Online Shopping: A Gateway for a Convenient Life

Online shopping is one of the most popular things to do nowadays. It does not only save your time, but it also gives you the feeling of satisfaction upon seeing an item you’ve always wanted to be available for your purchase. Mostly, online Shopping is accompanied by the use of gadgets. You can shop on your phone, your tablet, your laptop or your desktop computer as long as you are connected to the internet. You can enjoy playing your favourite music while browsing through the items in online stores.

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If online shopping is to be compared to normal shopping, then there would be a lot of differences. For example, you wish to buy a digital camera at the mall yet your money is not enough. So after saving a sufficient amount of money, you visit the mall again to buy the gadget. Either you can buy the gadget or you would be disappointed that it was already out of stock. Unlike online shopping, you won’t be informed if there were stocks of the gadget you wish to buy; unless you call the store. Additionally, you would have to pay travelling expenses, or exert additional effort of going to the mall, finding the store, and going home.

Another difference between online shopping and normal shopping is the availability of the product. They only last temporarily on normal shopping, and you wouldn’t even notice it until someone mentioned it to you, or if you’ve been keeping track of the store activities. Product availability can be monitored in online stores, not yet to mention that you can have the best deals and use discount coupons like flipkart coupons. You can purchase the gadget you long to have in an instant in the comforts of your home.

The use of discount coupons can provide you a wonderful shopping experience. However, you have to check first if the online store you’re browsing can be trusted and legitimate. Most online stores have its mobile app, thus you can buy stuffs you need any time at any place. You can even buy something while you’re in the bathroom! It does not only provide good sales for you but, with its safe online payment method, you can shop without worrying of potential threats to your bank account. Furthermore, most online stores offer its one-day delivery system which saves you a lot of time going to a mall and provides you a great feeling of satisfaction. It is useful in times you are pressed with an upcoming deadline. You can use it as well if you wish to buy a new phone, and get it the next day without having to travel outside your comfort zone.

The flipkart coupons not only gives savings but can also be used on purchasing a variety of electronics with up-to-date technology, giving you  more options to choose from. It is certainly a good place to buy whatever you need.

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Tips on Getting A High Speed Router


Everything we do today seems to have something to do with the internet and the digital world. When being connected to the World Wide Web is essential to your business or your home, a high performance router that can give you fast and reliable connection is very important. There are so many routers out in the market today, but if you know how to differentiate them you can get the best one for your needs – whether it’s for business, home entertainment or gaming.

If a top of the line router promise to give you very high speed, consider the price and see whether it’s really a good trade for you. Some high-speed routers still rely on system speed in order to perform at their optimum speed levels. Check out dual or multi-band routers which broadcast on 2 or more different spectrums. These types of router will allow you to use internet on more than one mobile and computer devices with wi-fi connection. Also, consider a router that allows for guest network for your business or home guests that might want to access the internet as well. Lastly, be sure to purchase routers with warranty. In case there is a problem with your purchase you can return it for repairs or even get a replacement for it when it’s not working as promised.

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The Best Ways to Improve Your Tech Business

The technology sector continues to boom, but it’s not all steady sailing. There are still plenty of hurdles for you to clear, so take notice of these ways to improve your business.

Present Yourself as Innovative

Innovation is important in the world of technology. If you’re not willing to innovate and try new things, there will be a rival who is. This is how technology companies start to fail. They stand still and forget to push forward. And then they get swallowed up by a competitor that is pushing the boundaries and doing things that everyone else seems afraid to do. Don’t let your business become too comfortable or you’ll risk this happening to you. Standing still is not an option. You could hire some new younger employees if you need to bring in some fresh blood and new ideas.

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Stay Up to Date with Developments

Working in the technology industry means that you have to stay up to date with what is going on. Things can change so quickly when it comes to technology. And if your business falls behind, this will damage your reputation. So, make sure that you are aware of all the latest changes. Become an expert in your field. You could improve people’s trust in your knowledge by setting up a blog on your website. In this blog, you could discuss the latest advances and updates that are relevant to your business. This is the kind of thing that your target customers will be interested in. So, it could help to drag in some extra custom as well.

Train Your Employees

Your employees are the people who are putting in the work and getting things done. And every business owner should realise this. If your business succeeds, it’s thanks to them for the most part! So, you need to give them the tools and resources that they need to do their job as well as they possibly can. The skills they have can also have a big impact on how the company performs. So, if you want to improve your business, it makes sense for you to train your employees to improve their skills. If you need to improve your design team’s skills, there are training courses available to help you. Learn more on Training Connections’ InDesign classes by following the link.

Go Faster and Reduce Efficiency

If you want to stay at the forefront of your industry, you need to be efficient and fast in how you work. If you are forever languishing behind the competition, why would anyone choose your company over the others? Becoming efficient doesn’t only improve the customer experience though. It can also have profound internal implications for your business too. When your business increases efficiency, it also increases output and reduces wastage. This can mean making more money at the same time that you start to spend less. For obvious reasons, this can only be a good thing for your business, so it’s about time that you went for it and gave it a try.

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02Jam Game Review

02Jam is an online game that prevailed through the years. It was a simple free online rhythm action game that requires the coordination of both your eyes and fingers. However, it has been shut down by the year 2012. Good news for 02Jam players, the game is back! – though not for the PC but for the smartphones. So without further ado here is where this game review begins.


Starting off, the simple yet attractive GUI of the game has caught my attention almost instantly. You can navigate through the system without a problem. The menu is divided into several parts as you can see in the photo above. I’m not going to cover all of its functions so you can enjoy exploring it on your own. What I’ll be covering, however, will be the big red start button in the center. As the word suggests, this starts up the game and brings you to the song menu.

Shown above is the song menu. It’s divided into 4 parts; Category, Sort, My Album and Search. Category is simply where you can find songs by type. Sort depends on the title and level of the game. While Album is where you compile all your favorite songs. However, it’s only limited to 10 songs per album. To get a new one, one must unlock it by paying 30 000 gems, and Search, as the name suggests, gives you the power to find a specific song you wish to play. Okay, enough about the submenus, let’s get into the gameplay.

First off. allow me to explain the Point and Gem system. These two systems act as the stamina for the game. Points are deducted at each and every time you play. The amount of points that have been deducted solely depends on the level of the game. You can regain these points by buying them on the store, leveling up, or wait for them to replenish. You can also receive more points by completing offers. Gems, on the other hand, are more commonly used for power-ups. You can use them to buy songs so you can play them permanently without deducting any points. The power-ups are divided into three: active, passive and pattern. Now not all of these are power ups; some of them are to make the game more challenging. I won’t be telling what every power up(or chips) can do. It’s up for you to discover what lies ahead. Now, let’s move on to the gameplay itself.

To play a song, you have to press its icon on the song list. After pressing it, you have to press the play button on the center. Doing so will cause the game to download the song. After the song has finished loading; you are greeted by this. The 4 bars on the bottom is where you have to hit the notes as they fall from the top. Take note that this is the landscape version. The chips are commonly shown at the top right corner along with your score and the pause button. Pausing can give you the chance to resume, go back to the menu or change the speed settings. Now, please take a look by the top left corner of the screen. Written there is “JAM COMBO.” Jam Combo is more or less the score multiplier. To activate the combo, you must first fill in the gauge. After that, you have to either press the button that appears underneath it or shake your phone. It’s a crazy mechanic but it’s extremely useful. After finishing, you will be greeted by this screen and I do believe it explains everything.

There’s more to this game but I’ll leave the rest up to you. No point in spoiling the fun. Enjoy playing 🙂


About the Author: Another guest post contributed by my youngest son- Yahmir, 16 years, grade 10 student, who excels academically, a gamer, a writer and the author of The Lunacy of a Warrior.






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Online Gaming: Entertainment at its Finest

Entertainment has become a necessity for those who are always busy with their everyday routine. Finding time to amuse oneself through movies, music, recreation sports and online games can relax and create a diversion from the list of chores to be done. The development of computer and the internet paved the way for the most popular means of entertainment for both young and old.

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Today everybody can while away his leisure time playing games online through a computer network. Most online games are free and anybody can play without paying anything. You can find single player games as well as multi-player online games where an online community is created to pursue the game. Multi-player games also serve as a venue for social interaction. Most of these popular online games are classified based on the genre. These are:

Action Games – include fighting, shooting and games that emphasize physical challenges such as high-speed reaction and hand to eye coordination.

Role Playing Games – these are the kind of games which are usually multi-player and may require an internet connection.

Simulation Games – may include activities such as city or empire building, business, war games and more. Different real life activities are replicated in simulation games and they may not have a specific goal and involves playing as the character.

Sports Games – may include a variety of sports such as soccer, tennis, F1 racing, basketball and more. Most players of this online game are also sports fanatics with a clear understanding of the game to play effectively. This game usually tests a person’s precision and accuracy. Athletes and teams are usually featured to make the game more interesting.

Online casinos – some people consider casino playing to be a casual hobby to entertain themselves but others play with serious gambling in mind. Technology has made it possible for players to play real time such as in without having to leave the comforts of their home. There are probably thousands of online casinos today and each one has offered deals and bonuses to encourage players to check them out.

Online games attract both male and female players who wish to while away time and escape from the demands of their day. Whatever game it is that play, it is sure to give them the entertainment, relaxation and amusement that they need. Most of these online games can be played for free; all you need is to access the internet.


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