Are Your Employees Really Engaged? 3 Simple, Tech-Utilizing Methods Of Finding Out

As the entrepreneur of a firm, sometimes it can be hard to understand that not everyone is as invested in the idea as you are. While it might seem completely enthralling and something you’ve dreamed about doing your entire life in your eyes, for the newly acquired members of the role, they are usually enthusiastic but not life-or-death passionate about your specific firm. If a better job with a better salary comes along, it’s likely that they’ll want to take it. There is no problem with this of course. If an employee brings with them the passion and results necessary to justify their paycheck, then they, of course, should stay as a welcome addition to your team. However, sometimes, if not carefully maintained, this employee engagement can simply be drained as any other vital resource can when not carefully maintained.


 employees better methods of staying engaged


Luckily, tech software allows for ease of use regarding communication and support between departments or people, so it’s much easier for you to collect and act upon this information.

Here are a few easy ways to do so:

Anonymous Digital Note Boxes

Setting up an anonymous note box with your email or in-house communication software is simple and easy to set up. Simply allow your employees to anonymize your emails and encourage them to use it if they’re experiencing difficulty or a problem. Make a note of the most commonly spoken of issues and address how you’re going to resolve them in your weekly team meeting. It’s important that you act upon these issues because otherwise, you will seem neglectful.

On the contrary, if you manage to solve the issues raised, you can seem like a proactive and caring boss, and that’s the personality everyone wants to work for, regardless of what industry they work within. An anonymous donor box allows your staff to be more candid and frank with you (for better or worse) than they would when they have their name behind the suggestion, and that can lead to some interesting insights, or simply help you illuminate your blind spots.

Employee Assistance Programs

How emotionally secure are your employees? How far as a boss should you go in order to interfere in these issues? Does your employee look worse for wear lately? Past a quiet word of support, you can’t really take control of the situation and solve the problem. While you might genuinely care about your employees, if their personal live is obviously turbulent at the time, if it doesn’t affect their work there’s nothing much you can do about it without erring on the side of personal intrusion.

Luckily, there are methods around this. An employee assistance program will allow your workers to contact qualified psychological professionals through your firm plan, and this can give them the privacy need to gain real, helpful advice and act on it. It also affords your employee a degree of dignity, because their dirty laundry isn’t aired in front of the staff members or in your HR department. Not only this, but ‘outsourcing’ your employees personal troubles in this way allows for a safe and more suitable method of them expressing their difficulties, which again helps keep home and work lives totally separate.

These tips allow your employees better methods of staying engaged with the tasks at hand, while also having a separate space to vent their ills. There is nothing of more value to you as a current or prospective boss.

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