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Difference between Static and Dynamic IP addresses

An Internet Protocol address or what is known as IP address is a numerical label or binary codes separated by three dots like for instance, 112.–.–.– which is assigned to each computer device and identifies that particular computer on the internet. Every computer requires an IP address to be able to connect to the internet.

The Internet Service Provider or ISP will assign your IP address either a Static or Dynamic depending on what plan have you availed. The difference between a static and dynamic address are as follows:  

Static IP Address

  • An IP address which is always the same everytime you connect on the internet. The binary number assigned is consistent and fixed over a period of time.
  • Most businesses consider a Static IP Address. However, it may pose a great security risk so security measures like firewalls are recommended to put in place.
  • Monthly rates are higher

Dynamic IP Address

  • An IP address which changes everytime you log on, it provides a temporary connection to the internet, and once you disconnect from the internet you will lose that particular address and will be re-allocated to another number from its available pool of numbers.
  • Dial up users are typically assigned with dynamic IP address
  • Most residential accounts are assigned with Dynamic IP Address.
  • Most Cable providers in the residential market offer dynamic IP addresses only.
  • Cheaper monthly rates.

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    1. My eldest son who is my co-author in this blog is an IT 🙂 In my case, I have learned a lot about computers, peripherals, hardware,software, etc. when we had our ICafe shop, things that I learned hands-on like trouble-shooting hardware/software and connectivity issues. Honestly, I only tackle topics which I knew and let my son do the rest 🙂

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