Smart Glasses and Other Technology Coming to You in 2015

Every year brings about something bigger, better, faster, or stronger than the year before. 2015 is no exception, as there are multiple new technologies and gadgets on the way. Techies with an interest on the most potentially impactful products will no doubt be talking about, wishing for these items.


Smart Appliances
Forget browsing the internet and tweeting photos. At home smartphones will be given even more capabilities, including WiFi controllable coffee makers, refrigerators, and washing machines. While the need for being able to turn on an appliance via smartphone may be debatable, appliance makers are pushing hard to make people think these products are necessities. Smartphones will continue to pay for more offline purchases, and more stores will be offering the option to check out with a simple touch of a phone.

Smart Glasses
While Google Glass may be a dying product, other manufacturers are preparing their own smart eye wear. Companies like Vuzix, Zektronix, and Epson are all pushing augmented eyeglasses that allow varying degrees of computer functionality. Many of these are designed for particular industries, such as a pair of glasses that shows schematics for a given device. According to Dr. Bishop & Associates, a vision care center in Calgary, if these devices become popular in industrial settings, expect them to make the transition to consumer uses.

Apple Watch
It looks like Apple will forgo its tired practice of putting an “i” in front of every product name, as the Apple wristwatch will be simply named the “Apple Watch”. It promises simple ease of use, which means that much of navigating by tapping and manipulating items on its extremely small screen will be replaced by rotating the watch in different directions.

More 4K
Ever since HD finally became the default format for TVs in 2013, TV makers have been rushing to push the next format. 4K TVs that are roughly double the definition of HD, and have been appearing in stores as high-end products. Just as they did with HD, manufacturers are lowering prices and producing more 4K TVs to lure consumers with an enhanced experience at a competitive price. Once networks begin broadcasting live events in 4K, expect sales to rise.

Many of the above mentioned technologies are promising, but only time will tell how they will be received well by consumers. Listen to the buzz, and check sales figures to see which new tech will become indispensable.


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Ordering Aftermarket Chevy and GM Auto Parts for Performance and General Maintenance

Car and truck enthusiasts enjoy making modifications to their stock vehicles. Finding high-quality aftermarket products that do not require additional fabrication can be difficult. It is important to use a service that fabricates parts to factory specifications to ensure a proper fit. This also ensures maximum performance and efficiency.

Manufactured with Specific Measurements
Engine components must meet factory specified measurements for safety, functionality and performance purposes. When sifting through the available parts for your project, it is vital that you ensure that the proper engine, make, model and year vehicle are entered in for correct search results. Even the difference of a centimeter in part size can make a big difference in making the part work with your vehicle. This includes transmission parts, gears and steering pieces among other engine components.

Add Performance Parts
Purchasing performance parts to boost horsepower, towing capacity or fuel economy is something that many vehicle owners do after a purchase. Automakers attempt to produce vehicles that are efficient, high-performance parts on stock vehicles, but not all buyers want those high-performance parts or the extra power. Some just prefer a safe vehicle to use as a daily driver.

When adding performance parts like turbos, advanced cooling systems and nitrous injection upgrades are desired, ensure that the output of your existing motor is compatible with the aftermarket components. A piece that is too powerful for the existing motor can end up completely destroying it.

Purchase OEM Parts

It is always best to purchase OEM auto parts whenever possible. Some parts are made available for a variety of engine years, so it is important to view the specifications first. With there often being several engine types for the same make, model and year of a vehicle, ensuring that all of the measurements and part numbers match. This prevents having to return items and putting the wrong part on a vehicle. Even in a hurry, such as placing an order today for the fastest delivery possible, double checking the part numbers and engine style should be done before confirming the order to prevent delays in getting your vehicle back in proper running order.



Any time that an auto part is ordered, it is important to ensure that you’re ordering the right piece first. Fabricating aftermarket parts can cause them to malfunction, which can lead to an accident. Aftermarket parts are, in some cases, more durable and perform better than some stock parts. In this case, make sure that the aftermarket parts are absolutely compatible with your particular vehicle.


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5 New Technologies Investors Should Keep Their Eye On

If there’s one constant in life, it’s change: things change, people change, and technologies change. A number of interesting new inventions have been making waves around the world during the last year. And no doubt there will be even more in the next decade or so – inventions that will literally change the way we live. If you’re an investor looking to back some new profitable technology, then read on. Here are 5 new technologies that you should definitely keep your eye on.

1. Screenless displays

Google Glass V2 OOB Experience 36695

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No: it’s not an oxymoron. Screenless displays are definitely a piece of technology that you’ll want to keep a keen eye on. They allow you to view images without the use of a screen. Google Glass is one of the most popular screenless display devices, and allows you to see images and information displayed right in front of your eyes. It’s pretty interesting stuff, and no doubt this type of technology will soon be popular around the world.

2. Wearables

Fitbit Flex review

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Wearables are having a significant impact across many different industries – such as fashion and logistics. From Google Glass to the Fitbit wristband, this new type of technology has generated much interest in recent years. Wearables are blurring the line between humans and technology, and helping thousands of people attain better health and sleep. Experts estimate that over 110 million wearables will be in circulation by the time 2018 comes around. So if you’re an investor, and looking for a lucrative industry to invest in, definitely do some reading on wearables. They are set to change the world.

3. Wireless sensor

Off Grid FireWatch Sensor

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Forget about unsightly cables. Wireless technology is taking over, from wearables (see above), to remote pool sensors, to TVs and more. Industry is also taking advantage of this type of technology. For example, a number of companies, such as iVolve, are creating wireless solutions for the mining industry, enabling a more efficient transfer of data and improved safety.

4. 3D printers

3d printer

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If you haven’t yet heard of 3D printing, then you’re definitely going to want to check them out. They are revolutionising many industries around the world,most importantly manufacturing. Some people are even calling the introduction of the 3D printer the heralding of the Second Industrial Revolution. 3D printers use layers of resin to produce 3-dimensional objects from a digital file.

5. Home batteries


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Tesla are currently developing a new kind of battery that can literally power your house. These batteries can be used to store alternative energy more efficiently, as well as power all the appliances in your home. Tesla have publicly announced their call for investors, and production of the battery is set to begin within 6 months.

So there you have it:some of the latest innovations that are creating an understandable buzz. What other new technologies do you think investors should keep their eye on? What product or creation are you most excited to see developed? Leave your comments in the section below and contribute to the discussion today.

Starting Your Own Webpage


The internet reaches through every corner of the world so it’s no longer uncommon for even the most common people to want to learn and have access to the webpages of the World Wide Web. And with the growing population of internet users, more and more people are also interested to have their very own unique page or website. The only problem now is getting the perfect page name that suits your requirements. For business owners and large companies, having their own company website is a must. Searchers only need to key in the company name or the product or brand name and they will be directed to the company’s website.

How about for small time business owners and start up bloggers? Finding the best domain name for a website can became exceedingly difficult because of the multitude of users all over the world. You will always hit a business or an established site with the same domain name you have in mind. Before starting your own page, you should check available domain names first so you won’t hit on any duplicate website and direct your potential readers or clients there instead of your own page. There are many service providers that can help you check the availability of domain names you have in mind in case you want to create a unique website amidst billion of internet users all over the world.


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How to shut down your Windows 8

For a typical Microsoft Windows user, shutting down a computer is very simple for you can always find the shut down option once you open the start menu. It’s just a few clicks away, as shut down option can be found once you open the start menu. However, in Windows 8, the new version of  Microsoft Windows operating system a bit of changes has been made, you will not see the shutdown button on the start menu or better known now as the metro view.

If you are a new Windows 8 user and wondering how to turn off your computer the easy way, just follow the simple steps below.

Step 1: Open the charm bar by pressing the Windows button/logo +c

windows 8
Step 2: Go to settings, then click on power

windows 8

Step 3: Click on shut down

windows 8

There you go, your computer is now shutting down, but wait, make sure to save  your work before doing so.

Shutting down Windows 8 as simple as 1,2,3.  Cheers!