Protect your Electronic Christmas presents with Eaton 3S

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As a tradition, gift-giving brings more cheer and happiness during the Christmas season.  It is the time where most families are busy buying presents for their loved ones and friends. Everyone’s Holiday tech gift guide is sure to include the latest entertainment technology such as tablets, smart televisions or computers, but what about considering  a gadget like Eaton 3S that could protect all the Holiday electronics from power issues, support them through a blackout, and limit their impact on monthly energy bills?

The Eaton 3S battery backup and surge protector is affordable, energy-efficient and provides protection for up to 10 devices as well as devices connected to data lines. Additionally, the 3S’ EcoControl power outlets can control shutdown of accessory devices to save up to 30 percent in energy consumption.

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What’s next to come from Nokia?

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Though choosing a Nokia handset might no longer be as automatic as it was in the nineties, when they were the undisputed king of mobile phones in retailers like, it would be foolish to overlook them.  Though they are no longer competing at the very top table they have built up a solid stable of mobile phones that can fit a range of budgets and technological desires. Whether you’re looking for a smartphone or a simpler device you should definitely still keep an eye on the Nokia production line. Here’s some advice on what exactly to look for.

Asha 311

Nokia Asha 311
photo credits: Nokia

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3 Lesser Known Casino Games to Try

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Gambling is a fun pastime for many and a way to earn some extra cash all while having a good time. After playing the same old casino games over and over, you may grow tired of them and want to play something a bit different. In addition to the popular, well-known casino games that are out there such as Texas Hold’Em, Roulette and Blackjack, there are other lesser known games that are available for play at select casino facilities. Try your luck at games such as Chinese Poker, Keno and Aces High for a whole new gaming experience and the chance at winning amazing cash prizes.

Chinese Poker

casino game, chinese poker
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Chinese Poker, also sometimes known as Russian Poker, is a unique type of poker game that is available for play throughout Asia, the United States and parts of Australia. The overall aim of the game is to arrange the 13 cards in your hand into three different poker hands. Two hands will have five cards each and one hand will have three cards. These three hands must beat the corresponding hands of the other players in the game. Typically, there are four players in Chinese Poker and a standard 52-card deck is used to deal. Stakes are made in advance and are agreed upon by each player. The cards are then shuffled and dealt. When arranging your hands, they are known as the back hand, middle hand and front hand. The back hand must be better than the middle and the middle better than the front. Players then show their hands and a winner is determined.  Continue reading 3 Lesser Known Casino Games to Try

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