How to Update Your PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita System is one of the coolest gadgets nowadays that help connect the world. The portable entertainment gadget system can be brought anywhere and features Wi-Fi in both iterations as well as 3G. Enhanced game play and user experience can be enjoyed by players across multiple video game titles with this gaming device. What’s great about the PS Vita is that it is already infused with the network, allowing players from anywhere in the world to play together at any time possible.

ps vita

One of the best examples that prove the worldwide connectivity that the PSP Vita brings is the framework of the Ridge Racer’s Planetary League. With the PS Vita’s network functionality, rivalry is now available at a global scale as racers who participated in the league all over the world are teamed into four competing groups. Wi-Fi/3G-based multiplayer modes brought the competition gaming world into bigger heights. The PS Vita Philippines price is considered as one of the most competitive prices available in the market. To know if the PS Vita fits within your budget you can see the latest on PS Vita Philippines price via PricePanda site. Updates for the PS Vita also come every now and then to bring you the latest and also to simply remove and fix bugs and other problems encountered in the gadget. This is Sony’s after service commitment that makes the Vita worthy of its price tag.

What’s great about the PS Vita is that you can also upgrade it using several methods.

Update via Wi-Fi

You can update the PS Vita System using the Wi-Fi feature. Tap your devise to Settings > Start > System Update > Update Using Wi-Fi. Your gadget will connect to a location on the Internet wherein you can download the latest version of the system update available for your gadget. Simply follow the onscreen guide to complete the update. Updating your PS Vita via a mobile 3G network is not possible.

Updating via the PS3™ System

You can also use the network feature of the PS3™ system to download the latest update for your PS Vita device via the Internet. To be able to do so, be sure the your PS3™system is connected to the Internet,. Your system version software should also be in version 4.00 or later to be able to do the update in this method. Keep in mind to keep all application closed during the update and one should be in the USER mode during the update.

Simply connect the PS Vita System and the PS3™ system using a USB cable and tap Settings > Start > System Update > Update by Connecting to a PS3™ system. The latest update file will be downloaded via Internet using the network feature of the PS3™ system. An on-screen instruction to complete the transaction will be displayed and give you instructions on how to proceed.

Updating via a Windows or Mac PC

You can also use the network feature of your Windows or Mac PC to download the latest update file of the PS Vita via the Internet. Simply connect to the Internet, Download and Install Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation on your computer and download the file from this website Look for the Content Manager Assistant icon in the notification area of the task bar to proceed with the download. Connect your PS Vita to the PC via a USB cable and tap the PS Vita screen Settings > Start > System Update > Update by Connecting to a PC.

A successful update can be counter-checked by tapping on the Settings > Start > System > System Information. The version number of the system update of your latest download used to update the system should be flashed in the screen. This means that your update was completed successfully.


About the Author:

Joie Gahum is a freelance writer for PricePanda — a group of price comparison shopping sites where you can browse and compare the latest prices of electronic gadgets and other deals offered by various online shops worldwide.  She writes mostly about technology, trends, world news, and home and parenting.

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Elsword Online Game Review



Ah, Elsword… Where should I begin? It’s a 2.5D side scrolling game which works much like the game named “Grand Chase”.  The big difference is the character design and how the PvP system works. Believe me, the PvP system is somewhat annoying.

Before you start playing the game, you have to choose among of the following characters; Elsword, Aisha, Rena, Raven, Eve, Chung, Ara, Elesis and Add. Expect for more characters to come in the future for the game is an MMORPG as well. Each character has their own 3 respective paths, and you can only choose one so choose wisely. Let’s begin talking about them, shall we?

I’m not going to be too detailed on these characters; the rest is up for you to find out. The first one we’ll tackle is of course, the possible leading main character: Elsword.

Elsword the Swordsman can choose to either be a “Sword Knight,” “Magic Knight,” or a “Sheath Knight.” A Sword Knight will be specializing on the usage of Elsword’s rather large sword while Magic Knight, well as name suggests, will be specializing on some magic. Sheath Knight is one of the most complex yet easy to use classes; choosing this class will make Elsword wield two swords and be an overall annoying character in PvP. Not as annoying as Add but we’ll get to him later.

Next up is Aisha the Magician. She can choose to either be a High Magician, Dark Magician, or a Battle Magician. The High Magician is an elementalist, Dark Magician specializes in Dark Magic while Battle Magician is basically a typical Anime MahouShoujo.

Rena the Archer, definitely one of the most annoying opponents you could ever face in PvP. She can take on 3 paths; Combat Ranger, Sniping Ranger and Trapping Ranger.

Raven the Taker, one of the most unique characters in the game. He’s a sword wielder but also has a Nasod Arm (Nasods being robots in the game by the way.) He takes on 3 paths; Sword Taker, Over Taker, Weapon Taker. Sword Taker specializes in Sword Skills, Over Taker specializes in Destructive Abilities and finally Weapon Taker is a mixture of the two.

Eve the Nasod Queen, I should say is my “videogame crush,” is one of the most annoying characters in 3v3 PvP and useful for playing in Dungeons. She is divided into 3 classes: Code:Exotic, Code:Architecture, and Code:Electra. These three classes are quite different from each other. Code:Exotic specializes in Close Combat and the usage of several weapons such as cannons, miniguns, and Nasod Spears. It’s deadly point is “Queen’s Throne.” Code:Architect specializes in summoning Nasod Minions and the like, and lastly Code:Electra specializes in honing and destructive barrage of lasers.

Chung the Guardian, the trap of Elsword, is definitely one of the most challenging opponents you could ever fight. He can journey the path of Fury Guardian, Shooting Guardian and Shelling Guardian. Fury Guardian is regarded as the “Tank” class for Chung. Shooting Guardian specializes the use of dual pistols. Finally, Shelling Guardian uses grenades and the like for his attacks.

AraHaan the Martial Artist. She uses a spear and has quite the mobility that rivals Eve’s overall movement in the air. She can enter 3 paths, Little Hsien, Little Devil and Little Specter. The first class is mostly used by players in PvP due to its rather strong attacks until Little Specter came who specializes in dark exorcist abilities. Little Devil, on the other hand, specialize in the usage of balls. Lots and lots of balls.

Elesis the Red Knight is Elsword’s older sister and wields a claymore. She’s definitely the character you need to have a look out for because out of these characters, one could say that she is the deadliest of them all. Her connection with Grand Chase’s Elesis is official and the same person due to the fact Elsword was confirmed to be Elesis’ little brother in Grand Chase. She can enter one of the 3 paths: Grand Master, Blazing Heart or Crimson Avenger. Each has their own specialization and I think that you should find it out yourself on how they work.




Lastly, my favorite character of all: Add the Tracer. Unlike the other characters, Add is mentally insane due to witnessing his parent’s death, being enslaved and trapped during his childhood. He’s definitely one of the most OP characters in Elsword currently and is both loved and hated by the community. He is designed to pair up with Eve, having the same color scheme and Nasod Weapons. He can enter the jobs of Psychic Tracer, Arc Tracer and Time Tracer. Psychic Tracer relies on brute force. Arc Tracer relies on the usage of different Nasod minions while Time Tracer manipulates time and space.

Now that we are done with the characters, let’s go with the game itself. The game is rather simple and much like Grand Chase. Each stage is well done as well as its boss. It has 3 difficulties: Normal, Hard and Expert. Each difficulty, the map changes and the amount of monsters are increased. Mini bosses are also added which adds in the difficulty. However, the dungeons are rather easy at first but as the game goes on, it gets harder and harder. The bosses also drop rare loots so you will definitely waste your time grinding for these items.

Speaking of dungeons, there are also secret dungeons wherein you need to acquire specific items and the specific level to enter.

There is the Henir Time and Space Challenge which brings in all sorts of joy and rage. It’s basically a dungeon wherein you have to fight ALL the bosses in the game in the hardest difficulty. Oh did I mention? They actually multiply. Good luck with that. Finishing Henir will give you some fragments in which you can exchange for rather powerful gear. Start grinding folks or you will be constantly destroyed in PvP.

PvP is hell, literally. If you wish to enter PvP, I wish you luck because you will seriously feel inferior to the other players. Unless you did some practice and research then go ahead! You can practice at the Sparring Channel by an NPC named Camilla. Moving on, PvP is divided into three: 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 as of the moment. The higher the rank you get in PvP, the stronger your opponents gets.

The game supports a stamina system which limits the time you’ll be able to play. You can restore them by using stamina potions which restores 30% but they can only be given by exchanging medals to Ariel or by events.

Well done backgrounds are also present in the game and if you want to get some special gear, you can visit the item mall. In order to buy the items, however, you have to pay real life money. Hope you don’t get addicted.

Now that I’m done explaining, it’s time for its Pros and Cons!


  • A fun experience and definitely challenging.
  • Well-made character designs as well as the costumes that comes along with it.
  • Connecting combos which sparks your creativity.
  • Gives Goosebumps during PvP.
  • A 2.5D game which is basically 2D and 3D at the same time.
  • A storyline which leads to several possible fanfictions and ships to sail. I personally ship ElswordxAisha and AddxEve.
  • A comic-style cutscene every time you execute a skill


  • Gets rather boring every once in a while, especially if you have to wait for the players to go with you to the dungeon.
  • Frustrating players in PvP(I’m definitely one of them.)
  • The excitement dies down after the first few days of playing unless you are really into games like this.
  • Imbalanced characters (Add and Elesis are the most imbalanced ones.)
  • Sore losers, trash talkers and scammers on some servers while one certain server has the most of them.


About the Author: Another guest post contributed by my youngest son- Yahmir,  who’s only 15 years old at the moment.  He’s a grade 9 student, who excels academically, a gamer, a writer and the author of The Lunacy of a Warrior. The Elsword online game review is based on his own opinion and experience.


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The Best F2P MMO Games of 2014

With the many MMORPG’s out there today, it is often hard to find free MMO’s that are worth playing. While there are many MMO’s that seem like they are going to be the next big thing, often times it turns out that they are not even as great to play as they appeared to be in trailers and videos. Here is a list of the Best F2P MMO Games of 2014 and that we recommend you give a try.

1. Scarlet Blade


scarlet blade

image credits:


Scarlet blade is the newest and hottest game that gamers can play. It is a free to play MMORPG that is fantasy based. It was developed by Aeria Games and takes place in a future where the world is not as we know it to be. In dystopian like environments gamers are swept through a detailed story where they will venture through various landscapes. Gamers will have to choose which class they would like to be in such as a Punisher, Defender or Shadow Walker. Gamers will also have the option to play through various PvP modes with nearly 80 different battlegrounds to choose from. This game is definitely worth checking out if you are into playing the best F2P MMORPG’s. of 2014.


2. Final Fantasy XIV: Realm Reborn



image credits:


For gamers who grew up on playing and loving the famous Final Fantasy series before the Playstation was even thought of, you are going to love this F2P MMO. As your own unique character the player will enter straight into the world of Hydaelyn where you will need to switch between 4 different classes and 18 specialties in order to get through the region of Eorzea. This game can be played on next gen consoles as well as the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

There are multiple races and classes to choose from so that you can get the most out of your Final Fantasy experience. Participate in multiple Raids to build up armor and skills and even get a job to earn more money and powers.


3. StormFall: The Age of War


Stormfall age of war

image credits:


If you are into video games where you need to build an empire, set taxes and order your troops into battle, Stormfall is definitely the game for you. With this game gamers will be able to customize an array of special armies, quests and various buildings in order to build up their empire. In this game you will also need to defend your castle from enemy gamers while still keeping your empire happy. In the end you will need to make a decision: make your empire strong or let it fall.

You don’t need to spend close to $100 per game in order MMO games. There are plenty good F2P MMO games for pc that are absolutely free and that are certainly well worth playing. You will not need to worry about beating these games in only a certain amount of hours. Each game allows you to play for as many hours as your heart desires and to customize each of your characters as you wish. If you are looking for more video games that will fit your gaming lifestyle check out for a reviews of combat style games and other MMO’s today.


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AQWorlds, an online game to take boredom away

AQWorlds is one of the greatest games I’ve played since I was a kid. If I get bored playing other games I will definitely play this game. This online game is created by Artix Entertainment. It is a browser-based role-playing game that only uses Flash and Unity engines. Players can have their own guilds and parties. Although to create a guild you must be a Member. Oh, quick note: not all items are for non-members. Some are for Premium Member accounts only. To get a Member account you need to pay real-life money.

In order to join you have to click the “create a free account button.” Make sure you use your legit e-mail and birthday date. After creating your account, you can click play and start playing! Take note that your username is the same for the name of your character. You can’t change it until AQWorlds is integrated into the Master Account system.

Be reminded you can only join canned chat servers if you’re around 13 years old below. If you want to go join chat servers you have to ask your parents to upgrade your account to a Member account. Although to be honest, I like canned chat servers better.

Here are some screenshots of the game with my character:

aq worlds aq worlds1


Note: This is another guest post from my son, Yahmir who’s only 14 years old :)

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The Cytus Game Challenge

You may be familiar with the music video game Cytus. It is definitely one of the most famous android games out there. I highly recommend it if you love rhythm games like Osu!, Space Jam, etc. It currently has 5 free chapters, and each chapter contains a bunch of unique songs. Each song has only two difficulties: Easy and Hard. Before starting the game, you really need to play the tutorial first. If not, you will be very confused on what’s going on. If you haven’t bought the game yet (like me) for the first 3 chapters there will be a 10 second loading screen. For the next chapters it will increase to 45 seconds.

At first the game may be a bit boring, but as it goes on, you will start to enjoy it a lot. Once you reach chapter 3, you will love it, especially the song “Libera Me”, one of my favorite songs in Cytus. Each difficulty has its own perspective level for each song. For  example, in the song “Hard Landing” easy difficulty is classified as Level 3 and hard difficulty is classified as Level 9.

Cytus is a score-based music video game that involves the player tapping on notes as a black bar alternates from top to bottom in tune with the song. The more accurate the player hits these notes, the higher the resulting score will be. The scoring system in Cytus is quite complex. Timing is the most important component in Cytus to get a high score. Thus, eye and hand coordination is important. You also need to aim as accurately as possible in order to avoid bad or even worse, miss. If ever you get either of these two, your combo will break and you will start all over again. If you manage to retain your combo from the very beginning until the end, you will receive an A, or an S, or even better: Master. Master is the highest score in Cytus. In order to get it, you will only need to receive PERFECT and nothing else. The sole objective of Cytus is to Master every single song available.

Below is my video on the Cytus game challenge. Experience and enjoy art and music, beat and rebound through tapping.

Yahmir, the author of this post is my youngest son who’s only 14 years old, a Rick Riordan fan and loves to play challenging games. He wants to be a computer engineer someday.


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