The Most Common Complaints About App Development, and Why They’re Bunk

It’s clear that app development is becoming more and more important to businesses. But while it’s popularity is rising, so too are the complaints surrounding it. Fortunately, these complaints are mainly myths, spread by people who haven’t taken the time to research the issue. Here are some of the most common complaints you’ll hear about app development in business and why they’re bunk.

You Have To Be Original, And That’s Hard

The notion that you have to be original is usually something we hear outside of the business world. People who aren’t involved in business tend to think that startups have to reinvent the wheel to be successful. But as we all know, this isn’t true. In fact, building on what has come before is usually the only path to success. Thus, being entirely original isn’t necessary when it comes to setting up a business. And it isn’t necessary when it comes to developing an app.

What matters for app development is the user experience it creates. So what if some other company has integrated their app with social media? Why should that mean you can’t do that too?

Also, remember that it’s very unlikely you’ve had a unique idea. That means that if your idea isn’t already everywhere in the market, it probably doesn’t work. When developing an app, stick with best practices and add original features only once it’s up and running.

App Development Is Expensive

Another big objection to developing your own apps is that they are expensive. Especially if you want to implement them across a range of platforms. But a good web application development company will be able to find ways to reduce the costs when appropriate. For instance, your company might only need a pre-built solution that simply needs customizing. These apps are good value because most of the legwork has already been done.

Other more sophisticated solutions will cost more. But unless you need something very bespoke, it’s unlikely to break the bank.

All Details Need To Be Finalized Before Work Begins

Another way companies like to put off app development is to say that all details must be worked out ahead of time. This is just a way of delaying the development phase and putting the whole project off. And it’s not true, either. Any app development is a process. As the app goes through the development cycle, changes will be made. Plus, the market itself will evolve. And that means that rigid features can be at odds with what the market actually wants.

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You Can’t Run A Business And App Development At The Same Time

Business owners seem to think of themselves as superheroes, able to do anything that is asked of them. One thing that they feel that they can do is take over the project management of app development. But because app development is complicated, you can’t do at once. Either your app is going to suffer, or your business is going to suffer. Thus, businesses have to make a choice early on. They have to ensure app development is carried out by a third party.

For many businesses owners, this is an issue. They want to be involved in every stage of the development process. But the truth is that your business will be best served if you stick to your day job and let a pro worry about the app.

Corporate Apps Are Insecure

The internet is full of cyber threats. It seems as if every day a new story breaks about how one company or another has been hacked. And it makes it appear as if the security of companies is failing.

The truth is that in today’s world, security breaches are highly publicized. Just look at the media fallout when hackers stole data from Ashley Madison servers. But this publicity makes it seem as if corporate apps are less secure than regular apps. And that has led many in the business world to worry about security. After all, businesses now depend on mission-critical data to carry out their operations.


But we’ve been living with cyber threats for all our apps for years now. Yes, there is a risk of being hacked, no matter what app you are using. But cyber security is always half a step ahead of the hackers. And, for the most part, that means that companies are safe.

You Can Only Get Benefits By Using The Latest Tech

The latest tech is always the most exciting tech. As soon as we get used to technology, we stop seeing it as exciting, and it becomes rather dull. Think digital cameras, the internet, even smartphones. Right now there are a couple of exciting new technologies doing the rounds. The most important of these is arguably deep learning. Deep learning has the capacity to transform business in a way that seems unimaginable today. But that doesn’t mean that you have to adopt it now for your app to be a success.

Apps have been driving progress in many areas of business for years. And they relied on older technologies to get the job done. There’s no reason why your business can only benefit from the latest technologies. There are plenty of other reasons why apps are already extremely customer friendly.

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App Development Takes A Lot Of Time

When you go to your web developer, the first thing you’ll discuss is development time. Most businesses think app development is a long and drawn out process. But most apps can be built in less than three months’ work time. Of course, there’s a difference between three months development time and three calendar months. Developers might not work on your app every day of every week for that month. For instance, they’ll stop work if they need further input from you. And these gaps in the development cycle can extend the time it takes for development to happen. Thus, it’s crucial that you are in regular contact with your developer. The sooner that you provide input, the sooner they can get on with delivering the project.


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4 Things You Need to Consider When Choosing a New Phone

Choosing a new phone these days can be a massive life decision. We are so reliant on our phones now that choosing one is almost akin to picking the right car. There’s a lot to consider when it comes to picking a new phone. Here are some of the important things you’re going to need to take into account when you consider your new phone.

new phone

PAYG or Contract?

One of the big decisions you’re going to need to make is whether to go with a contract or pay as you go phone. Now, there are arguments to support both, and it really depends on your personal circumstances. You can get contracts for really cheap these days, so it’s probably going to work out cheaper to do that. But, you should think about the option of both before you commit to a decision.

A panoramic view within a Verizon Wireless Store, Norwalk, CT, United States
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Consider Getting a Hand-Me-Down

There are plenty of ways you can get hold of a new phone, and you don’t always have to buy brand new. A lot of people prefer to get pre-owned phones. You can buy these online or in stores, or you can get them direct from a friend or family member. But, if you do go down this route you need to consider the fact that you may need to get your phone unlocked. That’s why you need to look into the options that allow you to unlock iPhone models, and other smartphones. It’s important to have something lined up to help with this because you won’t be able to use your phone otherwise.

Pop into the Local Store

If you want to get some expert advice, or you have questions, you should head down to the local phone store. There are bound to be some in the area like Carphone Warehouse. Or, you could pop into the EE or Vodafone stores to see what Android phones are available. Being in a store full of experts gives you peace of mind to help you make the right choice about the phone you choose. It’s the best way to get the right value for your money and helps you avoid the wrong choices.


Shop Online

Make use of the internet as much as you can these days. There is basically nothing you can’t buy online nowadays, and online shopping is taking over. So, if you go on the internet, you’re going to find loads and loads of options for phones. You can go to the official sites of phone networks and make a selection there. Or, you can use sites like eBay and Gumtree to buy phones that people are selling. It’s always good to have an idea in mind for something you’d like. This will help you with the selection process as much as possible.

HK Wan Chai Fleming Road sidewalk 3 telecom shop interior 183 Johnston Road March-2011.JPG
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There are a lot of things you should think about when it comes to choosing a new phone. And, it’s important that you do as much as you can to make the right choice. These are just a few of the things you need to consider when choosing a new phone. They will help you to make the right choice and pick the perfect one for you.


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What android phones are available?

Shopping for a new smartphone? Looking for the android based OS? If so, you will find more and more manufacturers introducing new phones on what seems like a daily basis. These are currently a few of the top phones to look out for, and consider investing in, if you want the best, the latest, and newest models which are currently available on the market.

Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7

Either the traditional or the edge model are the latest in the long line of Samsung Galaxy phones. They are sleek, light in weight, run on the latest android OS, have a lightweight aluminum frame, and expandable memory which the S6 model didn’t offer. Removable battery is also an upgrade which hasn’t been seen in other android based phones on the market recently. It has 32 GB in store memory, an upgraded camera, a 5.1” and 5.7” model, and all the latest upgrades presently available on the market.

HTC 10

HTC One A9

A front mounted fingerprint sensor offers added security, a large, vibrant screen is impeccable and easy on the eyes as well. New and improved speaker set up, the snap dragon 820 processor, 4 GB of ram, and 300 mah battery power can go for hours on end without a charge. An improved camera is also going to offer great picture, video, and quality resolution for streaming calls as well.



A unibody metallic design, removable battery port, an added camera grip for capturing photos and videos, and expandable memory, are a few of the upgrades from previous G models. It has the snap dragon 820 processor which is lightning fast, a 5.3” IPS LCD display, 16 and 8 MP cameras (front and rear facing), and 32 GB of built in memory, in addition to the ability to expand if it is required by the user. If you want quality, sleek design, and an easy to operate phone for a reasonable price, this is one of the top options which are currently out there.

Not sure which to buy? Don’t want to pay the highest price for these new phones? Consider used or second hand android phones. Many are in “like new” condition, run and operate like new, and are far cheaper than a brand new phone. Further, you can find and comparison shop used phones through various online sites in order to find the best deal.

Regardless of what you seek in a new phone, these are some of the top android models presently available to consumers looking to make an upgrade from previous phones.


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Expert Advice On Running A Business While Traveling


The worst thing about running a business is that it never ends, and your work never stops. It’s a 24/7 investment, and even when you’re traveling, you’ll have to treat it that way.

Fortunately, we live in a time when running a business has never been easier. Technology is so good now that we can hold video conferences from across the world, and email from anywhere.

There’s all kinds of tech, gadgetry and plain common sense that can help you fully stay on top of things while globetrotting. So, without further ado, here’s all the advice you need.

Tip 1: Build a cloud network

There are some things every business needs, and this is one of them.

A cloud network allows you and your colleagues to stay on the same page when separated. This means that any important files can be viewed and edited by everyone, regardless of location. All these files will be stored in one location, which means there’ll be no more searching through directories and drives.

Tip 2: Buy your own private transport

If your business is doing particularly well, and I applaud you if it is, then perhaps it’d be wise to buy your own transport. I’m not talking about a car or a bike, either. I’m talking about a helicopter, a jet, a boat or a yacht.

This has several benefits. For starters, you can customize it the way you want, and make it fit for working in. Secondly, you don’t have to rely on shoddy public network connections, and can invest in something like 3G for superyachts or planes. Lastly, you can travel without the distractions of other commuters, making it easier to concentrate.

Obviously, this won’t be cheap, but it’s the only way to truly take your business with you on the go.

080513 Dassault Falcon 900EX M-FALC (at MUC).jpg

Tip 3: Buy a portable hotspot

Chances are, you won’t have a silky smooth internet connection in every city you land in. You’re going to have to improvise, and that’s where a portable hotspot comes in.

As the name implies, it’s a device that can connect you to the web from any land location. Whether you’re stuck for signal in a hotel or on the beach, you can connect. All you need to do is buy a cheap SIM card that comes with some data. Be careful not to go over your limits, though.

Tip 4: Video conferencing

You’ll need to pack that laptop, and I’d recommend a wide-angle webcam of some description. This is to allow you to have a full, proper video conference that looks professional. Free software like Skype supports video messaging, so it’ll be like you never left!

Tip 5: Use a VPN as often as possible

Maybe you’re conducting a private business deal, or are checking your company’s accounts. Whatever you’re browsing the web for, if you do it on a public network, you’re at risk.

This is because public wifi hotspots are easily hacked by people. Anyone can see the data you’re transferring, which could result in a major security headache for your company. Set up a VPN when you’re out and about to restrict access to your network and make it more secure.

And that’s about it! Did any of these tips help you out? Leave a comment down below!


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Fundamentals of Online Forex Trading That You Should Know

Still finding for a better strategy to help you with your earnings? Try online forex trading!

Usually, when you hear online forex trading, it signifies traders being able to see the currencies’ fluctuating values of other country. It is performed to attain profit and gains throughout the process.

Forex trading on tablet
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It is not really difficult to explain, you can do a little bit of research and find trading online made easy opportunities. Just take a look at the name FOREX; it means Foreign Exchange.

How do you open an online forex account?

  1. Get a trading account at XTrade and sign up online

Be very careful with this as the account is different from its services. Perhaps, it is advisable that you research or ask questions before making a decision. Find the best that suits your needs. You might also want to consider the leverage, and commission and fees.

  1. Make sure you have provided all the information needed

Having an online forex account does not come easy. Some people are unable to give their Social Security Number or Tax Id. Others fail to give an acceptable trading experience and trading objectives which are two main things asked as it will under meticulous process. The ideal action is to take a forex trading demo account so you can practice. With the practicing account, trading online made easy is the true thing to say here.

  1. Look for good forex broker

The forex broker will serves as you bridge as you and the open market. The main priority is to protect funds and trades so you keep on track.

How does online forex trading work?

Online forex trading is hard to tame but with diligence to learn, anything is possible.

You just have to remember that online forex account has to ways to help you trade the foreign currency: 1) choosing to buy and sell you currency pair or 2) buying derivatives to help you see how the currency pair flows.

The said techniques are easy to do, but it will certainly take a little thought as we’re talking about your profits.

Thus, you can consider buying and selling currency pairs as it is the simplest way knowing people purchase and sell stocks from time to time. As you can see, trading online made easy is the only word we can apply here.

Also, there are more trading techniques that are being practiced by advanced traders; it will be helpful if you learn them one by one.

The best platform features to check

  1. Volatile – which means it needs to have real-time features. This is obviously needed as the values increases and decreases. Users need to see the changes.
  2. User-friendly interface – an online platform that is easily navigated. No one wants to struggle using a poorly constructed platform. Truly, with the help of software, trading online made easy is the only way.
  3. Allows you to trade in ease – the preferable number would be at least 90 major and exotic currency pairs. The process should be smooth and stress-free.
  4. Flexible – gives convenience to the users and can adapt to the people’s needs.
  5. Widely accessible – We need a platform accessible in our smartphones, tabs, laptops, etc. This is highly important as you might need to access it every hour for checking.

Online forex trading is very helpful, with pros and cons that you should look out. Try to search for the one that fits you, and then, explore greater possibilities.

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