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An early Christmas present

My youngest son is now a teenager and at the age of 13 he is becoming more interested with mobile gadgets. One weekend, my husband and I overheard him through a telephone conversation with his friend that he wishes and long for a touch screen cell phone for his Christmas present.

Last week, my husband and I went on a lunch date then after devouring a sumptuous meal, we decided to walk around to window shop and to canvass as well a budget friendly yet a good touch screen mobile phone. Upon looking around, we saw a Samsung promo – When you buy a Samsung Galaxy Pocket now for only Php 4,990 you will get a free Samsung E1200T, definitely a great deal. My husband decided to buy it instantly before it gets out of stock. Anyway, Yahmir, our youngest son deserves a joyful Christmas present for he is doing good in school 🙂  

samsung galaxy pocket Christmas present

The Samsung Galaxy Pocket for Yahmir and the Samsung E1200T for my portable landline (lol). We were too excited and can’t wait until the Christmas eve so we gave him our Christmas gift in advance, provided that he will still abide by the house rules that is he can only use it along with his other handheld gaming gadgets and computer after he had finished studying and doing all his school homeworks.

Yahmir is indeed very happy that his wish come true with an early and unexpected Christmas present, yet actually it is a joyful reward for being a good son and a good student 🙂

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