The Essential Tech Involved in Oil and Gas Extraction

The oil and gas industry is huge, and it is now using all kinds of new technologies to make profit margins larger. It also improves speed and safety in the industry.

Tech for Remote Locations

Nowadays, oil and gas is being extracted from some of the most remote and distant places on the planet. This is a good thing in many ways, mainly because it allows new reserves to be found and taken advantage of. But it also poses new risks, and it means that new safety measures have to be put in place. Telemedicine companies are being used to help recovery when workers get injured doing their job, for example. The newest technology also makes it easier to drill in these new, unknown environments in the first place.

Tech that Limits Damage

One of the most pressing concerns at the moment is the risk that oil consumption poses to the environment. We all know about the very real dangers of global warming. And now more and more people are waking up to the idea that something needs to be done to make the situation better. This is where new, modern technologies can have an impact on oil companies. There are all sorts of technologies that are being used to limit the harm caused by hydrocarbons, or instance. And there is still an effort to find cleaner ways of generating energy too.

Fuel Upgrading Tech

If a type of oil can be converted into a better type of oil, this is something that companies understandably want to do. And now this is something that’s possible. It can be done by using Fractal Systems, which is a type of technology that makes it possible to turn an inferior form of oil into a more appealing and valuable type of oil. This is being used to upgrade heavy oils and bitumen into lighter oils. This is also better for the environment because they pollute much less than heavy oils.

Essential Software

Software can now be used by oil companies to map out where they have drilled and where they may want to drill in the future. This is something that allows them to recreate huge masses of land on screen using digital technology. This is essential because it allows them to adjust flows and monitor the progress of the drilling job. There is also oil and gas software that makes it easier to manage the flow and transportation of oil from one location to another when it comes to distribution.

West Texas Pumpjack.JPG
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Laser Technology

One of the key problems that the oil industry has had to face is how they’re going to reach the oil that’s hard to extract. But thanks to the latest technology, they know believe that they’re going to be able to reach more of the oil than they previously thought would be possible. Long distance laser technology is now being used by companies. It allows them to destroy the hardest types of rock that are encountered in the process of oil extraction. And they are also using tech that allows them to stimulate microbes in the earth.

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How EU Data Protection Regulation Will Impact Your Business

Following European Commission debates, the end of this year sees the publication of new legislation governing how personal data is to be stored and processed by EU member states. These proposals look to unify and streamline rules across the EU, whereas at present all 28 states have markedly different rules and interpretations for personal data protection. The new legislation will create an even rulebook for all of the EU, including penalties for violations and misconduct.

The new rules will have the most impact on cloud service providers. While currently across the member states, data protection responsibilities fall upon the business owners, following publication in 2016 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) will have legal obligations to ensure that data stored and processed in their systems is adequately protected.

In practical terms, what this means for CSPs is a lot more work – establishing cloud servers will mean working with clients to establish exactly what kinds of data will be stored on the servers and finding the most appropriate protection and encryption procedures for these. In general, CSPs will be forced to offer a more bespoke service to clients large and small. Additionally, servers face legal obligations to notify clients and a Data Protection Authority of any security breaches within 72 hours. Businesses can expect to pay a good deal more for their cloud infrastructures because of these additional rules, or risk facing a fine of up to €100 million, write Computer Weekly.

The new rules set out will have a wider global impact than just the EU – cloud servers from the US and outside the EU will be affected if holding data of clients from within the EU, as it is the residents to whom the laws apply. The ‘right to be forgotten’ clauses are a large contesting point for this global impact, as it allows EU residents to demand their data be deleted once it is no longer needed.

What this means for EU residents is peace of mind, the right to be forgotten, as well as increased transparency between clients and data processors, with the knowledge of how personal data will be used. Companies are now being urged to upgrade their data protection in anticipation of the EU’s implementation of the laws in 2017. Landmark Technologies welcome the changes, stating that too many businesses are risking too much by utilising basic protection methods such as passwords. What most businesses need, they argue, is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), which layers multiple methods of authentication together. This offers increased protection for businesses, as well as more freedom for workers to bring their own devices or work on a mobile scale. This meets the requirements as laid out by the European Commission, as authentication methods can be customised depending on the volume and types of data being used.

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Top 5 Smartphones with Powerful Battery

Smartphone users are usually troubled with one of the hitch that they have to endure with their heavily priced mobile phones and that is the battery backup. Given the kind of models that are launched in market in current world, having a mobile phone with great specifications is no big deal. But most of the smartphones lack in offering good battery life. It is a huge matter of concern for buyers. For people that are closely concerned with this facet, here are some of the mobile phones that they can explore in the market:

Gionee Marathon M2

The Marathon range by Gionee has amazed the market with its captivating looks and admirable features. It is the antecedent of Marathon M3. Turning your attention towards the topic of today, the battery life of this model is 4200 mAh. I must say that it is a praiseworthy contribution by this brand when compared to other models in the market. Other features that you can find in the cell are: a 5 inch screen with 854×480 pixels resolution. Other than that you have got 1.3 GHz quad core MediaTek Processor with 1 GB RAM and 400 GPU Mali. This model also allows you to tag up 32 GB external storage via SD card.

Lenovo P780

Mobile articles by Lenovo are also praiseworthy as they are embedded with all the major features and ensure optimum functionality. Lenovo P780 has got massive admiration due to its impressive battery life. Well, this model is fashioned with 4000 mAh battery capacity which is definitely something amazing. No matter how much you use your mobile, you can go with it without fearing of a battery crash any soon.

Gionee Marathon M3

What better can you find when you are getting a battery capacity of 5000 mAh.  Gionee Marathon M3 splashed out of the blue with such an amazing battery life for all the people who crave for this feature. You can easily use the phone for 2 days without having to charge it. The results of this model are quite impressive as the people who have used the phone seem to give positive reception about this model.

Micromax Canvas Power A96

Micromax mobiles have given a sigh of relief to the market. Their models are brilliantly crafted for all sorts of customer needs. Micromax Canvas Power A96 is a hit model, counted in terms of massive battery life. It has 4000 mAh battery capacity. You can find this model very reasonably priced. It is a perfect purchase for buyers who are keeping an eye on affordable mobile sets with great battery life.

Lava Iris Fuel 60

While keeping an account for mobiles with commendable battery life, how can we possibly miss Lava Iris Fuel 60? This model is available in battery capability of 4000 mAh, which I believe is pretty cool. By having such a cell phone, you don’t have to carry a power bank along-with 24×7. Once you charge the battery completely, you can expect 2 days processing without any trouble.

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Acer Liquid M220, the first Windows Smartphone released

The Acer Liquid M220 running with the latest Windows 8.1 OS (upgradeable to Windows 10) exhibits powerful specifications that can cater to the different needs of Smartphone users in any occasion.  Tech giant Acer announced that their ever first Windows-powered smart phone is now available in the market.

Acer Liquid M220

Acer Liquid M220

Acer Liquid M220 elicits exceptional aesthetic qualities to complete this performance-packed smart phone’s superiority not just in terms of functionality but also with regard to overall look and feel.


Best features and qualities of Acer Liquid M220 that fascinate me are as follows:

The anti-slip is its remarkable physical feature as inspired by a Thai silk suit material, comes with a textile finish that gives it a sophisticated and fashionable guise and feel, which also doubles as extra grip for the phone to make handling safe and secure.

Acer Liquid M220

The vivid 4-inch display and 233 pictures per inch (PPI) screen resolution perfectly matches the phone’s 5-Megapixel main camera (with autofocus and LED flash) to shoot the best pictures and videos whether for fun or professional use. The secondary 2-Megapixel front camera, on the other hand, is also fit for the “selfie” generation.

Voice operated camera, I can shoot the best photos or even record a video hands-free. Impressive, isn’t it?

The two sim card slot.

The MicroSD card slot, which is expandable up to 32GB storing my photos, videos and other documents and files, will never be a problem.

Customizable colors for my calendar entries, easy navigation and alphabetically arranged apps that makes searching easier.

I am beginning to love Cortana, the intelligent personal assistant. By the way this feature requires internet connection and a Microsoft account.

I can integrate Windows experience across several screens—phones, tablets, and PCs—thus, I can shoot, share, work, and play anywhere.

The kids corner, wherein I can limit my kids phone access

Video call via skype

Best of all, coming in at a modest and affordable price range of P2,490, the Acer Liquid M220 is definitely a “steal” yet worthy of every hard-earned peso that makes it a truly value-for-money smart phone for every Filipino.

Know more and get updated about the Acer Liquid M220 and all other Acer products by visiting the Acer Facebook page or follow Acer via Twitter, or go to

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Split Outlook Data File to Reduce the Size of PST File

MS Outlook being used worldwide has a downside of not having efficient inbuilt utilities to handle the internal issues. Its storage size limitations and issues related to this large size storage file are cumbersome to handle. The split PST software is an apt approach to solve this issue. It has been designed to cut the PST file and divide its data into two or more PST files as per users’ choice. This mechanism ultimately solves the issue of data management and MS Outlook slow performance.

Split PST version 4.2is under scrutiny in this review and I’ll illustrate about its working procedure along with the advantages and disadvantages of the software. Software is available for download and comes as a demo version as well, which can be executed prior investment on full version. Let’s see how it works;

Step 1: Initiate this software by double-clickingthe downloaded .exe file of software. As the software is run it will be launched and then you can follow the steps.

Step 2: Main Menu will show up many options for the splitting of the PST file. The very first option available is choosing the type of PST file. The software supports both the ANSI and Unicode PST file and thus is capable to divide PST file belonging to all the MS Outlook versions from 2000 to 2013. You can choose Outlook Data file Format as per the version of MS Outlook PST file.

Step 3: Various Split options are available in this software and thus you can choose how to split PST file. These split options are;

By Size: Software is capable to split PST with respect to the size of the file. You have to predefine the size after which you want to split the PST file. For e.g. if your PST file size is 8 GB then you can divide it into four PST files with each PST file with 2 GB data. This option is helpful if our need is strictly to manage the data.

By Date: This option is helpful if your need is to divide PST data according to date. For e.g. if you want to divide your work or mails as per particular date due to job changeover or project change over, then you can choose this option and split PST. The result will be the creation of two PST files. One containing data prior the date you provided and other with the rest of the email data.

By Year: Providing years after choosing this option will result in the creation of two PST files separately with the data belonging to these years. Such year wise division might not be needed by every user, but for some users it can help a lot to manage data according to years.

By Folder: This is very interesting and helpful PST divider option as the data is split folder-wise. MS Outlook Inbox items are most important for any user and this division option can help users to separate out these PST file when certain folder exceeds the size provided by you. This controls the size of folders and helps in better email data management.

Step 4: As soon as you click on the next option after provide the Outlook format and a split option, another window will open to add the PST file. Different split options have different sub-options where you have to provide the dates, years, size, as per the split-option you have chosen.

Step 5: Go to Browse option and then add the PST file. Provide other data requirements as mentioned in Step 4. And then select the destination folder where you need to save the resultant PST files. After providing all the details, click Next.

Step 6: Detailed information about the Split operation is shown on the display where you can find information like destination path, current PST, PST size, Source PST path, etc. You can cross check it and if you think that any detail is incorrect then you can also click on Previous option and change the input details. Once done, click Split.

Step 7: A message will be shown once the splitting process is done. Click OK on it.

Note: In case your PST file is password protected, it will prompt for the password. Put the password applied for the PST and proceed with the steps. In case PST file has no password applied, it will not prompt for any password.


Many organizations have MS Outlook application as email client in their workplace for internal as well as external email exchange. Insertion of innumerable emails, attachments, contacts ultimately bulges the size of PST file. For such users, this Outlook File Splitter is a prominent solution to get rid of slow emailing platform. One can easily Split Outlook DataFile and improve the performance of Outlook letting users access and manage email data in a better way by checking the size of storage file.

Availability of various splitting options, compatibility towards all types of PST files, helping interface, splitting all type of data items, and a very reasonable price tag makes this software a users’ choice tool. MS Outlook application must be installed in the system where this tool is going to be run. System with any Windows version and any MS Outlook version will work and thus there are no compatibility issues. Software is strictly for MS Outlook PST file and will not work for any other file format.

Unfortunately this software is not for PST files which have been damaged or have accessibility issues. It will only read data from a healthy PST file and divide it to multiple PST files. There is no harm done on the original file as data is only read from it and extracted to the other PST files. Resultant PST files also do not have any data mismanagement issues and all the data are safely divided.


Overall this Split PST software is a very promising and authentic solution, and deserves 4.8/5 rating!

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