Technology that is revolutionizing your daily chores

Nowadays technologies have developed so much, that it is hard for anyone to imagine his life without them. The machines, devices and applications, which ease our lives are numerous, new and more modernized are being invented every day. Here I am going to present some of the best technology inventions these days, which can be used for revolutionizing your daily chores.


The Roomba is a gadget, designed for cleaning floors, hoovering carpets and mopping all floor surface. It can be used instead of a vacuum cleaner, a mop and it will maintain your home for less time and efforts. It can be applied on every floor surface multiple times. After navigating it, the Roomba moves freely and saves a lot of time. It vacuums very well the floor, cleans bare floorings and mops them. There are plenty of cleaning robots, available in the markets. They can be programmed to clean certain rooms by being monitored from a distance through the smartphone.


The Roomba at large
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ECOVACS Winbot is a cleaning device for windows – another smart technology, which saves time and does wonderful job. Using it is easy – switching on, setting the robot on the window and pushing start is enough. There are devices, specially created for windows on higher than the ground floor.


The Spotter is a multi-purpose technology, which can be connected to your smartphone and trigger various actions. It can be used to supervise motion, sound, light, humidity and temperature and control what’s happening inside the home. Through the phone the Spotter can notify with a sound alarm, for example, when the dishes are cleaned, the washing machine is ready with the laundry or when any other chore is completed or started.


Along with the modern lawn mowers for maintaining the grass length, there is a device for cleaning leafs from the front meadow. The leaf blower removes all leaves with just one click of the button. It can be navigated for working with higher or lower power, depending on the quantity of leaves you want to clean from your lawn. The batteries of the tool can replaced without any efforts and this machine can run for a long time, till it does the necessary work. The leaf blower is very useful in the autumn for cleaning meadows from the fallen leaves.


There are many applications for controlling the kitchen and other appliances remotely. They can inform you what’s inside your fridge so you will know what you need to buy, do the laundry remotely by turning on the washing machine through your smartphone and take care of many other daily chores. After connecting your smartphone with the devices in your home, you can control them and use them with just one click, from a distance.



TaskRabbit is a platform, which reminds of cleaning chores, informs about different things like delivery services and can be a very useful web technology. There are many other applications, which can be very helpful in organizing your daily chores.


The technology inventions, which are available in the markets and are created with the aim of revolutionizing your daily chores, are various. From cooking, laundry, cleaning, washing dishes and the rest of your daily chores, new devices and appliances are created with fast steps, for making them easy. They can make our lives a lot simpler. Without them nowadays life seems impossible. Cleaning robots can function as a mop cleaner and vacuum cleaner at the same time, and take less time and efforts. They are smaller in size and easy to be used even by Professional Cleaning Services. Web applications offer a lot of information for different services  everyone can use. They can be helpful in finding the nearest laundry service, restaurant, store and etc.

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