Protect your Electronic Christmas presents with Eaton 3S

As a tradition, gift-giving brings more cheer and happiness during the Christmas season.  It is the time where most families are busy buying presents for their loved ones and friends. Everyone’s Holiday tech gift guide is sure to include the latest entertainment technology such as tablets, smart televisions or computers, but what about considering  a gadget like Eaton 3S that could protect all the Holiday electronics from power issues, support them through a blackout, and limit their impact on monthly energy bills?

The Eaton 3S battery backup and surge protector is affordable, energy-efficient and provides protection for up to 10 devices as well as devices connected to data lines. Additionally, the 3S’ EcoControl power outlets can control shutdown of accessory devices to save up to 30 percent in energy consumption.

Eaton 3s 

Eaton 3s

Eaton 3s

More outstanding features and benefits of the sophisticated, sleek and savvy Eaton 3S are as follows:

Ease-of-use:  No complicated procedures, the plug-and-play functionality gives your electronic equipment automatic surge protection.

I already mentioned about EcoControl  power above but let me explain further how it works: Plug in your primary component, say your PC into the Master receptacle. Then plug in your supporting components, such as a printer, scanner, speakers, etc. to the Linked Control outlets. When the PC in the Master outlet is inactive or idle for an extended period of time or is shutdown the 3S will mechanically power down the items connected to the Linked control outlets, rewarding you with up to 30% in energy savings over a typical battery backup.

Modern design: The sleek, compact and versatile design of Eaton 3S complements modern office and home environment as it conveniently fits under a desk while other models can be wall-mounted.

But saving money on energy bills isn’t the only business benefit the 3S offers – it can prevent critical data loss due to power failure. The 550 VA and 750 VA units pack enough battery power to keep typical PCs running for 20 to 45 minutes, depending on model and configuration, allowing plenty of time to operate through most power disturbances or to conduct an orderly shutdown, or finish watching A Christmas Story for the 34th time.

Eaton 3S delivers high efficiency and energy-saving battery backup and surge protection for your premium home and office equipment

So, once unwrapped, the 3S is ready to operate with Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems. And, unlike most UPS products, the 3S’ features easily translate into home entertainment and office protection. If you want to learn more about the product visit

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  1. It’s good to know that more and more gadgets are released that promotes energy saving. With the way we consume energy is terrifying. We are too dependent on it and it’s really expensive. Electronic devices like this could save us a lot in our electric bill.

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