Why Buy An A3 Printer?

You might be thinking to yourself that you don’t actually need an A3 printer, because most of the stuff that you print out is in A4. This may well be true, but there are actually many uses for an A3 printer that its older brother simply cannot do well (or at all)!


A3 printer
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The thing is, a lot of businesses, organisations and even individuals could do with having an A3 printer in their possession because it helps them to be more productive. Here are some of the most-common reasons why it makes perfect sense to get an A3 printer.


Blueprints and drawings

If you are an architect or illustrator, one of your daily tasks will be to print out some drawings or illustrations from your computer onto paper.

Although for some people using an A4 printer is perfectly fine for the job, having an A3 printer will help you to facilitate your printing needs because you have more paper real estate to print on, and you avoid having to stick two bits of A4 paper together!



Many folks get any posters printed out by a local printing firm, but if you print them out on a regular basis it can be more cost-effective to buy your own A3 printer and print the posters out yourself!

And if you need to print large volumes of A3 posters, you will be pleased to note that A3 printers are considerably quicker to print stuff out these days than older models. It’s also worth noting that the colour produced by A3 printers is pretty phenomenal!



If you run an organisation such as a library or a business venue with copying, faxing and Internet facilities, having an A3 printer will help you to increase your bottom line. Why? Because many people will want to print photographs out on a large scale, and A4 printing just doesn’t cut it really.

I also have friends that run picture framing stores and quick often they get asked by their customers to print out high-quality images of friends and relatives, or places they’ve been to that they want to put in picture frames to hang up on the walls of their homes.



One of the great things about A3 printers is that they can be utilised to produce some pretty cool signs! These signs can be used for a variety of purposes, such as for motivating employees in offices, directing people to specific rooms in buildings, and even as part of mood boards used by creatives when coming up with design concepts for their clients.



Some people are under the impression that A3 printers can cost thousands or even tens of thousands, but they would be surprised to learn just how affordable A3 printers really are these days!


Thanks to efficient manufacturing processes used by printer manufacturers, the cost of building an A3 printer has come down in recent years and so those same printer makers can pass on the savings to you, the consumer.


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