8 SEO Tricks to Increase Your Web Traffic



A good Montreal SEO company can help you improve your rankings on search engines like Google and Yahoo. There are also a number of tricks you can employ in conjunction with their advice. If you’re ready to take your website to the next level, here are just eight strategies for mastering modern-day SEO.


1: Use Less Competitive Keywords

A very general keyword like “textbooks” won’t improve your web ranking; too many sites have co-opted it already. Instead, use more specialized variations like “geometry textbooks” or “used textbooks for cheap.” You can corner the market on them.


2: Use Meta Descriptions

If you aren’t stuffing SERP-friendly phrases into your tags, titles and site descriptions, you’re missing out on easy opportunities to improve your keyword density. Most people won’t even notice them, but you’ll still reap their rewards.


3: Employ Headings and Subheadings

Search engines love headers; they tell the brand’s algorithms how to classify and categorize the site. If you want Google to pay attention to your growing business, start using headers optimized with critical keywords.


4: Format Your Text

In the same vein as the above, search engines appreciate well-formatted content just as much as customers do. If your typical paragraphs run for more than 2-3 sentences, it’s time to start shortening them or breaking them up with lists and bullet points.


5: Go Deep

Deep research into the analytics of your site will reveal how you can optimize your content and course-correct any mistakes. If you don’t know how to complete deep research by yourself, ask a company like httpFusion.


6: Use Keywords With Your Images

A single image can hold a multitude of keywords. Your first step should be the image filename itself; instead of uploading it as “392737.jpg,” rename it to “businessplanning1.jpg.” Then include alt text in the form of “increase your revenue with these unique business strategies!”


7: Change Your URL is a much friendlier advertisement than Visitors, search engines and even shareholders will appreciate the more descriptive version.


8: Link, Link, Link

Ingoing and outgoing links are how search engines classify “authoritative” sources. The more people are referencing you, the more they assume that you know what you’re talking about, and the higher your SERPs will be.


These are just eight tips for better SEO. In today’s economy, you can’t achieve anything on the Internet without understanding how search engines work, so modify your SEO habits until they conform to the web’s new standards.

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