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Top tips for designing a mobile app

Whether you’re enjoying a game of virtual pool on the way to work, or a spot of online shopping in the park, rarely a day goes by where we don’t interact with an app. There are millions of them out there, filling Google Play and the App Store, but have you ever considered designing your own? If so, here are some top tips for creating a unique, slick, and usable app.

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Central to the success of any app is the user experience. It goes without saying that if your users don’t like it, your creation won’t do so well amongst the high flyers of the industry. 

Designing your own application is undoubtedly difficult, especially if you aren’t an IT whiz. However, there are options out there. Professional companies like Nashtech specialise in application development and can help you produce professional and usable applications that are designed around the user’s needs.


Getting the design right is only half of the battle: it needs to work too. An app that is constantly force-closing and freezing will be of no use to anyone. Any bugs or glitches can seriously affect its popularity, so it is vital that you extensively test your product to ensure that it is in perfect working order.


If you’re a regular user, you will be familiar with the little notifications you receive asking whether you want to leave feedback about the application. While we may ignore these messages in favour of continuing our game, it is actually vital to the maintenance and improvement of the app itself.

Once you have designed and created your app, actively encourage users to leave feedback. Potential downloaders will not think highly of an application that has minimal reviews in the App Store, nor will they install anything that only features negative comments.

If you’re interested in learning more, take a look at our apps section.

mobile app
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  1. Anything about gadgets, technology and all that kind of stuff, count me out. It’s my lack of interest, I guess. But maybe one day, I’ll get interested. Good for you, you’re sinking into it and having fun doling out tips.

  2. wish i have time to create a mobile app, and I surely would, somehow, I have so many ideas but could not put them in reality. and yes, i hate apps that closes a lot 🙂

  3. LOL i really don’t know about apps or google play the one downloaded games and apps in my phone are my kids. Oh they are so expert on that. LOL and I just there to play hehehehe

  4. My son would be very interested in this post for he really is amazed about apps. He is a definite lover of apps and would always wonder on how to create, design and learn more about them.

  5. Awesome! I admire the brilliance of these people who were able to design their own apps. I am no techy- savvy person but I always wished I am. LOL!

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