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How to Save a Copy of your Facebook Look Back Video

The personalized Look Back video has been a smashing hit to Facebook users. It is indeed a wonderful one minute history of our time in Facebook.  It will be a good idea to save a copy of the film as a keepsake isn’t it?

If you would like to save a copy of your customized film, then just follow the easy steps below.


First Step: Using a Chrome Browser, go to and copy the code or just simply copy the code below:


var xLBD = {};

xLBD.c = function (){

xLBD.f = unescape(document.querySelector(“[flashvars]”).getAttribute(“flashvars”)).substring(7);

xLBD.f = JSON.parse(xLBD.f.substring(0, xLBD.f.lastIndexOf(“}”) + 1)).video_data[0].hd_src;

xLBD.a = “<div style=’position:absolute;top:100px;height:300px;left:15%;background:#fff;border:10px solid #000;font-size:5em;padding:100px;’>Click <a download=’lookback.mp4′ href='”+xLBD.f+”‘>here<\/a> to download your lookBack video.</div>”;

document.body.innerHTML += xLBD.a;


if(document.readyState == “complete”)


else window.onload = xLBD.c;


Second Step: Go to


Third Step: Press Ctrl+Shift-J on the Look Back Page, a bar will open at the bottom of the screen


Fourth Step: Click Console




Fifth Step: Paste the code that you copied on step one, press Ctrl+V after the blue arrow, then press Enter.



Sixth Step: A new screen will pop up saying “Click here to download your lookBack video” Click “here” or right click on it and choose save as. Choose the drive and the folder where you want to save your video, do not forget to type on a file name then click save.




There you go, you may now upload your saved copy to your youtube channel or embed it on your website. Share and enjoy 🙂


Here’s my personalized Facebook Look Back Video that I saved on my disk and shared on youtube 🙂

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  1. very nice! i have seen this everywhere on my facebook but haven’t tried to look for mine hahaha nice tutorial! will try to have a look mine soon!

  2. This is interesting and I am sure helpful to those who have enjoyed their videos! Me? I haven’t really looked at mine pa. I care less! LOL. Maybe I should look at it ano baka mapag-desisyunan ko ding i-save? I am sure this tips you just shared will be helpful! 🙂

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