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May 17

Common PC boot-up issues

pc boot up issues by Stuart Miles freedigitalphotos net

Computers have become a basic necessity in every home and with the emergence of the internet; seeking vital information and researching were made easy with just a click of a mouse. Most of us use the computer for long hours on a daily basis, just like me for instance. Working on an online job needs …

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Apr 19

Incognito browsing mode, browse in private

Browsed websites together with download histories are typically saved and recorded in most browsers. Browsing back a certain webpage is effortless as you only have to type at least two characters on the address bar and then you’re ready to look through it again. However, there are times when you want to browse in private …

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Mar 13

How to effortlessly verify site ownership in WordPress

Having problems on how to verify site ownership in WordPress? Not every website owner has the knowledge in editing or adding codes in the WordPress platform, thus site ownership verification is quite difficult for some.  Worry not for you can now effortlessly verify your site’s ownership and make your site and your site pages visible …

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Feb 07

How to Save a Copy of your Facebook Look Back Video

The personalized Look Back video has been a smashing hit to Facebook users. It is indeed a wonderful one minute history of our time in Facebook.  It will be a good idea to save a copy of the film as a keepsake isn’t it? If you would like to save a copy of your customized …

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