The Secrets to Expanding Your Client Base

While it’s quite obvious that more customers equates to more profits, it may not be immediately apparent how to achieve this goal. With the right tactics and attitude though, you can reach out and connect with the public in a highly effective manner. To help you improve your corporate prospects, here are a few ways in which you can expand your client base in the future. Remember that this is just general advice, and some tweaks may have to be made for your particular company or sector.


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Boost the Public’s Confidence

If someone is indifferent or confused about your business, chances are low that they will actually buy anything from you. Instead, you have to build up an image of quality, reliability and value so that people are more easily persuaded to give you their money. Whether advertising online or through client phone calls, give the public a solid reason to use your company’s products or services. Repeatedly go over your advantages and they will then have more chance of making a transaction. Be clear about what you can offer, eliminate their hesitation about what you offer, and make that important sale.


Become More Visible

So that you build up a solid, reliable brand image, you’ll need to situate your marketing material in as many places as possible. The more an individual sees your ads, the more likely it is that they will make a purchase (as long as those ads are subtle and non-invasive as well!) Use billboards, make a blog, phone up past customers; do everything that you can to reach out to the public to let them know about your products or services. By thinking about the right strategy, you can also do all of this in a cost effective manner.


Eliminate Any Distrust

You’ll also need to take measures to avoid any negative publicity that can result from your marketing efforts. For example, if you’ve released a new promotion, you may experience a massive surge in enquiries. Here, overflow call handling can be a great way to deal with the excess in customer correspondence while still maintaining your high quality of service. If something does go wrong, act on it as soon as possible, offering to rectify the situation as best as you can. Research has shown that a customer who experiences unsatisfactory service still has a high chance of returning if the matter is dealt with promptly and willingly.


Show Your Enthusiasm

Since making a purchase is an emotional thing, the more positive feelings you pump into the sale, the more likely it is to be successful. If you are passionate about what you can offer, and enthusiastically go over the benefits of your products, services and your company, the customer will then tap into that. Whether via the internet or over your office phone lines, you should let the public know how they can gain a higher quality of life by choosing your company and buying whatever you offer. This positive spin will play a huge role in how successful your marketing campaign actually is.


Create a Deadline

Since most people tend to procrastinate and delay with purchases, you should always instil a sense of urgency before making a sale. Let the customer know this promotion is only around for a short period of time or that stocks are limited. This will then force them to make a quick decision and hopefully buy your product. Applying for all areas, including online deals and phone promotions, this added deadline should work very well when combined with the positive image you’ve created through the above techniques.

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