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Understanding What DNS is All About

Recent browser developments have included “DNS” in their features. Ordinary netizens like us may not really understand what it is all about, but some claim that it speeds up web browsing. For some people interested in building or creating a website, understanding DNS and how it can change our browsing experience is very important.


DNS actually refers to Domain Name System which is a massive database that allows you to browse and download files or applications from the internet. When you type an address on your browser, your ISP or internet service provider sends out a search request on a DNS which then searches for the IP address of the site you are looking for and then sends it back to you.


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It is used for emails, web pages and several other things that you do on the web. Unknowingly, you may actually be sending hundreds or thousands of DNS requests in a single day. Sometimes it takes more than one IP address to display everything on a single website especially in the case of adverts which are also located on other servers.


DNS is truly an amazing and fascinating database that resolves the alpha-numeric address you have keyed-in an IP address and gives you the webpage that you need. This process happens really quickly between your computer and multiple DNS servers and you won’t even know how it goes, what’s important is that you get the webpage you want and you’re done.

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