A smart way to archive files

In order to maintain the good and fast performance of your computer, it is recommended to free-up some disk space in your frequently used hard drive from time to time. As files accumulate over time it consumes a large portion of disk space making it almost full, one of the major causes which may turn a computer to eventually load slowly. It is annoying to wait for files to open up longer than the usual, isn’t it?

Aside from backing up from an external hard disk or flash drives, I make use of the burning method.  Now that I am already using a netbook, I find it important for me to also buy an (ODD) external DVD/CD Writer to archive my important document files, photos, music, ebooks and more.  As per experienced, I trust The Liteon brand when it comes to dvdroms and writers.

This Liteon model eTAU108-32 2, 8x external top load DVD/CD writer I bought is Windows 7/2000/ XP/Vista and Linux compatible, moreover, it is a high speed USB 2.0 powered, great for a smart burn.

The price is also not too heavy on my pocket as it is only Php1,480 in local computer stores.


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