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Jun 19

AQWorlds, an online game to take boredom away

aq worlds

AQWorlds is one of the greatest games I’ve played since I was a kid. If I get bored playing other games I will definitely play this game. This online game is created by Artix Entertainment. It is a browser-based role-playing game that only uses Flash and Unity engines. Players can have their own guilds and …

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May 27

The Cytus Game Challenge

You may be familiar with the music video game Cytus. It is definitely one of the most famous android games out there. I highly recommend it if you love rhythm games like Osu!, Space Jam, etc. It currently has 5 free chapters, and each chapter contains a bunch of unique songs. Each song has only …

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Feb 26

Top Casino Games for Your Tablet

Over the last decade, online casinos have enjoyed a massive rise in popularity. With the majority of people now owning tablets and smartphones, you can now access the best online casino very easily from your device on the move as well. The great thing about playing casino games on your smartphones and tablets is that …

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Jan 07

Is NJ simply the first US domino?

Legal online gambling has now been launched in the US state of New Jersey. This is highly significant for all sorts of reasons – but mainly because NJ could simply be the first domino to topple. The online gambling and gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar one in most parts of the world, but not …

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