look at when you buy a camera. You might be unfamiliar with a lot of them, so consider these:

  • Megapixels (MP) – most cheaper cameras will have at least 14Mp
  • Zoom – look for at least 5x optical zoom
  • Image stabilization – this helps you take clearer pictures by reducing blurriness
  • WiFi – with WiFi, you can upload photos straight from your phone, sometimes to Facebook and other social media
  • Face detection – if you mostly photograph people, this helps to recognize faces

Your Budget

Of course, you also need to consider your budget. The better the camera, the most expensive it’s going to be. But you don’t want to spend too much on a camera that’s too complicated for you. You could pay a few hundred or even less, or you could spend thousands on a professional camera. It’s worth paying a bit more for something that will last longer.

There are lots of things to consider if you need a new digital camera. Don’t make your purchase before you’ve given it a lot of thought.

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Tips on Getting A High Speed Router


Everything we do today seems to have something to do with the internet and the digital world. When being connected to the World Wide Web is essential to your business or your home, a high performance router that can give you fast and reliable connection is very important. There are so many routers out in the market today, but if you know how to differentiate them you can get the best one for your needs – whether it’s for business, home entertainment or gaming.

If a top of the line router promise to give you very high speed, consider the price and see whether it’s really a good trade for you. Some high-speed routers still rely on system speed in order to perform at their optimum speed levels. Check out dual or multi-band routers which broadcast on 2 or more different spectrums. These types of router will allow you to use internet on more than one mobile and computer devices with wi-fi connection. Also, consider a router that allows for guest network for your business or home guests that might want to access the internet as well. Lastly, be sure to purchase routers with warranty. In case there is a problem with your purchase you can return it for repairs or even get a replacement for it when it’s not working as promised.

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