Businesses that Don’t Embrace Mobile Print Technologies Could Be Left Behind

Rapidly, the world is going mobile. Businesses that want to keep up are having to change the way they operate and mobile print technologies are helping them do just that.

Multi-function printers (MFP) have become a well-established prerequisite for most successful organisations.


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With auto duplex print and scan functions, touch-screen controls, security features, Green energy ratings, long-life components and Managed Print Solutions offered by equipment suppliers, most MFP’s are a cost-efficient and user-friendly asset to any business.

But, mobile print technologies look set to help companies capitalise on these functions by improving the ways in which they can create, store and produce digital or hard copy documents to increase efficiency on an unprecedented scale.

Corporations in any industry that don’t embrace these new technologies could quickly find themselves left behind as their competitors race forward and make the most of these developments.

Mobile print solutions allow users to scan, copy or fax documents from almost anywhere in the world and are likely to transform the MFP from a very useful, to an utterly indispensable piece of office equipment for any company that wants to remain competitive.

Print equipment manufacturers and the producers of all phone, tablet, laptop and PC operating platforms recognise the potential and are releasing free downloads and apps to make sure their technologies aren’t left behind by the mobile revolution.

Microsoft, Apple and Google have all developed apps which enable users to print digital content remotely from any internet capable device, including Office documents, PDF files, HTML pages, SMS/MMS files or any image or document stored in various Cloud technologies.

These mobile print services will allow individuals to stay productive and work from any location, and with the introduction of the new Mopria Alliance, that productivity will soon become maximised across all operating platforms.

The Mopria Alliance is a non-profit organisation which acts as a hub for various print equipment manufacturers and software producers to create cohesive programs which interact seamlessly with one another.

Their aim is to streamline and consolidate the print industry by “developing specifications for existing standards, promoting interoperability among mobile and print devices” and operating “a Certification Program to foster compliance” on a global scale.

Already supported by industry leaders including Konica Minolta, Hewlett Packard, Samsung, Canon and Xerox among others, the organisation unites printer platforms and solutions to equip businesses with the tools to trade, operate and communicate efficiently.

Konica Minolta, an executive member of the Mopria Alliance, said in a statement that this organisation will enhance “usability and productivity in the office by strengthening compatibility between multi-function peripherals (MFP) and mobile devices.”

This increased compatibility will enable businesses to perform and compete in any market and could help drive international growth and support organisations to adopt cost-saving flexible working practices for their employees.

The software, which is already available in the award winning Konica Minolta Bizhub range, complements the equipment’s unprecedented print speed and quality and is making it a popular choice for small to large scale businesses across the UK.

To find out more about how mobile print technologies can benefit your business and keep you at the forefront of developments in your industry, contact CopyLogic, the UK’s business partner of Konica Minolta to discuss the right print system for your business.

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