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Verifying Site Ownership via Google Webmaster Tools

In order to keep track and analyze a website’s performance on Google search engine, it is important to first verify your site ownership. Recently, Google launched a Google Webmaster Tools plugin available for WordPress users. Once ownership for a website has been verifed, the website owner will be able to –

  • improve the quality of the site
  • will be able to diagnose site’s potential problems
  • manage how you wish and prefer your site to be indexed
  • can be able to remove sitelinks from Google search results and can request a change in crawl rate
  • Specify the geographic region targeted by your site

google webmaster tools

Websites can make use of widgets and plugins to optimize the pages and enhance its SEO potential. WordPress users may specifically add Google Webmaster Tool plugin so that Google will know about the site and easily index web pages. It is public knowledge that Google still is the most preferred search engine that people use around the world. So with your pages indexed, when a search related to your tags is made, you will always make it on the top list of pages that Google suggests for the searcher.


Building a website on a WordPress platform is easy and convenient so adding and verifying ownership via Google Webmaster Tools plugin will be less of a hassle for you too especially if you have a little knowledge on html and codes. With this tool, you can evaluate how your website performs on Google search engines and get plenty of ideas on how you can further enhance your site. Presently, WordPress is an open source content management system that constantly being enhanced and upgraded by users through widgets and plugins, so take advantage of this handy WP Plugin and make the most of your websites’ internet presence.

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