Photo book: From Digital Photos to Lasting Mementos

In this age of selfies one can’t help but be awed with the volume of photos that are uploaded every day. But the question is, what happens to these pictures a month after it appears on social media pages? It is very likely that they just got buried under the fresh batch of photos that were uploaded recently. This seems like such a waste when you can do a lot with pictures that are IG worthy. You can make the most out of your pictures through a photo book maker that can turn digital photos to treasured prints.

It may feel like a backwards option considering that techie people are already using digital scrap books, picture frames, etc. You would also rarely see people reading paper backs as most have already moved to e-books. But according to experts having your photos printed is recommended over simply storing them in the cloud. This is because printed photos have a better chance to stand the test of time if properly preserved. Internet pioneer Vint Cerf has expressed concerns over a digital obsolescence scenario wherein digital resources are rendered unreadable because of its archaic format.  If this happens, people who kept their photos on digital files could lose their precious mementos.  Thus making it more imperative for people to consider the photo book as an option for preserving pictures.

Aside from being better at preserving your images, printed photos also give you an old fashioned way of appreciating the pictures you have taken. Digital photos that have been printed out takes on a new form, texture, and appeal.  At times this simple transformation from digital to physical can give you a fresh perspective on the images you see. Don’t worry if you want to edit or enhance your images, you can still do this before printing your pictures. There are lots of photo editing software that you could use to get the job done.

Instead of printing several pictures individually, you may want to consider having a photo or scrap book printed instead. This is not just practical but also efficient in terms of preserving memories. When it comes to scrapbooking, the digital scrap book offers a more convenient way to organize and decorate photos compared to traditional versions. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t use digital scrapbooking tools and techniques for your photo book. If you already have digital scrapbooks that you don’t want to let go, then you can simply have them printed and bound by a photo service provider that you trust.

Don’t be daunted by the thought of creating a book on your own. Photo books are quite easy to make especially with photo book services available online. These service providers usually have templates available for practically every theme you need be it travel, milestones, or ordinary days. All you have to do is choose a design you want, upload photos, and place your order. You also have the option to create your own blank photo book. This means you get a free hand in choosing backgrounds, fonts, and other embellishments for your book.

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