Essential Habits to Have For Work From Home Success


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Many people who have started working from home are enjoying the many conveniences it provides. There’s less hassle commuting, food and snacks are easily afforded by the kitchen and refrigerator, and one can easily get that hard-earned rest by walking a few steps to the bed room. For many however, these perks can easily become a disadvantage when you don’t set limits, get the right habits and discipline yourself. Avoid getting into the sedentary rut which may affect your performance and cause you to have backlogs. Here are some best habits to practice to ensure your work from home success.

Have a Specific Work Space

Working from home is not as easy as dumping your stuff on the living room hopping on the sofa to lounge all day. Having a definite work area with a desktop computer or laptop, communications equipment and the best internet provider in the Philippines will ensure that you can stay focused on the task at hand without any issues. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a room or a huge space, a quiet place where you are away from the daily nuisance and distraction is the best place to set up a home office.

Have a Specific Work Schedule

Work from home individuals enjoy the convenience of not leaving their home to report to work, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can ditch a schedule, work in your pajamas and leave the task hanging whenever you feel like it. Set a proper work schedule and do respect your “home office” by not staying in the clothes you slept in to avoid that “blah” feeling when you work. Increase your productivity by setting alarms and deadlines for your tasks. Confirm your work hours, get a list of to-do’s and stick to your schedule.

Have Breaks and Define Family Time

Distractions are one of the toughest things to deal with when working from home. When you’ve set a schedule for work, stay focused on the task by turning off the television, putting your phone on silent, using noise cancelling gears or closing the door when you have a room for your office.

You should also talk to your family about these working hours and that appreciate minimal distractions when you are working. During your break, you can deal with their needs or wants and you can simply work on some simple household chores.

Have Time for Yourself

Avoid staying longer than your work hours for overtime work by getting the services of the fastest internet in the Philippines. At the end of the day arrange your files and documents back to where you got them. Clean up your area, de-clutter your desk as you de-clutter your mind. This means that you are done and you can set your attention on your family, your personal life, and your health. Don’t forget to engage in some physical activity and exercise especially if you are working from home to ensure that you stay healthy mind and body.

Easy Tips for Using Your Smartphone for Work and Play

Once upon a time, a lot of people would have had a work phone and a personal phone. While some people still do, others prefer to keep everything on one device. There’s no need to handle two different phones if you can keep your business and home lives separate on the same smartphone. It’s easy to do using the right features, operating system, and apps to lead a double life from one device. Everything from using two sim cards to organizing your apps will help you survive with only one phone, instead of two. If you want to keep your personal and work information separately, use these tips to stop them from getting tangled up.

Connect Your Phone to Your Desktop 

Being able to connect your phone to your desktop, or access files from both places, is useful for both business and personal purposes. For work, you can access documents, spreadsheets and other important files to work on in the office or on the move. And you can organize your photos, videos, music and games for entertainment. Whether you plug your phone into your desktop or you use a cloud service, it’s much easier to organize everything if you have a choice of functionality and screen size.

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Choose the Right Operating System

If you want to be able to use your phone for both work and play, you need the best operating system and the best phone. Most phones will allow you to carry out business and personal tasks, but everyone will have a preference for which one suits them. The choice is essentially between Apple iOs, Android, and Windows. There can be some great perks designed specifically for work and play on each system. For example, you might be able to get a Work & Play Bundle from Microsoft or use Android for Work to separate your business apps. But once you choose an operating system, you need the perfect phone.

Use Two Sim Cards

The ability to hold two sim cards might be something to look for in your new phone. It’s a great way to split your work and home lives. On dual sim mobile phones, you can keep two sets of contacts, storing data on the different cards to keep them separate. You can give out one number to personal contacts and the other to business associates. If you’re worried about screening calls or answering your phone professionally, you can make things easier by using two sim cards.

Get the Best Apps

Don’t forget to make sure you’re using the right apps to get the most out of your phone. You can organize them, so personal apps are in one place and work ones in another. If you want to keep business and play entirely separate, use different applications for each. Don’t use the same calendar or note-keeping tool for the two purposes, or else split your files so you can keep them apart.

Having two phones can be an inconvenience, so don’t bother when you can do everything on one device. You don’t have to mix work and play when it’s easy to keep them apart.

Six Ways Your Smartphone Can Help Make Your Home More Safe

Smartphone apps have made performing a lot of tasks easier. However, you may be surprised to know that a smart phone can also be used as a way to help keep your home and family safe. Below are six ways your smartphone can help make your home safer.

1. Emergency Contact Numbers

One great thing a smart phone can do is make dialing emergency phone numbers far easier. You can program a smart phone so that the phone numbers for things like 911, the fire department and poison control can be dialed much more quickly via a shortcut. This can make getting emergency assistance easier. You won’t have to worry about finding the numbers or typing them in correctly when your family or your home is in danger. During health emergencies and fires, every second counts.

2. Security System Integration

Most security systems these days provide apps to their clients that can integrate their smart phone into their home security service. For example, if the system detects an intruder outdoors, the homeowner can be immediately alerted of that fact via a smart phone alert. This can kind of integration can be very useful. It can alert a homeowner of threats inside or outside the home. It can also alert a homeowner of a threat while away from home. If the home has been broken into, this could prevent family members from coming home after a night out while the intruders are still inside. It can also be used for other things like remotely locking and unlocking doors or turning off lights. Read Northstar alarm reviews for more information

3. Smart Door Locks

One scenario many people worry about is leaving their front door open and allowing a criminal to enter the house. You can actually use a smart phone to guard against this possibility. Install something known as a smart door lock. This is a door lock that is connected to a WiFi network and can be remotely operated. With the use of an app, you’ll be able to lock your doors from anywhere. If you accidentally leave your front door unlocked after leaving on a trip, you can simply use the smart lock app to lock the door.

4. Live Security Camera Access

You can also use your smart phone to view live security camera footage from both inside and outside your house. There are many cameras available that come with smart phone apps. For example, you could install one to check on your baby during the middle of the night to make sure everything is all right. Alternatively, you could have access to video from a camera that is activated by a motion detector in your backyard.

5. Flash Light

Many flash light apps are available. This can come in handy during certain circumstances. For example, you may experience a thunder storm that takes out your power. Most people don’t have flash lights sitting at arm’s length. However, they do usually have their smart phones nearby. Activating the flashlight app could mean being able to light your way towards the fuse box. Without this app, there is a risk of tripping in the dark and being injured.

6. Natural Disasters

There are many apps available that can alert your family of incoming natural disasters. For example, many weather apps can immediately send you an alert informing you of an incoming hurricane or tornado. There are also apps from organizations like the Red Cross specifically for people that live in areas prone to earthquakes. Better yet, these apps can tell you what to do during a natural disaster and how to properly take shelter. This can prevent you from panicking because you don’t know what to do to keep you and your family safe.


The smart phone is an amazing piece of technology that has changed how people live across the globe. One thing a smart phone can do is help keep your family safe. If you can install apps that increase your home security, certainly do so. The benefits far outweigh the tiny amount of effort required.




4 Ways Your Business Can Reach More People

Whether your business is struggling or looking to move into new markets, you need to reach new customers to make a success of your business. Here are 4 ways you can do that today!

  1. Give New Incentives

Sometimes, people need a tangible reason to use your business. Maybe they’re already using a rival of yours and are happy with the service they’re receiving from them. The only way to reach these people is to give them incentives to use your business. The form these incentives take can be entirely up to you.

Why not try giving out free services to potential customers to get them into your business. Once they’ve seen what you have to offer, they’ll be able to see whether what you’re offering is worth buying again in future. This is the exactly the kind of result you should be looking for.

  1. Offer Content

Reaching new people doesn’t have to be primarily focused on sales though. By making people aware of your business and having them interact with you, you’ll expand your brand and awareness. And this in turn will lead to increased sales in the long-term. Sometimes, it’s best to play a long game!

One way to get people visiting your website and aware of your business is to create interesting content. This could mean starting a blog that would appeal to the kind of people you regard as your target customers. Or you could create video and image based content for them to view. As long as it gets people flocking to your website, it’s a good thing.

  1. Don’t Underestimate Your Community

If you’re a relatively small business, you shouldn’t be aiming too high, too soon. Focus on where you’re at know and grow your business up from the ground. Look at ways in which you can get more people in the local community interested in what your business has to offer to them.

A lot of small businesses assume that they should be thinking big before they’ve even got the basics right. Set up events in your local community or sponsor a local sports team to create maximum exposure and get your name out there. It’ll lead to an upturn in interest in your business, and that can only be a good thing.

  1. Create an App

Everyone uses apps on their phones and tablets nowadays, and that includes your target customers. If you want to reach an entirely new range of people with complete ease, you should think about creating an app for your business. It’ll make it a lot easier for people to use your services and interact with you business.

It’s not as hard to create an app as you might think either. If there’s someone in your business who can create an app, ask them to do it for you. Or just contact an app development company. They’ll do all the hard work for you and finish the project to a professional standard.

To sell to more people, you have to be able to reach more people. Employ these 4 helpful methods if you want to interact with a greater number of potential customers.


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Understanding the Evolution of Technology and How it Impacts Our Daily Lives

From the moment you awaken in the morning, you are surrounded by technology. What you do in the first hour of your day may be similar to what someone two centuries ago did, but the items that you use to do it are vastly different. Electric lights, digital alarm clocks, heated hair styling appliances, drip coffee makers, hot water heaters and indoor plumbing, televisions, computers and cell phones have made this time much easier for most people. And yet, much of this technology is designed not to call attention to itself, but to allow us to live our lives efficiently without giving them much of a thought at all.

What is Technology?
Though many think of computers when asked to speak of technology, the definition is much more basic. Technology can be anything that makes the ability for people to do what they do more easily. The assembly line system for manufacturing is an example of technology. So is the invention of written language. However, over the past century, technological advances have often been electronic.

The Electronic Age
Today, the computer age has begun to create a new world of possibilities that seem limited only by an inventor’s imagination. Online companies are discussing delivery by package drones within a few hours of an order. Smart phones and watches can bounce off satellites that we launched into our planetary orbit in order to help someone find their way, or even to video chat with someone a continent away. Computers are being built into everything we own– appliances, cars, even our beds. Components like printed circuit boards like those sold by Streamline Circuits are easy to find in online stores and incorporate into your own inventions.

There is, of course, a drawback to making things too simple. In society, simplicity can cause a lack of ability and resourcefulness. The ability to self-navigate and read maps may be impaired by relying too heavily on directional mapping programs. The ability to do math in your head may not develop if you are always using a calculator. Essentially, when a technology becomes ingrained into society, the knowledge of how to do it “the old fashioned way” may not be learned. This is not a problem except in times where the new technology isn’t readily available.

Technology is an ever-changing process to improve the lives of the people creating it. Though some things may miss the mark, other technological advances can fundamentally and permanently improve our lives. We now live longer and enjoy access to more information than at any other time in history.