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Google Toolbar PageRank Update Rolled Out

December 6, 2013 Google has updated the Toolbar PageRank values. The whole SEO community, social media outlets and web publishers were startled as an unexpected PR Update rolled out.

It was now over 10 months when the last Toolbar PageRank had an update. Google’s head of search spam Matt Cutts said on Twitter last October 7, 2013 that an update would not happen again within the last months of 2013. Yet, December 7, 2013 he confirmed the update on Twitter, he said the “team was fixing a different backend service and did a PR update along the way.” They said it was just easier for them to push the new PR data rather than keep the old data.”

An unanticipated new PageRank data was brought up to date. This made me happier as Techno Grub improved its Google’s PageRank from PR 1 it is now PR 2 🙂

So, when is the next update? That still remains to be a big ?.


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  1. Most of my blogs were status quo but the one with the highest PR got raped. LOL! I already got used to the sea saw battle with Mighty G for many years now. Nothing’s new to me anymore. Congrats on your gained PR! Way to go!

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