The Birth Of Heartbeat-Based Identification

Identification is considered to be one of the most important assets that a person could have. This is the very reason why we have our names being registered right after birth. However, gone are the days of evidences in black and white because its authenticity has longed been compromised.

Another unique way of identifying authenticity is our fingerprints. Accordingly, no two individuals have the same fingerprint pattern. Thus, this gave way to the invention of touch sensitive gadgets that can only be accessed by the owner’s saved fingerprint.

Since innovation is never-ending, developers were able to come up with another way of knowing the accurate identity of a gadget’s owner. This is through the use of ECG biometrics. It basically identifies people by taking note of their cardiac rhythm.


ECG Biometrics
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Researchers found out that even though human beings have a general ECG (electrocardiogram) graph shape, each of them have varied spike measurements. It stays over time and remains even if there a change in the heart rate.

This has been eyed to be the best biological ID next to the fingerprints. The gadget’s owner will just spend few seconds touching the recording sensor using a finger from both hands and it’s good to go.

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