Choosing the Right Signage for Your Business

Your business storefront is the first sign that your customers will see, and it will give them a good idea of what your business is about. There are many types of storefront signs available, and choosing the right one is a matter of matching your ideas to the needs of your business.

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Know the Rules

Your town or city may have certain rules about what type of signage you can use for your business. In historic areas, you may be required to use wooden signage or prohibited from using neon in your sign. Other regulations may designate how much frontage you can use for your sign or outlaw certain types of signs altogether. If you are leasing a building, check with the landlord to find out if there are any restrictions on your signage. Otherwise, check with the city clerk to find out what the rules are before you invest in a new sign.


Keep the Theme in Mind

The signage you use for a children’s boutique is going to be much different than what you would use for a fitness studio. Wooden and hand painted signs denote upscale offerings, antiques and high end style. Neon signs suggest fun, excitement and high energy. Awnings are often used in cafes, coffee shops and restaurants to shade outdoor patrons from the elements. Whatever style you choose, be sure that it reflects the mission of your business.


Pros and Cons of Signage Types

If you are hoping to learn more about signage management, there are reputable sites that will teach you how to choose the right one for your business. Glass decals etched onto your store windows add a a touch of class, but may be difficult to see from the street. There window decals are popular with bakeries, boutiques and other small shops. Wooden, shingle-type signage is great for small businesses and consulting firms, but repeated exposure to the elements means that you will have to replace them frequently due to wear and tear.

Metal signs can be great for most businesses and can be designed with large fonts that allow your customers to see them from far away. Some people choose to forego a sign altogether and affix letters to the outside of the building. This can work as an economical way to advertise your business.

Whatever sign you choose, be sure to get one that will make your customers flock to your business.

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