Hello! I am JM, a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Information Technology at AMA Computer College.

I love computers and gadgets and I am also a big fan of online and LAN games. I may not be a Tech guru but I am always updated with the latest news and trends in computing and gaming, the reason why www.technogrub.com was born. Through this blog I would be sharing my knowledge and experiences by creating tutorials, computer tips and tricks and reviews on the latest gadgets and technology.

My interest in computers and gadgets started when I was in fourth grade wherein my very first computer was running on Pentium 3, my foremost handheld gaming device was a GameBoy color and the initial gaming console I own was a Family Computer. I can still remember, before if you have a Nokia 5110 you’re cool, you’re cooler with a Nokia 3210, but having a Nokia 3310/3330 will make you the coolest kid in town along with the acetate and colorful backlight. Can you guess how old am I now? 😀

As the years go by, technology keeps on progressing, advancement gave way to rapid development of the latest gadgets and computers. People are looking forward to advanced and futuristic gadgets, so I’ll be talking more of these so called “new innovations”.


Please join me in exploring the wonderful world of today’s technology!

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