Enhance listening experience with a high quality car stereo while on the road

Kenwood has long been a premier name in the audio industry, providing consumers with some of the highest quality products on the market. With the company’s foray into the mobile audio market, customers can expect more of the same quality for their cars and marine vehicles. Kenwood Stereo has a number of products that will enhance listening experience while on the go and keep audio components safe at the same time. Many of the company’s car stereos come with anti-theft devices that sound alarms when thieves try to pry components from dashboards.

State-of-the-art features in Kenwood car stereos and CD changes include iPod/iPhone Direct Control, front auxiliary and USB inputs. Some also have Pandora and HD radio capabilities. Customers can enhance their listening experience even more with Kenwood’s full range of car tweeters, subwoofers, coaxial and full-range speakers.

car stereo

The company also manufactures a full range of video components suitable for use in many vehicles. These include in-dash video, rear seat entertainment systems to entertain young passengers on long rides and rear view cameras to enhance safety. In-dash navigation products have Bluetooth compatibilty, with many also featuring Wi-Fi connectivity.

Kenwood’s marine receivers and associated audio products provide the same quality fund in products for land vehicles. These components and speakers are guaranteed to work under even the harshest marine conditions.

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