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6 simple tips for making the most of your email list


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Whether you are new to email list management or have been doing it for years, try these 6 simple tips to help make the most of your email list and keep it working hard for you. It doesn’t matter whether you have an email list of hundreds or hundreds of thousands to manage, the same principles will hold true.

1. Research

Use your email list to help you research what works best for your customers. Split your list down the middle and use A/B testing to experiment with things like the subject lines for the best open rates. Check out Which test won for ideas.

2. Segment

Dividing your list into groups allows you to plan and target your email campaigns more effectively.

3. Use a regular opt in

It can make sense to periodically send out an email that gets subscribers to verify that they still want to receive your emails. This ensures you have an engaged audience. If you use a service that charges per email sent, keeping your list short and sweet should help keep costs down.

4. Verify, Verify, Verify

Don’t throw away potential customers because of a simple typo, and don’t ruin your reputation by sending out lots of emails to unverified email addresses. It could lead to your emails being blocked. Use an email verification service like Brite Verify to avoid these problems.

5. Keep growing your list

Mobile apps are changing the way people use the web. Your website probably isn’t generating the same subscription rate it used to. If you have an app or are considering building one, make sure you make it easy for people to subscribe in the app. Remember point four? A good email verification service will have an API that lets you build email verification right into your app.

6. Make it easy to unsubscribe

Sounds crazy, but making it easy to unsubscribe has two benefits. Firstly, it helps people trust that you’re a reputable and worthwhile organisation. Secondly, it reduces the likelihood that your emails will be marked as spam by recipients as quick way to unsubscribe. Having your emails marked as spam harms your reputation as a sender and can lead to your emails being blocked.

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Home improvement apps to help your inner handyman

There are many home improvement apps which can be used to help you find your inner handyman. In this article I am going to describe some of them and their features, so you will know how to use them. The home improvement applications can be used for various handyman work like fixing leaking sinks, decorating of you rooms and many other things. Nowadays more people are using DIY apps for various home improvement projects.


The first application I am going to recommend you is The Handyman Calculator. It works on Android systems and can be helpful in making calculations, estimating square footage, understanding how much materials you will need for your home improvement projects. This may be replacing the tiles in the bathroom, hardwood floor fitting or painting the walls in your rooms. All you need to do is provide the proper measurements and let this app do the calculations for you.


Similar to The Handyman Calculator is the Home Improvement Calcs application, which is available in iTunes. It has more than 74 000 pre-set functions, which will help you in your projects. This app offers a lot of useful illustrations, explaining the calculations better.


You can avoid visiting your home improvement market and order the materials you need through some application online like London Construction Cleaners do. Both Home Depot and Lowes offer a lot of apps for iOS and Android , which can be used for shopping, buying and having delivered different materials for your home improvement projects.


House Maintenance Schedule is an application for maintaining your house and reminding you for the upcoming  projects. You can use it to remind you when is time for cleaning the down-spout, flush the water heater and many other house maintenance jobs. The app is available in Android and is inexpensive.


Another app which will help your inner handyman uncover is the Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius. It is designed for iPad and iPhone and offers more than 300 tips and ideas how to cope with your home improvement projects.


An application that can do your measurements of rooms, degree angles and different areas is iHandy. It is available on Apple and Android and is inexpensive, but paid app. Another app for taking measurements, but in a easier and technologically advanced way is MagicPlan. It is a free application, working both on Apple and Android, which you can use to measure your rooms, after taking pictures of them. It can also make drawings of your floor plan, giving you the opportunity to add items and to create the interior positioning of your furniture and rooms at home.

5 iPhone Apps for your Home Improvement Project

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Snapguide is an application, which can be used for creating, sharing and researching different DIY projects. In this category fall gardening, lifestyle, home improvement, fashion, arts, crafts, sport, fitness and many other topics. You can find many projects, tips, advice and tricks how to realize your ideas. This app is free and is available on Apple.


All of these apps are useful for your home improvement projects and help in finding your inner handyman. But if you consider some of them unnecessary, all of the apps are easy for cleaning from your operating system. Cleaning them can be done by uninstalling the app from your mobile device. With just one click, the app you want to uninstall will be deleted and all its components erased from your smartphone, tablet, iPhone or other device you use. Once you try a certain app, you can estimate if you will need it or not. You can check your device for unnecessary and rarely used apps and get rid of them, freeing space for new ones. Provide regular cleaning of your device to ensure its fast work and practical use.




Nov 25

The Top 5 Green Living Apps for the Environmentalist

If you are very keen on protecting the environment, you will probably be interested to learn there are apps, which can help you stay as devoted to green living as you’ve always been. I’ve searched the net to show you five of the most used apps for environmentalists.



So, if you’re willing to adopt the idea, take a look at the suggestions of Tenancy Cleaning W8.


  1. Light Bulb Finder

Want to know how to switch to energy-saving light bulbs? The Light Bulb Finder app will help you find the best light bulbs available on the market, compare costs and environmental impact they have. It shows light bulb images, pricing and other important characteristics of the given product. Want to know what type of energy-saving light bulb you should buy to replace your incandescent equivalent? The app will give you all the information you need with just one click. The best part about Light Bulb Finder is that you can shop directly through it. It is available for iPhone and Android.

This app is free of charge.


  1. ClimateCounts

Want to know what climate impact leading companies have? Then this app is for you. ClimateCounts will give you information about climate ratings in different industries. It reveals companies’ sustainability efforts and the way they impact the environment. Later on, consumers can share their concerns with the companies through the app, either on social sites or by e-mail. ClimateCounts allows people to search by industry or company. It is available for iOS users.

The app is free of charge.


  1. Fooducate

Make informed decisions about the food you buy by using the Fooducate app available for Android and iOS. It scans food giving valuable information as to how good a product is. It provides details about ingredients and nutrients as well as a letter grade for every item, from A to D. For example, according to Fooducate, Mahatma brown rice is an A, whereas prepared white rice is a B+. In comparison, prepared wild rice is an A-. The app can both scan your food or you can provide the necessary information manually by entering the bar code. Simple as that.

Apart from this, the app also shows calories. For example, you type ‘chocolate’ and the app displays a few pages of results, revealing information about calories (e.g. white chocolate 458 calories, dark chocolate 218 calories, milk chocolate 37 calories, etc.) Did you know that avocados in Florida have 365 calories per serving, whereas those is California have no more than 227 calories per serving? It’s valuable information, I think. You can calculate your calories properly and help improve your diet.

The app is available at $4.99.


  1. Carbon Emissions Calculator

Ever wondered how much you impact the environment when travelling by air? The Carbon Emissions Calculator app can tell you just how much carbon emissions there are during your air travels.

Carbon Emissions Calculator app is available for iOS users. What you need to do in order for it to work is to specify your destination airports and your origin, select the number of passenger to join you in your flight as well as the class of travel and the app will show you how much your trip will affect nature.

The app is offered for free.


  1. Locavore

Looking for in-season food? Use Locavore app. It shows users nearby farmers and markets which offer the food you want. Seasonal produce has never been so easy to find. You can search for organic foods and use thousands of recipes. The app informs you which vegetables and fruits are available at the moment and it also lets you know whether they are currently in season.

The app is provided for free and is available for both Android and iOS.


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Nov 19

The Best Tips For Keeping Your Computer in Premium Condition

Having a computer that is in the best possible condition that it needs to be is imperative. These are expensive machines. So, if you are looking at ways of making sure that your devices are in the best possible condition, you need to take heed of this advice.


Invest in Clean Up Software

In some circumstances, manual simply won’t do. You have to make speculate to accumulate. The world of technology is no different. There is a wide range of different clean up software programs that you can install or download. For Mac users, there is the Mackeeper download. Many people have found this to be a useful tool when they don’t want to clean manually up their computer. Let’s face it; cleaning up your devices via the manual route can be a long, drawn out process. The cost of mackeeper is relatively cheap, so do make sure that you spend wisely. For Team Windows, you can get a whole host of Microsoft approved products via their site. Take a look and see what is best for your operating system.



Credit Card Theft

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The Importance of Backing Up

Okay, we all know that it is vital to backup our data. But, it can have a bigger impact on your computer. If you store a large number of photos, videos, movies and music on your computer, you need to make sure that you are saving these. What is more, you need to be backing them up.

In fact, removing these from your hard drive and storing them on a USB is an excellent way of making sure that your machine is in premium condition. You don’t have to store every little thing to your computer. On the contrary, you can back up using a wide range of different methods. USB sticks are cheap and can be purchased in bulk via online vendors. But, you can also attain DVDs and other types of discs to make sure that you are not running your computer into the ground.

Of course, you can invest in an external hard drive too. These are a great way of freeing up your computer and keeping it in premium condition. Simply back up an external hard drive and your computer is in a great place to run properly.

If you don’t like the thought of backing up via these devices, you can always use the mythical cloud. Well, it’s less mythical these days but it’s an excellent way to store your data. Drop Box and other online solutions are perfect. Plus, you can download the app to your smart device and have all of your files on the go.


Antivirus: Have You Got a Sufficient Program Installed?

If you don’t have an antivirus installed on your computer, shame on you. Of course, for Mac users this is less relevant. It may be worth investigating it virus software if use your Mac a lot. But, if you are running a Windows machine, you need to make sure that you have a reliable anti-virus program in place. These are useful for a wide range of reasons. It can detect and prevent Malware. But, they can also stop infections and Trojans. These can severely impact on the condition on your device. So, invest wisely and see what is best for you and your operating system.

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