How Robotics And Other Technology Has Helped With Health Research

One of the important applications of technology is how it impacts the world of health research. From simple improvements or last generation devices to precision automation with robotic components, technology brings modern health research to new heights with every medically relevant advancement. The following is an overview of some of the interesting technological and robotic advancements that have left their mark on the field of health research in our modern age.

Health-Related Apps

With the advent of smart devices and health-related apps, companies are able to gather massive amounts of data from users of these apps. Such data is gathered and useful in a variety of research endeavors from population studies to developing new methods of interfacing patients with modern healthcare systems.

Hudson Robotics Efficient Laboratory Automation

Hudson Robotics is a cutting edge manufacturer of state of the art laboratory equipment. They are an industry leader in the development of technology that automates the various procedures that are carried out in a molecular biology laboratory. With a focus on automating every aspect of the synthetic biology pipeline, they provide better solutions. Efficient laboratory automation from Hudson Robotics is one example of how technology is changing the world of health.

Cooperative Robotics Effort

A collaborative research effort between the robotics firm iRobot and educational software development company InTouch Health lead to the development of the RP VITA. The RP-VITA, a Remote

Presence Virtual + Independent Telemedicine Assistant, actively unites the iRobot’s AVA telepresence units and InTouch health’s distance education tools into a functional remote operated medical system for on demand physician use. This technology provides physicians with integrated diagnostic and EMR capabilities to make it possible for them to remotely address patient needs.

Vasteras Giraff

The Giraff is a robotic remote control and communications device intended for use with the elderly and home bound patients. It is involved in the ongoing Giraffplus research project. Investigators evaluate the performance of the device through user feedback to determine how to improve its performance and effectiveness with making the outside world more accessible to housebound patients and to improve their quality of life.


Cosmobot is a robotic device intended for use in helping developmentally challenged children. Used mostly with patients up through age 12, the device has demonstrated the ability to help doctors and their patients reach many long term therapeutic goals. As children interact with the Cosmobot, data is gathered for various research and evaluative purposes.


Microbots are tiny robotic devices, developed by research scientists, which help in a number of medical procedures. From repairing ocular damage to cleaning plaque off of artery walls, microbots are part of the growing field of small robotic devices used to enter the body to address medical concerns by remote. Many of these devices are able to send telemetry about what is going on inside the body, helping physicians and researchers to better understand complicated medical conditions and how to approach dealing with them.


The world of robotics has made amazing inroads into the health research field. As robotic devices become more flexible in their use and smaller in size, this will help researchers to penetrate deeper to provide answers to many unresolved medical questions. Much of the research done with robotic devices centers around gathering and reviewing data about patients and population group studies. This vital research will undoubtedly open up the door to new, innovative medical-procedures that help to eliminate a plethora of modern diseases and medical disorders.


Androids for Your Business

Anyone who owns a smartphone knows that android mobile phones can be a very valuable asset to a business. For startups, getting a company off the ground can be easier than its ever been with these devices that so many of us carry around today. These phones allow users to access the vast resources of the Internet no matter where they are, as well as quickly communicate with friends and family. Androids also come equipped with powerful apps that can do a lot for productivity. Whether you are already part of a company or want to strike out on your own, android mobile phones can make the road smoother.


Staying Connected to the Workplace

Their fast connections and the convenient plans that are available allow communication at all times and in all places. Whether by voice, text, or email, you can connect with teammates, and these are only the most basic of functions. Email apps allow you to easily organize work and personal information. You can prioritize certain addresses while excluding others. It is also possible to sync your account so files can be accessed across platforms.

Android mobile phones can sync up other apps as well, such as calendars, to do lists, and documents, allowing you to get work done wherever you are. Now no important task will be forgotten when a reminder is directly on hand. There is no need to get back to your desktop when something has to get done. This increased accessibility can do a lot for your daily productivity. Now the workplace is global, and success can be achieved wherever there is a wifi connection. There are several apps specifically designed for businesses, and can help your entire company become more efficient.

This includes things like group chat programs that enable you to have voice or video meetings with your team without being restricted to a certain area. This helps eliminate issues like scheduling conflicts. The Microsoft Office mobile app can be used to take files with you and make edits or even start new project on the go. There are even apps that allow the user to access their PC remotely in emergencies. There are also multiple productivity apps that can help increase your work output and motivate you each day.

With the ability to automatically silence your phone during scheduled meetings or other busy times, avoiding distractions becomes easy. Simple note pad apps allow you to quickly jot down information for reference later whenever the moment calls for it. There are several programs that can help you enhance your work presentations and make them more dynamic and engaging. This also makes them easier to display. Being able to simply stream your presentation over the WiFi connection eliminates the need to fiddle with programs and computers.

Finding the Best for Your Business

Android mobile phones are a great asset to any business. When shopping for your phones, it helps to know which qualities are your top priority, such as battery life, storage space, connection speed, screen size, or whatever else you may be looking for. With several different models to choose from, there is enough variety for everyone to find their best fit. It is easy to compare different models and see which one comes out on top, just make sure to pair the high-end cell phone with a reliable network to never miss out on the latest features. Having power like this right in your pocket makes it easy to share information and network anywhere, increasing the reach of your business no matter its size.

Though it may just be seen as secondary, the hardware can be just as important as the software, too. It helps to choose a phone that fits comfortably in your hand and has a sufficient grip to prevent accidental drops. Being simply pleasant to hold will also make it easier to use. The touchscreen that all smartphones have makes the use quick and intuitive. You can even use a stylus for greater ease with handwriting and signing documents electronically.

Android mobile phones help make it possible for anyone to achieve their small business goals. Whether your company is large, small, or just starting out, access to these powerful apps can make the road ahead much smoother. Our phones can now do more than we ever imagined, and simply having a portable Internet connection has already greatly broadened our horizons. If you are trying to get your newest venture off the ground and having some trouble, the answer to your problem could be hidden in your phone.

New (And Old) Technology That Your Business Should Be Using For Success

Using a combination of new and old technology can make your business run smoothly, save on labor costs, improve record keeping for taxes, and boost your profits. Businesses differ in several ways; yet there are technologies that work well for most businesses. Our guide can help you improve your business right away.


Customers need multiple ways to contact your business. The telephone is still an important technology your business needs to use. The ideal phone system should be one that has reliable voicemail features and that can be expanded as the business grows. A combination of landlines, PBX systems, voice over IP, and mobile phones can serve businesses well.

Computers and Tablets

Many businesses use a combination of computers, tablets, and smart phones to get things done. Some businesses choose to use a traditional computer and network in the office while providing tablets or laptops for employees who work in the field. Some small businesses work well with a single computer for all business functions.

Cash Registers and Credit Card Processing Machines

Income is the life blood of a business. Some businesses need a cash register, while others may only need a simple credit card processing machine. This is an area where features matter. Using a cash register or credit card processing machine that can also transfer data to your accounting and inventory management systems will save you time and money. When you choose the right payment system for your business, remember that you’ll also need supplies like credit card receipt paper. It’s important to have everything stocked and working properly to keep customers happy.

Cross-cut Shredders

Most businesses need to dispose of sensitive documents from time to time. A cross-cut shredder cuts paper vertically and horizontally, making it difficult for someone to reassemble the document in the future. This is important to protect not only confidential information about your business, but also your customers.

Filing Systems

All businesses need an effective filing system to handle paper and electronic files. Some businesses work best with filing cabinets for paperwork, while others prefer hanging files for each month of the year or each major project. Ideally, a company’s computer file system should use the same scheme for arranging folders and documents so employees can access information quickly.

Digital Cameras

A picture is often worth a thousand words. Posting photos on your company’s website, Facebook page, and in the customer newsletter can engage customers while attracting new clients. Customers enjoy seeing people in your business having fun and creating new things. Photos of people doing things are usually more interesting than stylized portraits of staff taken by a professional photographer.


Technology can help your business succeed. Take a step back, consider where things are falling short right now, and put some of these technologies to use today.




Smart Glasses and Other Technology Coming to You in 2015

Every year brings about something bigger, better, faster, or stronger than the year before. 2015 is no exception, as there are multiple new technologies and gadgets on the way. Techies with an interest on the most potentially impactful products will no doubt be talking about, wishing for these items.


Smart Appliances
Forget browsing the internet and tweeting photos. At home smartphones will be given even more capabilities, including WiFi controllable coffee makers, refrigerators, and washing machines. While the need for being able to turn on an appliance via smartphone may be debatable, appliance makers are pushing hard to make people think these products are necessities. Smartphones will continue to pay for more offline purchases, and more stores will be offering the option to check out with a simple touch of a phone.

Smart Glasses
While Google Glass may be a dying product, other manufacturers are preparing their own smart eye wear. Companies like Vuzix, Zektronix, and Epson are all pushing augmented eyeglasses that allow varying degrees of computer functionality. Many of these are designed for particular industries, such as a pair of glasses that shows schematics for a given device. According to Dr. Bishop & Associates, a vision care center in Calgary, if these devices become popular in industrial settings, expect them to make the transition to consumer uses.

Apple Watch
It looks like Apple will forgo its tired practice of putting an “i” in front of every product name, as the Apple wristwatch will be simply named the “Apple Watch”. It promises simple ease of use, which means that much of navigating by tapping and manipulating items on its extremely small screen will be replaced by rotating the watch in different directions.

More 4K
Ever since HD finally became the default format for TVs in 2013, TV makers have been rushing to push the next format. 4K TVs that are roughly double the definition of HD, and have been appearing in stores as high-end products. Just as they did with HD, manufacturers are lowering prices and producing more 4K TVs to lure consumers with an enhanced experience at a competitive price. Once networks begin broadcasting live events in 4K, expect sales to rise.

Many of the above mentioned technologies are promising, but only time will tell how they will be received well by consumers. Listen to the buzz, and check sales figures to see which new tech will become indispensable.


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Ordering Aftermarket Chevy and GM Auto Parts for Performance and General Maintenance

Car and truck enthusiasts enjoy making modifications to their stock vehicles. Finding high-quality aftermarket products that do not require additional fabrication can be difficult. It is important to use a service that fabricates parts to factory specifications to ensure a proper fit. This also ensures maximum performance and efficiency.

Manufactured with Specific Measurements
Engine components must meet factory specified measurements for safety, functionality and performance purposes. When sifting through the available parts for your project, it is vital that you ensure that the proper engine, make, model and year vehicle are entered in for correct search results. Even the difference of a centimeter in part size can make a big difference in making the part work with your vehicle. This includes transmission parts, gears and steering pieces among other engine components.

Add Performance Parts
Purchasing performance parts to boost horsepower, towing capacity or fuel economy is something that many vehicle owners do after a purchase. Automakers attempt to produce vehicles that are efficient, high-performance parts on stock vehicles, but not all buyers want those high-performance parts or the extra power. Some just prefer a safe vehicle to use as a daily driver.

When adding performance parts like turbos, advanced cooling systems and nitrous injection upgrades are desired, ensure that the output of your existing motor is compatible with the aftermarket components. A piece that is too powerful for the existing motor can end up completely destroying it.

Purchase OEM Parts

It is always best to purchase OEM auto parts whenever possible. Some parts are made available for a variety of engine years, so it is important to view the specifications first. With there often being several engine types for the same make, model and year of a vehicle, ensuring that all of the measurements and part numbers match. This prevents having to return items and putting the wrong part on a vehicle. Even in a hurry, such as placing an order today for the fastest delivery possible, double checking the part numbers and engine style should be done before confirming the order to prevent delays in getting your vehicle back in proper running order.



Any time that an auto part is ordered, it is important to ensure that you’re ordering the right piece first. Fabricating aftermarket parts can cause them to malfunction, which can lead to an accident. Aftermarket parts are, in some cases, more durable and perform better than some stock parts. In this case, make sure that the aftermarket parts are absolutely compatible with your particular vehicle.


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