Is Small and Stylish Always Best?

In the world of technology we’ve been blown away by some of the products to hit the market in recent years. Whether it’s a laptop that comes with a super-fast processor, a tablet that features retina display, a smartphone that will let you take a photo and send it to all of your contacts and post it on all of your social media accounts within seconds, or a designer USB flash drive from someone like who will even let you tailor your stick to look like yourself or the person you’re giving it to; we’ve seen some amazing innovations.


small and stylish


We’ve also seen a lot of changes to tech as we know it, watching devices change from relatively large, solid objects into tiny little things that you barely notice are in your hand because they’re so lightweight; and things that are so important to us and stylishly designed that they’re becoming more like fashion accessories than gadgets.

Everywhere you look there is someone listening to a portable music device, whether that’s an iPod or they’re playing their favourite tracks through their phones; and if they’re not listening to music they’re almost certainly doing something that involves a mobile phone – most likely to be a smartphone these days – and that could be anything from sending a Tweet, uploading a picture to Instagram, playing a game, making a bank transfer or sending an email, the possibilities are endless and as such people can’t leave their phones alone.


The question is, with everything getting smaller and lighter, do they lose their style or just get more and more stylish with every fresh update? Many consumers believe that the latest updates to their important gadgets have actually made them less stylish with developers spending more time on filling them with amazing built-in features than working on the bits they can actually see when they’re laid on the table in front of them. Others, however, have been particularly thankful for the style being left alone or modified slightly, with devices such as the latest iPhones featuring two-tone colour schemes and the new 5C (the cost-effective option), coming in a wide range of different colours rather than the traditional black or white options that Apple have become famous for.


Cameras are also on the list of essential gadgets, and even these are getting smaller with every release. You see the professional-standard devices that require their own carry cases in order to move them around, and then you look at the smaller ones that fit in a handbag and think “how have they done that”, yet given the choice of which you would buy, you’d automatically head for the smaller model because it just looks much more stylish, even if the professional model is of a higher quality.


The fact is, small and stylish is the chosen approach, even if it isn’t always best. As with the previous example, professionals would always choose the larger camera because of what it can do. The everyday man on the street, however, would choose the device that looks cool and fits in a coat pocket because it’s much easier to use; and that is what the manufacturers are offering – style and sophistication in user-friendly form. What the public wants…the public gets.

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  1. For me, it still depends – there are times, I tend to be an old school where in I go for something that is much mor effective even though it doesn’t look good as much. Also, sometimes being simple is better than being overly stylish as most of those would have problems and bugs lol.

  2. It has become more of functionality over form these days. I am one of the few, I guess, who doesn’t mind if the techy gadgets I own are less stylish than the older versions. I am after the features and functions. So, whatever the device or gadget update, it will always be fine by me to stick to the newer, sleeker and smaller ones.

    Merry Christmas Ate Joy and family!

  3. Most of the time, I prefer bigger gadget and electronics rather over the small and stylish ones. I choose headsets that are bulky, I’d choose a desktop over a laptop and a bulky camera over the trendy ones. I don’t know why, maybe because I find them more sturdy looking. And when it comes to laptop, I squint my eyes on the small screen.

  4. Hubby always choose smaller and stylish gadgets. But the most important thing that he is so fussy about are the features of a certain device. Newer versions will be better for sure.

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