Reliable Power for your Business

Electrical power is vital to America’s industry and well being. Continuous uninterrupted power is even more vital as we’ve discovered through so many brownouts and power failures. Thomas & Betts Power helps provide power stability in many situations.


power for your business

Data Centers

Data centers are critical industries in which a stable power source is vital. Losing power for even a short period of time can corrupt critical data important to defense, industry, and life systems. Power surges are able to erase that important data. An example of this important data is that contained in the data banks of banking entities. Loss of power or a surge in power can cause records of banking transactions to be erased and corrupted. Banks routinely back up their data and keep it in a safe place, but even a brief outage can cause hundreds of transactions to be erased. This necessitates reconstruction of records laboriously by using paper trails that have been generated.
The experts at Thomas & Betts produce and install the following products to protect your data:

  • Digital static transfer switches
  • Integrated systems
  • Power distribution
  • Remote power distribution
  • Circuit management
  • Distribution cabling


Industrial UPS

These are electrical devices that insure properly conditioned, uninterrupted Alternating Current power to installations through the use of inline battery installations that respond immediately to power fluctuations. They are used to provide reliable power to government installations as well as offshore oil rigs and industrial applications.


Custom Solutions

When desired by the customer, Power Solutions can design a customized system. The process follows the following steps:

Close work with the customer to understand his or her needs and desires
Developing designs that meet the needs of the customer
Delivering a product that is backed by Power Solutions’ nationwide service network

Power Solutions can present a service to their customers that addresses power quality issues inexpensively and efficiently. Their knowledge helps you in your particular business deal with your power needs whether those needs occur in Wyoming or off the coast of Mississippi in the Gulf. The repair and servicing provided by Power Solutions is exceptional.


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  1. Sis,
    Though my husband works in the power company, still our electric is not own by where he works 🙁 Unfortunately, he still cannot fix our own line 🙁 I go nuts when the power is out when I am preparing dinner. It gets worst hen you own a business and suddenly the power is out 🙁 Thanks for service like you mention, business still continues to serve the costumers and for them not to loss their money 🙂

  2. In today’s day and age when technology plays a huge part in the running of our business, it is a must to have the right knowledge in how these technology works. The disruption and loss of power supply is something that we don’t want to experience for sure.

  3. I can just imagine the financial impact it does on businesses when power failure ensues. Power interruption does affect a homeowner like me, so I ‘m sure it’s even worst for businesses.

  4. To be honest, I can’t relate myself to this topic somehow but to have a stable power is important to every business to keep them going and to have a reliable power company is more important since most of the businesses will know where to go.

  5. This post reminded me of the present ordeal my family is experiencing. It sucks when rotational outages take place. That is the current situation there in Mindanao. Businessmen are crying ouch! Consumers have had enough! The government can’t even come to their rescue. Sigh! I am sorry for the litany. Apektado lang hahaha! Naalala ko kasi ung times na nandon pako at panay ang brownout 4x a day! Talagang malala!

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