Jul 15

SEO Remains Important to Maximize a Website’s Potential

Staying on top of the latest techniques is vital for making a website rank high in the search engines. Often times, you need to take a multi-step approach towards integrating a number of platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels to reach a fuller spectrum of audiences. Furthermore, what you have to say, and how you say it, can make a huge difference in how the algorithms of Google recognizes a website. You don’t only want to rank high, you need to rank high for the specific audience your site is reaching out to. The most recent methods of search engine optimization makes that possible.


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Local SCO services can help you target the people inside your community and industry. The three major search engines, Google, Yahoo and Bing, are powerful tools for growing the brands of new and established businesses. Always updating your company information for products and promotional sales, while staying easy to find and prominent in Google Maps, will practically drive the customers to you.

Hybrid SEO services uses strategic methods to address every angle of marketing potential in a mixture of ways. Examples include optimizing the content of website landing pages and their URLs, applying manual link building that connect to high profile sites, and strategizing market techniques through the use of analytical tools and monthly reports.

Jul 14

Save on Advertisements by Tracking Your Phone Calls


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Marketing is the heart of any business. Without it, your dreams of becoming one of the best businesses or services in your field of expertise are impossible. Marketing strategies and advertising play a very big role in making your business grow and thrive. This isn’t even a secret. Every businessperson, no matter how big or small his business is, knows that nothing would become of his business without proper advertising. This is even truer in cutthroat industries where players would resort to every trick in the book, clean or otherwise, to pull one over the competition. With this knowledge in mind, it’s crucial for thriving businesses to invest time, effort, and money on marketing strategies.


Finding out What Works Best

When it comes to choosing the right tools to help the business take off on the marketing runway, an entrepreneur or an executive should look into which platforms and strategies would work for his business best. He needs to understand that while a specific strategy could do wonders for a certain product, the same may not work for another one.

If you own a business or you are planning to start one, you need to keep in mind that where marketing and advertising are concerned, everything is a matter of trial and error. Therefore, unless you have money to spare for lousy and ineffective advertisements and marketing strategies, you should really be careful and detailed in choosing one that will work for you.

What are some of the popular marketing strategies and advertising platforms being popularly used by businesses nowadays? Here are some of the few.

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook Advertisements
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Blog/Website Banners and Ads
  • Yellow Pages
  • ShareASale
  • Click bank


Make Wise Choices

There are many marketing strategies and advertising solutions entrepreneurs and businesses can turn to. Social media marketing, television advertisements, Yellow pages, and affiliate marketing are just some of the few options a business can choose to promote its products and services. Knowing which method is working for your business seems to be an impossible feat for businesses. Thus, you end up wondering if you are paying too much for your advertisements that are not working or if you are investing less on a marketing platform that works for you.

Now you can actually monitor the advertisements and marketing platforms that are working for your business and those that are not. This is now possible by tracking phone calls. With a simple script or code placed in the advertising platforms you use, you are now capable of identifying which advertisement generated a sale and which ones are not working for your business.

Creating a careful assessment on where your sales are coming from will allow you to stop on advertisements that are not working in your favor and invest more on those that are beneficial to your business. You should always bear in mind that the better your advertisement and marketing strategies are, the better it is for your business, but a great marketing strategy that drives a lot of traffic but is not converted into a sale is as equally inefficient as a lousy marketing strategy.


Jul 08

Understanding File Extensions

When it comes to tech-geek terms, some of us simply can’t catch up. There are many things that we encounter daily when we use the computer but we simply accept them as the norm – file extensions are one of them. You usually save your file, .doc, .txt, .pdf, .ppt..wmv, .avi, .mov  and many others but you never really cared what those three to four letter extensions mean.


File extensions

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File extensions or file name extensions are actually suffixes to a name of a computer file to indicate its encoding type or its file format. They are typically consists of three or four letters at the end of the filename after a period that separates them. Your computer will be able to read your file and send out a command to the proper application when you execute your file. For instance, your file.doc will open on Microsoft Word when you execute it because the computer recognizes it as a word document.

Some of the most common file extensions are .exe for executable programs, .dll for dynamic link libraries, .doc and docx which are opened and edited using Microsoft word, .xls and .xlsx for Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. There are also file extensions which can cause problems on your PC and this happens when you open a file using non-compatible software. You should also be wary of some files that you do not really recognize because most viruses come with .bat or .exe extensions.

Jun 21

House-hunting is just a tap away with Lamudi Mobile App

Finding your dream home that will go well with your lifestyle can be a stressful course. Searching for a desired property can now be just a tap away by installing the Lamudi mobile app for android phones. This app allows you to look up for homes you wish to buy on any device anytime.

Lamudi  Mobile App


Global real estate portal Lamudi recently launched an Android app Lamudi: Real Estate for Sale and Rent which hosts more than 400,000 property listings from Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. This app covers 28 countries from Lamudi’s global network, such as Indonesia, Myanmar, and of course, the Philippines – giving international house-hunters a free mobile platform to buy, rent or sell real estate on an Android device.


The unique property platform of Lamudi app is designed to meet the growing demand for mobile internet services in the emerging markets and is a world’s first mobile app to help house-hunters to find property on the go.  A key feature of the app is the match alert function, which notifies users as soon as a property that suits their needs hits the market. Users can also create a list of favorites to bookmark properties, which can be accessed at any time and on any device.


All listings feature high-quality photo galleries, detailed property information, maps, and multiple contact details for property owners or agents. House-hunters can also share their favourite properties with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.


Click here to download the Lamudi Android app.  You may also visit Lamudi Philippines on Facebook and Twitter

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