Split Outlook Data File to Reduce the Size of PST File

MS Outlook being used worldwide has a downside of not having efficient inbuilt utilities to handle the internal issues. Its storage size limitations and issues related to this large size storage file are cumbersome to handle. The split PST software is an apt approach to solve this issue. It has been designed to cut the PST file and divide its data into two or more PST files as per users’ choice. This mechanism ultimately solves the issue of data management and MS Outlook slow performance.

Split PST version 4.2is under scrutiny in this review and I’ll illustrate about its working procedure along with the advantages and disadvantages of the software. Software is available for download and comes as a demo version as well, which can be executed prior investment on full version. Let’s see how it works;

Step 1: Initiate this software by double-clickingthe downloaded .exe file of software. As the software is run it will be launched and then you can follow the steps.

Step 2: Main Menu will show up many options for the splitting of the PST file. The very first option available is choosing the type of PST file. The software supports both the ANSI and Unicode PST file and thus is capable to divide PST file belonging to all the MS Outlook versions from 2000 to 2013. You can choose Outlook Data file Format as per the version of MS Outlook PST file.

Step 3: Various Split options are available in this software and thus you can choose how to split PST file. These split options are;

By Size: Software is capable to split PST with respect to the size of the file. You have to predefine the size after which you want to split the PST file. For e.g. if your PST file size is 8 GB then you can divide it into four PST files with each PST file with 2 GB data. This option is helpful if our need is strictly to manage the data.

By Date: This option is helpful if your need is to divide PST data according to date. For e.g. if you want to divide your work or mails as per particular date due to job changeover or project change over, then you can choose this option and split PST. The result will be the creation of two PST files. One containing data prior the date you provided and other with the rest of the email data.

By Year: Providing years after choosing this option will result in the creation of two PST files separately with the data belonging to these years. Such year wise division might not be needed by every user, but for some users it can help a lot to manage data according to years.

By Folder: This is very interesting and helpful PST divider option as the data is split folder-wise. MS Outlook Inbox items are most important for any user and this division option can help users to separate out these PST file when certain folder exceeds the size provided by you. This controls the size of folders and helps in better email data management.

Step 4: As soon as you click on the next option after provide the Outlook format and a split option, another window will open to add the PST file. Different split options have different sub-options where you have to provide the dates, years, size, as per the split-option you have chosen.

Step 5: Go to Browse option and then add the PST file. Provide other data requirements as mentioned in Step 4. And then select the destination folder where you need to save the resultant PST files. After providing all the details, click Next.

Step 6: Detailed information about the Split operation is shown on the display where you can find information like destination path, current PST, PST size, Source PST path, etc. You can cross check it and if you think that any detail is incorrect then you can also click on Previous option and change the input details. Once done, click Split.

Step 7: A message will be shown once the splitting process is done. Click OK on it.

Note: In case your PST file is password protected, it will prompt for the password. Put the password applied for the PST and proceed with the steps. In case PST file has no password applied, it will not prompt for any password.


Many organizations have MS Outlook application as email client in their workplace for internal as well as external email exchange. Insertion of innumerable emails, attachments, contacts ultimately bulges the size of PST file. For such users, this Outlook File Splitter is a prominent solution to get rid of slow emailing platform. One can easily Split Outlook DataFile and improve the performance of Outlook letting users access and manage email data in a better way by checking the size of storage file.

Availability of various splitting options, compatibility towards all types of PST files, helping interface, splitting all type of data items, and a very reasonable price tag makes this software a users’ choice tool. MS Outlook application must be installed in the system where this tool is going to be run. System with any Windows version and any MS Outlook version will work and thus there are no compatibility issues. Software is strictly for MS Outlook PST file and will not work for any other file format.

Unfortunately this software is not for PST files which have been damaged or have accessibility issues. It will only read data from a healthy PST file and divide it to multiple PST files. There is no harm done on the original file as data is only read from it and extracted to the other PST files. Resultant PST files also do not have any data mismanagement issues and all the data are safely divided.


Overall this Split PST software is a very promising and authentic solution, and deserves 4.8/5 rating!

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Is Your Website Making As Many Sales As It Could?

If you’re using the internet to drive online sales, you need to make sure it’s working at its full potential. Are you making as many sales as possible? The answer is almost always ‘no’ here. There are always new methods of optimising your site. There are always new ways to increase customer numbers and boost your bottom line.

Lots of business owners keep their head down and focus on keeping the company ticking over. And that’s all well and good. Now and then, however, you need to look to the horizon, and think about increasing those sales numbers. Whatever industry you’re in, whether it’s cars, fashion or technology, there are plenty of tricks and techniques. The following advice can be applied to any industry, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Social Media Marketing ROI Graph

Image credit: Alan O’Rourke – https://flic.kr/p/aucWr1

Focus on one conversion goal

A ‘conversion’ online is when you make the sale. It’s any time a customer clicks the buy button. We also count a conversion when someone signs up to your mailing list. The best online companies focus on just one important conversion goal. Don’t confuse visitors with multiple offers and conversion options. Make it simple, clear, and lead them to one destination. It’s often best to seek professional advice in your industry here. For example, car companies would use professional automotive CRM software. It’s designed specifically to increase your conversion rates.

Don’t let anything distract from the sale

We’ve already explained why just one conversion goal is important. Now, you need to make sure your visitors don’t get distracted. Reduce any unnecessary clutter on your website. Remove anything that distracts from the main conversion goal. If you want to boost sales, don’t draw attention away from that important goal. It’s a common problem because website owners instinctively want to include as much as possible. You want to tell customers everything. Learn to do more with less.

Start an SEO strategy

If you’ve followed the first two points, you should now have a highly optimised website. Once you’ve got that in place, you can think about drawing more traffic to the site. If it’s optimised correctly, more traffic equals more sales. Start thinking about your SEO (search engine optimisation) strategy. The correct techniques here will increase your visibility on Google and other search engines. Over time, it will drive a serious amount of money to your site. Following the automotive example, your goal is to rank highly for search terms like ‘used cars’ ‘car dealer’ etc.

Tweak your copy

You’ve probably never given much thought to the wording on your website. Don’t worry, few realise how important this is. Good copy can double, or triple, your conversion rates. Great copy compels customers to click and persuades them to buy. Our advice? Keep it simple, straight to the point, and attention grabbing. The right words will also help build your brand identity. It’s not an easy skill, so it’s usually worth hiring a copywriter.

Implement these techniques, and you’ll start to see your sales creep up. No matter what industry you’re in, these tricks will always work. Have you got any other techniques that have worked for you?

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Review: The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge for Business

It seems as if the latest round of smartphones have been built with business people in mind. Entrepreneurs are the most immediate example, but also think about sales staff and staff who provide onsite technical assistance and need to communicate with team members and executives back in the office. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is one of the latest examples of phones that are smart choices for mobile business execution.

samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

image source: samsung.com

KNOX, KNOX: Galaxy S6 Tops the Android Market

There’s no shortage of Android smartphones to choose from, but the Galaxy S6 Edge “outshines every other Android phone on the market,” says CIO. Among the top items CIO praises is that Samsung built-in KNOX mobile enterprise security, which features new and improved fingerprint scanning.

KNOX is the solution for people who embrace BYOD (bring your own device) sensibilities but need to divide their phone for business and personal use for security reasons. How good is it? The Department of Defense has given KNOX a thumbs-up.

The Edge is good for multitasking capabilities, something many smartphone users long for, particularly if they use their phones for business and personal uses. You can even resize open windows so that you truly have a miniature computer screen at your fingertips. It has an impressive screen, too, with an ultra-sharp, 1440 X 2560 pixel, 5.1-inch display.

Business News Daily likes the improved TouchWiz feature that includes a tool that helps you quickly find files–you can, of course, run Microsoft Office on the S6. Even the QWERTY keyboard is praised for displaying the numbers above it, so there’s no need to switch back and forth. Small wonder the site gives the Edge 4.5 stars out of five.

Other notable, business-friendly capabilities include:

A useful default Android email app with better message monitoring, drag-down swiping to see full messages and easy organization

Runs multiple applications with little lag thanks to 3GB of RAM

Just about perfect interface and performance, according to an exhaustive, multi-page review from TechRadar

An infrared blaster that lets you control external remote devices (handy for presentations)

An external speaker that reaches impressive volume

A 16 MP HDR camera delivers better quality in low-light settings than most smartphones

Compatible with Google Wallet; the KNOX fingerprint also works to validate payments through PayPal

The battery gives up to 20 hours’ talk time and 13 days on standby

Phone works with T-Mobile’s Wi-Fi Calling service

TechRadar praised the Edge’s wireless and fast-charge capabilities, along with its Ultra Power Saving Mode. In separate reviews, the Edge delivered two and four hours of performance following a 10-minute fast charge. One reviewer ran the phone down to at 4 percent power and was able to run another two hours by switching it on.

Android Phones are a Better Value

If you’re still struggling over the OS question, consider that Android phones continue to hold their own in the business market. They are much more flexible than the other OS choices out there. Business Insider lists several reasons to stay with Androids, including:

More customizable

Visible file system

Better Notifications bar

Talks to any multimedia app

More free apps


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5 Things Your Business Needs Right Now

Running a business is hard work, but it can also be extremely rewarding, especially if you are doing something you are passionate about. If you are currently in a tough spot, do not fear – there are always things you can do to make your life a little bit easier. Here are five things your business needs now that can be used in any company, whether you are new or established. Read through the list and see if any of these can alleviate some of your stress.

1. Storage

Every business will inevitably accumulate items over its lifetime, and while you may be able to do a spring-clean every so often, you might actually need to use most of these products. If you are running a larger scale business and you are having storage issues, consider using pallet racking as a solution, as these are great for storing large amounts of items – even in relatively small spaces. If you are interested in utilising pallets in your business, click here to see what storage specialists such as Elbowroom can do for you.

2. Upgrade Technology

Technology is moving at such a fast rate these days, and your customers will be adapting to it almost instantly. Keep up with the latest technological advances and think about how your business can use them to connect with your customers or to improve your current processes. If you are still running on old operating systems, considering updating to something newer – this little switch might just get your computer working that bit faster.

3. Analysis of Competition

You don’t want to be offering the same things as your competition, because those products or services will be just eating up your market share. Take a look at what your competitors are doing and see what you can change in your approach – or maybe even see how you can improve your product or service over theirs.

4. Social Media Presence

Social media is so important when it comes to marketing to your customers. Make sure you have a presence on all the more popular platforms, and monitor their progress carefully. Facebook and Twitter in particular have great power and influence, so use these to your advantage.

5. Projections

You need to know where your business is at any point in time so you can make plans for the future. It is also a great way to see if you are on track to meet your goals, and then you can think about what you are doing right, what you are doing wrong, and what you can improve in general. You can think about this without projections, but having the numbers in front of you will be a great help.

If you don’t have any of the above in your business, seriously consider adopting one or more of them and you might just be surprised at the impact it can have. Of course, every business is different, so do have a good think about what you need and don’t need before you race out and make any purchases.

What are some things you think every business should have now? What do you have in your business that you think would be useful for others to know? Leave your advice in the section down below.

Image source: pixabay.com

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Is Your Business Making The Most Out Of Modern Technology?

image source: pixabay.com

Technology has always played a vital role in business. However, modern tech has brought a shift in the way companies conduct their work. But is your operation making the most of the available resources?

If the answer is no, this needs to change immediately. Here are four fantastic ways that modern technology can benefit your business. Employ these tips now, and you should notice major improvements.

Improve Office Productivity

One of the main ways that technology serves modern businesses is increased productivity. There are dozens of computer programs aimed to aid workflow and make various procedures easier to complete.

Most companies now use computer technology in one form or another. But having managed IT services can improve your staff’s productivity greatly. This form of modern tech can also cut costs while removing the threat of prolonged downtime too.

Everyone understands how important computers are to a business. It would be criminal if yours didn’t make the most out of the opportunities presented.

Easier Monitoring

Mobile phone technology has progressed greatly over the past few years. Nowadays, smartphones offer fantastic opportunities for business owners to be productive on the move. More importantly, it allows us to monitor our businesses no matter where we are.

The most popular phone apps allow us to complete a number of tasks from the palm of our hands. Meanwhile, you can also use your smartphone to monitor financial transactions or respond to emails.

Mobile phones are more advanced than simply being a communication tool. If you aren’t making the most of yours, the business could be suffering.

image source: pexels.com

Staffing Costs

The most important word to your business is profit. There are generally two ways to increase yours. One is to increase sales, and the other is to lower expense. Modern tech can help you with the latter in many different ways.

There are various techniques and tricks to lower equipment and productivity costs. However, one of the biggest overheads is staffing costs. Thanks to outsourcing, you can lower yours significantly. Better still, it can allow you to work from smaller premises.

Wages aren’t the only important thing to consider, though. More importantly, this form of hiring allows you to assemble a winning team. This is crucial to long-term success. After all, your company can only be as strong as your employees.


Your business could provide the best service and products ever, but it will count for nothing if you don’t have enough customers. The internet has changed the world of marketing forever. Success in the digital market will almost certainly take your company to the next level.

A strong presence on Google will give you a professional appearance and encourage greater website traffic. Meanwhile, social media marketing offers you a chance to recruit new audiences with inspiring content.  It’s a great way to express your ideas and win over customers. Best of all, it won’t cost you much money.

The online market is far too big to ignore. Embracing it can be the key to long-term success. If this arena isn’t already a priority, it’s time to make a change. After all, it’s these people that will essentially line your pockets.

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