6 cable tie hacks to make your life easier

Very few cheaply produced items can have such a wide variety of applications and uses. The humble cable tie can do the lot. From heavy duty binding, to delicate threading, we look at the top 6 ways the cable tie can make your life easier.

200 pair telephone cable model of corpus callosum
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  1. Cable tie your wires together

It’s in the name! Possibly the most obvious application of the cable tie, but there’s nothing worse than packing wires. No matter how neatly you wrap and pack them, they’ll always end up jumbled in a mess. Worry no more, the simple, strong and reliable cable tie is here! Your best bet is to buy from an electrical supplier, such as RS Components.

Simply bundle your cables together and tie.

This is particularly useful for any amateur rock stars looking to transport their Amps and guitar electrics efficiently. Keep all relevant wires cable tied together for a quick setup. You can’t keep the crowds waiting, after all!

  1. Fixing a misbehaving showerhead

Everyone will have encountered this problem at some point. It’s one of those annoying things that once the shower fitting breaks, your shower ceases to function. At worst, you’re reduced to awkwardly holding the showerhead above you and balancing shampoo and loofer. At best, you tape the showerhead to the fitting which is less than ideal and the stick soon fades after a few washes.

Two cable ties will keep the showerhead securely attached to the perpendicular shower beam virtually forever. Remember to cut off the excess tie and the DIY job almost looks intentional!

  1. Cable ties for wires 2.0

As with keeping your wires tidy for transport, you can also go fully techy and organise and hide any ugly wires around the home. Are you constantly running an extension lead through the house for lack of nearby sockets? Why not form a cable snake by tying them at intervals? If you still think they look ugly, you could even go one step further and cover them with a cable tray. You can easily paint over this if you’d rather not have bare metal on the walls!

  1. Lighter safe

This is one for the parents. Whether you’re igniting the gas hobs for dinner or lighting a barbeque, few can deny that lighters are a necessary piece of equipment around the home. As useful as they may be, you don’t want your kids getting their hands on them with the possibility of burning themselves or burning the house to the ground. A particularly resourceful and determined child will not be deterred by the ‘high place’ tactic, but a well-placed cable tie will stop them in their tracks. Tied under the lighting tab, the cable tie is impossible to remove and effectively stops the lighting fluid from being ignited. 

  1. Broken zippers
Busted zipper
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This can be an infuriating problem that a cable tie can fix very easily. How often has the flimsy plastic hold come off the zipper on your bag, and you’re left to painfully slide it back and forth with your nail? Find yourself a slender cable tie to thread through the eye of the zipper and worry no more about opening and closing your bag!


  1. Broken pruning shears

Over time the wear and tear on even a good pair of shears will corrode the safety lock that keeps the sharp blades firmly closed. Keep a cable tie handy and close it around the handles. If you keep it slack enough, you can reuse to your heart’s content!

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