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The Information Technology department of any modern business is vulnerable to cyber attacks. Even government agencies and banks have been hacked by rogue agents. Therefore, it is important for businesses to secure their networks with the latest cyber security measures that are available. First of all, the onsite network in an office should be protected by technology such as Firewall and encryption. A Firewall prevents any external users from logging into a wired or wireless network that consists of personal computers and other hardware. Firewall technology essentially limits network access to the hardware in a physical office space. It is impossible for anyone sitting outside of an office to try and log into a network.


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Inside an office, encryption technology is used to secure usernames and passwords on each computer. In order to use the local area network of an office, a user must enter some unique information. Every time a username and pass code is entered, a random 256 bit encryption is generated. Such technology essentially prevents any hackers from decoding wireless information that is transmitted inside an office network. Without encryption protection, a hacker may sit outside of an office building and detect wireless signals that carry information about a network’s passwords. The wireless signals could be easily decoded from binary language into standard characters.

IT department protection also involves creating a disaster recovery plan. For example, databases can be automatically backed up to physical onsite servers or external hard drives that are located in third party locations. Cloud networks offer excellent data backup solutions. On a daily basis, important files are automatically saved onto virtual storage space that is linked to physical secure servers. Without cloud storage, businesses run the risk of losing their databases. After all, power failure can disable any onsite servers and hard drivers that are located inside a company’s office., the official website of Cal Net Technology Group, is an example of a service that provides IT and cloud solutions for businesses and other enterprises.


The IT staff at any business should carefully monitor the log status of a network. For example, multiple failed log in attempts raise a red flag. It’s unlikely for an employee to forget a username and password that’s used daily. After multiple failed log in tries, a computer should be automatically disabled to prevent any further attempts to access a secure network of a modern office space.


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