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E-Shisha: Hot Smoking Device with a Caffeine Hit

One of the oldest ways of using Tobacco is it’s being smoked through a shisha. Its practice has been noted since the early 16th century in the Middle Eastern countries. Shisha’s are smoking contraptions that can be a little inconvenient to carry around. You will notice the popularity of Shisha bars that display their wares so that shisha smokers and those who are curious can try it. Shisha smoking sessions is very relaxing for some people and it can involve time and effort for its preparations. But these days, you can find Shisha sticks that give the same traditional waterpipe smoking experience in a non-nicotine, caffeine infused and very convenient personal devices.


E-Shisha is slowly taking the lime light as it becomes a favorite new device for the fashionable young crowd. It is handy and comes in a discreet personal pen-sized device yet it is packed with all the great experience of the traditional shisha. What’s more is that you can find one that is infused with caffeine to give you more energy whenever you need it.

These magic devices are actually disposable, non-nicotine e-cigarette types with what appears to be a diamond tip. They also come in fashionable colors and are available in flavors such as blueberry, peach, grape and strawberry. These flavors can easily give those serious Shisha users a chance to enjoy a healthier alternative without losing on the real flavor and aroma.

E-Shisha can last up to 300 to 500 puffs and with the new caffeine infused ones, you can save on more or less 15 cans of energy drink with just a few puffs from your very own magic sticks. You can easily find e-cigarettes offering the same convenience and ease of use, but unique caffeine infused E-Shishas can help you get an energy boost, combat tiredness and fatigue easily.

There are smokers who are known to rely on their cigarettes for relaxation and sometimes to have a break from the monotony of their daily job. But there are also places and instances that prevent them from having even a short cigarette break. With electronic shishas, smokers can now puff some smoke and inhale some energy into their system even if they are indoors. You also don’t have the worry about the legality of its use, you can proudly say that your e-shisha device is not a health hazard because it doesn’t contain nicotine and the other harmful chemicals that comes with the usual cigarette or shisha. You can find more flavors for your vaping experience at https://www.smokshop.com/.


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  1. I have only read about e-cigarettes in posts like this but I have never really seen one… and I don’t know of anyone who use them– I wonder how different it is from the usual cigarettes.

  2. I’m not familiar with this but is there smoke when you use it? We encounter an e-cigarette user and the smoke made my daughter cough, we’re inside the mall. :/

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