3 Ways to Streamline Business Processes

When it comes to productivity and your bottom line, sometimes your own business systems and practices may be letting you down. Outdated, arduous or particularly manual tasks can take a lot of time out of your team’s day and may be costing you more time and money than they should. Below you’ll find a list of 3 ways you can streamline some of your processes to improve efficiency and productivity.

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1. Consider Upgrading Your Human Resources Tools

There have been advances in technology that can help you accurately identify workforce/labour requirements, ensure that your team are achieving their goals and that payroll stress and drama becomes a thing of the past. Whether you’re looking for a fully managed solution or a way to make things quicker and easier for your team, you may benefit from updating your system to a new Payroll and HRIS system. Something like Aurion by Chandler Macleod lets you chose the modules and services that you need from a fully outsourced solution through to a powerful tool that will speed up the way things like payroll, labour forecasting and staff engagement are monitored and measured.

2. Reward Your Team For Identifying Inefficiencies

Often it is the people performing the roles who are going to be your best source of identifying ways that you could streamline systems and processes. Why not consider running an intra-company competition offering rewards and incentives for people who can suggest ways that could save the business time and money? In 2009/2010, at a nickel refinery in North Queensland, an employee-led program managed to find $16 million in savings and turn a plant facing closure into a profitable business! Hopefully your own situation isn’t that dire, but if you give your people a reason to want to improve the workplace,imagine what your team could do for you!

3. Consider Hiring Consultants and Third Parties

Sometimes it comes down to working smarter, not harder. Outsourcing and third-party consultancies can sometimes be the most effective way to improve your business processes because you and your people have the time to work on the business. While you’ll pay a fee for their work, the costs will often be less than having another full-time-equivalent staff member on the books and you’ll be accessing a whole host of resources, ideas and assistance that can be invaluable for your business to continue trading now and into the future.

If your business hasn’t updated your processes or systems in recent years and has fallen into the ‘this is the way we’ve always done things’ mindset, you may be costing yourself time, productivity and ultimately employee engagement. By actively working towards making sure that the way you work is streamlined and your team have the tools and resources they need to perform their tasks, you will be future-proofing your business.

Has your workplace undergone change or process improvement in recent times? What advice would you give to somebody undergoing this process now?

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How to Update Your PlayStation Vita

The PlayStation Vita System is one of the coolest gadgets nowadays that help connect the world. The portable entertainment gadget system can be brought anywhere and features Wi-Fi in both iterations as well as 3G. Enhanced game play and user experience can be enjoyed by players across multiple video game titles with this gaming device. What’s great about the PS Vita is that it is already infused with the network, allowing players from anywhere in the world to play together at any time possible.

ps vita

One of the best examples that prove the worldwide connectivity that the PSP Vita brings is the framework of the Ridge Racer’s Planetary League. With the PS Vita’s network functionality, rivalry is now available at a global scale as racers who participated in the league all over the world are teamed into four competing groups. Wi-Fi/3G-based multiplayer modes brought the competition gaming world into bigger heights. The PS Vita Philippines price is considered as one of the most competitive prices available in the market. To know if the PS Vita fits within your budget you can see the latest on PS Vita Philippines price via PricePanda site. Updates for the PS Vita also come every now and then to bring you the latest and also to simply remove and fix bugs and other problems encountered in the gadget. This is Sony’s after service commitment that makes the Vita worthy of its price tag.

What’s great about the PS Vita is that you can also upgrade it using several methods.

Update via Wi-Fi

You can update the PS Vita System using the Wi-Fi feature. Tap your devise to Settings > Start > System Update > Update Using Wi-Fi. Your gadget will connect to a location on the Internet wherein you can download the latest version of the system update available for your gadget. Simply follow the onscreen guide to complete the update. Updating your PS Vita via a mobile 3G network is not possible.

Updating via the PS3™ System

You can also use the network feature of the PS3™ system to download the latest update for your PS Vita device via the Internet. To be able to do so, be sure the your PS3™system is connected to the Internet,. Your system version software should also be in version 4.00 or later to be able to do the update in this method. Keep in mind to keep all application closed during the update and one should be in the USER mode during the update.

Simply connect the PS Vita System and the PS3™ system using a USB cable and tap Settings > Start > System Update > Update by Connecting to a PS3™ system. The latest update file will be downloaded via Internet using the network feature of the PS3™ system. An on-screen instruction to complete the transaction will be displayed and give you instructions on how to proceed.

Updating via a Windows or Mac PC

You can also use the network feature of your Windows or Mac PC to download the latest update file of the PS Vita via the Internet. Simply connect to the Internet, Download and Install Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation on your computer and download the file from this website http://cma.dl.playstation.net/cam/. Look for the Content Manager Assistant icon in the notification area of the task bar to proceed with the download. Connect your PS Vita to the PC via a USB cable and tap the PS Vita screen Settings > Start > System Update > Update by Connecting to a PC.

A successful update can be counter-checked by tapping on the Settings > Start > System > System Information. The version number of the system update of your latest download used to update the system should be flashed in the screen. This means that your update was completed successfully.


About the Author:

Joie Gahum is a freelance writer for PricePanda — a group of price comparison shopping sites where you can browse and compare the latest prices of electronic gadgets and other deals offered by various online shops worldwide.  She writes mostly about technology, trends, world news, and home and parenting.

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How Tech Improves the NFL

The National Football League has reached its highest level of popularity over the last few decades. It has taken over as America’s favorite sport, more watch and play this sport than any other. Because of the sport’s popularity, NFL football has become a billion dollar industry.

As a result of being one of the most successful businesses in this country, the league must always find ways to modernize and connect with fans and what is going on in popular culture. In addition, they must also find ways to continually improve the product they are putting out.

In order to accomplish these things, the NFL is using technology to make sure that football stays America’s favorite game for a long time. Through the use of high tech audio and visual equipment, as well as better broadcasting technology and improved safety equipment, they are creating a better professional game for the players, coaches, and fans.

Tech for Players

One area where the game of football is being improved for players is in the technology of the helmets being used. First and foremost, the helmets being used in today’s game are much safer. With so much attention being put on the effects of concussions in recent years, helmet technology has gotten a big boost. Modern helmets are designed to cushion the impact of a hit with materials that absorb energy, and Kevlar padding to protect the brain.

In addition, audio capabilities in helmets have helped improve the flow and quality of game play on the field. Since the mid 90’s teams have been allowed one player on offense and one player on defense, who can communicate with one coach. However analog headsets provided unreliable communication; the league recently switched to a digital version of communication that has eradicated the issues.

Finally the use of tablets by players has grown dramatically over the last few years. By using tablet-based playbooks, a player has an easy way to carry around everything he’ll need. In addition, they are many times used on the sidelines instead of binder-bound playbooks, to refresh a quarterback on the game plan after a drive.

Tech for Coaches

The game has also been improved for coaches through the use of audio equipment. Headsets that allow them to speak with coaches that have a birds eye view of the field, are giving coaches more insight as to what is contributing to the outcome of their plays. Also, the ability to speak with one player on offense and defense, allows coaches to correct mistakes that might be made before the snap happens.

image source: Aaron M. Sprecher/NFL – nfl.com

Furthermore, the use of high definition video equipment is making the game easier for coaches. With cameras placed all around the stadium and a giant replay monitor in the middle of the field, coaches have a great view and angle of any questionable call. This has created the common practice of waiting to throw the challenge flag until the replay can be seen on the big monitor; many times waiting until right before the ball is snapped, or the play clock runs out.

Tech for Fans

The most important improvements that have been made to the game of football are the technology that helps get fans involved. This has been the biggest reason for the incredible level of popularity the NFL has. Much of this technology has to do with the broadcast of games on television, but that is not always the case.

The NFL is more accessible than ever thanks to services like NFL Sunday Ticket, and online services that allow fans to follow the game from wherever they are, whenever they want. No longer are fans bound by having access to a T.V. to watch the game. With the ability to stream games on laptops, tablets, or smartphones, the 2015 – 2016 NFL weekly schedule will be your new TV guide.

For those that do watch games on television though, there have been improvements in this area as well. The first is the introduction of the 1st and 10 marker on the television screen. It gives fans a better idea of where the team needs to get the ball to, and makes the game more exciting to watch. In addition, HDTV’s are providing a better viewing experience with ultra-sharp picture and sound; you feel like you’re actually on the field. TV’s are getting so good in fact, that some fear an overall drop in attendance of games.

The NFL will continue to implement new technologies as they are developed. This implementation of technology has already improved the game for players, coaches, and fans, and will continue to do so in the future.

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5 Essential Apps For Business & Productivity

image via pixabay.com

It’s no secret that mobile apps can help improve your business immeasurably. They boost productivity, keep you up to date, and help you stick to a schedule. When used efficiently, an arsenal of sharp applications will help improve workflow and keep you on track. We’ve hunted down some of the very best applications for business people everywhere. These apps are the best at helping small companies succeed. If you’re a driven individual, or a business leader looking to unlock better performance, try the apps listed here.

For a long time, mobile app developers have been striving to create the perfect business app. We’re still not convinced there’s an all-around solution. However, you can arm yourself with a variety of powerful apps that can handle anything. Keep reading to discover the very best applications for business.

  1. Evernote

Evernote is the single best productivity app on the market. Which is saying something! Productivity is such a huge topic, it has a category all of its own on the App Store. There are thousands of apps in this arena, yet Evernote still comes out on top. It’s a few years old now, which means the developers have ironed out all the quirks and problems. It’s the complete tool for scheduling your day, making to-do lists, and jotting down thoughts and ideas. It’s particularly great on a tablet. If you only download one app from this list, make sure it’s Evernote.

  1. Slack

Slack has very quickly become the most powerful team communication tool in the business world. It’s a tricky market to crack, and very few have managed it. For a long time, companies have sought an internal social media or communication tool. The likes of Yammer and Chatter were the first big names. However, Slack has come to dominate the competition. It relies on hashtags to separate categories, and allows colleagues to stay up to date.

  1. Uber

Few businesses get by without great transportation links. At the heart of that is a reliable taxi service. Need to get across town to your next meeting? Easy. Need to catch the last-minute flight? Simple. Uber is now the go-to source for reliable taxi and travel services. You make the arrangements through the app, and pay direct from your bank account.

  1. Twitter

There are thousands of news apps out there. There are also tons of social media platforms to stay on top of. However, nothing beats Twitter when it comes to keeping up to date. Twitter provides real-time, breaking news, tailored to your industry. Follow the right people, and your timeline provides a full update of what’s happening in your sector. Use it to stay on top of trends and breaking news.

Image by Ian Lamont – https://www.flickr.com/photos/ilamont/7463062672/

  1. Dropbox

Every business person needs access to a cloud service. It allows you to transfer files and access documents on the go. It’s the best way to collaborate on projects without being in the office. There are a variety of cloud services, but we think Dropbox is the most comprehensive solution for businesses.

There you have it, folks! That’s five essential apps for every business person. Have we missed your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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How Technology Can Help Professional Photographers

Have you started a professional photography business during the last few years? Are you struggling to make a decent profit? Then you must start to use technology to your advantage. So long as you are good at your trade, there is no reason you shouldn’t get lots of clients. It must be your approach that is lacking innovation. In this post, we will educate you about how certain technology could benefit your operation. You don’t need to be an internet whiz, and there is no need for you to understand anything complicated.

Presuming you went through a long and in-depth education to get where you are today, it would be a real shame if things didn’t work out. So, do yourself a favour and take some inspiration from this article.

Using the Internet to find clients

The internet is your best friend when it comes to finding new clients. You need to set up some social media pages and a website to showcase your talent. You must always publish your best photographs and ensure you provide people with a thorough portfolio. Paying for advertising is always a wise move. It makes sense for you to get in touch with an online marketing firm as soon as possible. They will know how to use Google Adwords to drive lots more traffic to your domain. With a bit of luck, that should mean more people get in touch asking for quotes.

Using mailing lists to keep in touch

Mailing lists are essential for your business. As most people know, over 80% of sales in the average company come from people who have purchased in the past. So, you need to send out at least one email to your contacts every week. That will help to ensure you stay fresh in their minds. They are sure to recommend you to friends and family members whenever they are looking for a photographer. Just make sure you don’t send too many messages. Some people will unsubscribe from your list if you bother them too often.

Using VOIP to give quotes

Giving quotes over email is all well and good. However, you’ll get a better idea of what the client wants if you can see their face. So, you must start to use a VOIP service when conversing with potential customers. They will feel like you are giving them the personal touch. You will get a more suitable understanding of their requirements. Also, putting a face to your business will help to personalise the entire experience. People will feel you are giving them your full attention. That can only work in your favour.

As you can see, there are many ways in which technology could help your photography business. So, don’t feel too disheartened if things aren’t going too well at the moment. There is always time to turn things around and dominate the industry in your local area. Try switching to a different niche if you are struggling. Wedding photography might not be the most interesting endeavour in the world, but it sure pays the bills.

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