Home improvement apps to help your inner handyman

There are many home improvement apps which can be used to help you find your inner handyman. In this article I am going to describe some of them and their features, so you will know how to use them. The home improvement applications can be used for various handyman work like fixing leaking sinks, decorating of you rooms and many other things. Nowadays more people are using DIY apps for various home improvement projects.


The first application I am going to recommend you is The Handyman Calculator. It works on Android systems and can be helpful in making calculations, estimating square footage, understanding how much materials you will need for your home improvement projects. This may be replacing the tiles in the bathroom, hardwood floor fitting or painting the walls in your rooms. All you need to do is provide the proper measurements and let this app do the calculations for you.


Similar to The Handyman Calculator is the Home Improvement Calcs application, which is available in iTunes. It has more than 74 000 pre-set functions, which will help you in your projects. This app offers a lot of useful illustrations, explaining the calculations better.


You can avoid visiting your home improvement market and order the materials you need through some application online like London Construction Cleaners do. Both Home Depot and Lowes offer a lot of apps for iOS and Android , which can be used for shopping, buying and having delivered different materials for your home improvement projects.


House Maintenance Schedule is an application for maintaining your house and reminding you for the upcoming  projects. You can use it to remind you when is time for cleaning the down-spout, flush the water heater and many other house maintenance jobs. The app is available in Android and is inexpensive.


Another app which will help your inner handyman uncover is the Family Handyman DIY Tip Genius. It is designed for iPad and iPhone and offers more than 300 tips and ideas how to cope with your home improvement projects.


An application that can do your measurements of rooms, degree angles and different areas is iHandy. It is available on Apple and Android and is inexpensive, but paid app. Another app for taking measurements, but in a easier and technologically advanced way is MagicPlan. It is a free application, working both on Apple and Android, which you can use to measure your rooms, after taking pictures of them. It can also make drawings of your floor plan, giving you the opportunity to add items and to create the interior positioning of your furniture and rooms at home.

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Snapguide is an application, which can be used for creating, sharing and researching different DIY projects. In this category fall gardening, lifestyle, home improvement, fashion, arts, crafts, sport, fitness and many other topics. You can find many projects, tips, advice and tricks how to realize your ideas. This app is free and is available on Apple.


All of these apps are useful for your home improvement projects and help in finding your inner handyman. But if you consider some of them unnecessary, all of the apps are easy for cleaning from your operating system. Cleaning them can be done by uninstalling the app from your mobile device. With just one click, the app you want to uninstall will be deleted and all its components erased from your smartphone, tablet, iPhone or other device you use. Once you try a certain app, you can estimate if you will need it or not. You can check your device for unnecessary and rarely used apps and get rid of them, freeing space for new ones. Provide regular cleaning of your device to ensure its fast work and practical use.




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