New technologies which are getting the IT professionals excited

From new product releases and innovations to improvements on existing technologies and products, every year proves to be an interesting year for technology. We are surely living in an era of cautionary innovation, and it won’t be long before we have a stable and more secure technology environment across personal and business platforms. And there are new technologies, which are getting the IT professionals excited.

Cloud computing

It was hazy, then well-defined, and now, more pervasive and highly popular. Cloud computing has grown to become an established presence in the activities of most IT professionals. With increased cloud technology applications and adoptions, there will be no surprises if everyone abandoned their infrastructure. Cloud computing will increase capacity and add capabilities to the IT industry without having to invest in new personnel, new infrastructure, or licensing new software.

Mobile computing

Desktops are already buried, laptops are nearing their death, but wireless technologies are becoming ubiquitous. The next couple of years are going to witness new advancements in mobile computing. Smartphone processing power is constantly exploding, app development booming, and new tablets popping up faster than you can think. The ability of your phone to communicate with your car, home and office is already a reality. Your phone will surely become a part of your life, if it hasn’t already.

And then there are mobile payment systems and near-field-communication. With more and more mobile wallets being rolled out, consumers are finding it easier to make purchases and use coupons with their Smartphones. Mobile-triggered consumer interactions are no longer the story but a day-to-day reality. New technologies such as QR codes and augmented reality that are modular and flexible are surely driving customer interactions. 


Offering the best and efficient way to handle graphic layout, multimedia and utilisation of local resources, HTML 5 is ushering in a new era of computing. The advancements in HTML5 are great news for innovative developers, but a curse for companies producing plug-ins. With HTML5, a constant and standard experience is created across all web-related devices providing consumers with media-rich mobile content. It’s no wonder advertisers, and publishers will have an array of media-rich tools for delivering content. This will eliminate the need to program differently for different devices.

Roll out of 4G mobile broadband

4G LTE networks is not just a buzzword, but something that will significantly change the mobile world. These networks will be almost 10 times faster than their 3G counterparts. This will certainly present an opportunity to deliver data-rich content and facilitate new opportunities that professionals haven’t even thought about. Mobile computing power will also increase. With data being accessed through a robust 4G connection, tablets and Smartphones will out-run their own hardware’s computing capabilities.

Of course there are other new technologies such as 3-D printing, virtualisation and enterprise software and robotics among others. The bottom line; these new technologies will provide more working opportunities for IT professionals. If you find yourself fascinated by new technological developments- why not begin a varied career in IT by contacting an IT recruitment agency.


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