Tutorial: How to make a blog post sticky in Blogger

There are times that we want a blog post to remain at the top of the homepage for a certain period of time to announce important information to our readers and followers such as an upcoming event or a blog giveaway.

Creating a blog post sticky in Blogger is a simple and a quick task to do, just follow these easy steps.

  1. Login to your blogger account
  2. Select Posts on your dashboard  
        3. Click on the post that you want to be sticky, save it in draft then open it in Edit view.
        4. At the right pane of your post editor is the post settings, click published on then change the values to a future date of until when you would like it to appear on your homepage.
      5. Click done once you set the date and then click update.

Now your post will remain on top of your homepage until such period you set it on 🙂

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