Who needs a Satellite phone?

The advancement of cell phone technology brought immense innovation in terms of global communication. However, cell phones require cellular towers and connection depends on varying signal strength. For places and situations where landline or cell phone service is either unavailable or has been disrupted – a Satellite phone is the answer.


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Sat phones like mobile phones provide the same functionality such as voice, text messaging, and internet access. This device is about the same size of a cell phone and lightweight too. It can work just about anywhere around the globe as it does not rely on a cellular tower instead this phone send out and transfer data directly via a satellite connection orbiting in Earth space. In order for the sat phone to work well inside a building or inside your car, an external antenna is needed to be installed to gain access to the line-of-site to one of the satellites.


Customarily, sat phones are used by the government, military, humanitarian services like search and rescue organizations, private institutions and industries like cruises, boaters, shippers, mining, transportation and more. Due to global warming that results to violent swings in weather conditions which most often inflict havoc in telecommunications and power supply, an increasing number of individuals are buying and subscribing to affordable sat phone plans. Preparedness and capability to communicate is utmost important in cases of emergencies and catastrophe.


Satellite phone purchase is not limited to commercial or government use. If you are a frequent traveler and would like to own a sat phone, it is best to obtain it in one of the truly global and reliable networks like satellite phone iridium. However, do not forget to take into consideration of the following criteria before acquisition: Cost of handset, airtime cost/pricing, data capabilities and other features and its mode of payment whether prepaid or postpaid. Having a reliable telecommunication gadget can offer the peace of mind that a dependable communication is always there.

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  1. i love the idea of satellite phone, we are actually before thinking of getting a few for our more “wilderness” hikes, as we don’t know what could happen in the trails.

  2. Satellite phones are indeed great alternative to cell phones especially for frequent travelers and those who loves to trek into the wilderness. Are they affordable?

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