Smart Glasses and Other Technology Coming to You in 2015

Every year brings about something bigger, better, faster, or stronger than the year before. 2015 is no exception, as there are multiple new technologies and gadgets on the way. Techies with an interest on the most potentially impactful products will no doubt be talking about, wishing for these items.   Smart Appliances Forget browsing the […]

House-hunting is just a tap away with Lamudi Mobile App

Lamudi App

Finding your dream home that will go well with your lifestyle can be a stressful course. Searching for a desired property can now be just a tap away by installing the Lamudi mobile app for android phones. This app allows you to look up for homes you wish to buy on any device anytime.   […]

Verifying Site Ownership via Google Webmaster Tools

In order to keep track and analyze a website’s performance on Google search engine, it is important to first verify your site ownership. Recently, Google launched a Google Webmaster Tools plugin available for WordPress users. Once ownership for a website has been verifed, the website owner will be able to – improve the quality of […]

Facebook sends a Personalized Look Back Video to mark its 10th Anniversary

Have you noticed a lot of one minute look back video flooding your news feed? Well, it’s simply because today is a different story as Facebook is celebrating its 10th year. Mark Zuckerberg and the Facebook Team sent its millions of users a personalized video featuring the highlights from the years of your life on […]

Google Toolbar PageRank Update Rolled Out

December 6, 2013 Google has updated the Toolbar PageRank values. The whole SEO community, social media outlets and web publishers were startled as an unexpected PR Update rolled out. It was now over 10 months when the last Toolbar PageRank had an update. Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts said on Twitter last October […]