Reading recommendations: build your knowledge when planning the launch of your tech business

Prior to launching your new tech start-up, why not use the time wisely and read as much as possible in the form of books by some of the world’s leading business experts? Equipping yourself with knowledge can only prove valuable for your future in the business world.  

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Here’s our list of some of the best reading material available for boosting your business skills. Launch your new business in the tech industry with confidence, ready to get ahead of the competition…

Book 1: The Industries of the Future

If a book has made it as a New York Times bestseller, you already know it’s worth a read. Alec Ross delivers an outstanding story that touches on the importance of remaining one step ahead of your competitors. The book delves into different areas of tech and allows the reader to understand why aspects are advancing quicker than ever before from a global leader point of view — think cyber security, genomics and big data.

This book is highly respected by those in the technology sector, as he was previously a senior advisor for innovation for Hillary Clinton during her time as Secretary of State.

Book 2: Bold: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World

Authored by Peter Diamandis and Steven Kotler, this book allows readers to learn in three different stages — perfect when entrepreneurs want to put something into action and then revisit the book. The first section for example, discusses how start-up businesses can develop from an initial idea to a business worth millions – and quicker than before due to new influences.

As well as all this good stuff, the book reveals the secrets of business people we all admire; this includes Richard Branson.

Book 3: The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future

If you’re an avid reader of Wired magazine, you’ll be pleased to know that our next recommended book is by the former executive editor, Kevin Kelly. The book itself gives readers an insight to what the next three decades look like for the tech sector. What makes this book a must-have for start-up owners is that it understands thoroughly how technological forces will overlap, mix and co-depend on each other.

Do you want to make sure you’re ahead of the game and can deliver for the customers of the future? Then you know what to do.

Book 4: How Google Works

For those entering the tech sector, being familiar with tech-giant Google is essential. As one of the most innovative companies on the planet, this read is from the perspective of two Google executives (Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg) who discuss how it all started and why it continues to stay on top of its competitors.

Within the book itself, you’ll be invited to see how corporate strategy and workplace culture affects business results and ensures the brand stays innovative. Could you be as successful as Google?

Book 5: Networking Like a Pro

Networking has never been more important, especially in the tech sector where competition is fierce. This book which was penned by Ivan R. Misner equips you with all of the tools you need to be a good ‘people person’. From this, you’ll be confident with your industry peers and be able to grow your network to ensure that your company remains at the top of the league.

Networking Like a Pro offers tools, templates and a result-measuring system — why wouldn’t you add this to your next shopping list?

Book 6: The Lean Start-Up

Just like books previously mentioned, this book is perfect for anyone just entering the industry and requires advice. Written by Eric Ries, from this read you’ll feel assured when setting up your business and integrating yourself with other companies in your field; while staying clear of any potential problems.

If you have the passion to make your business succeed and grow, this is one book that must be read to ensure you remain creative throughout.

Book 7: Your One Word

YouTuber Evan Carmichael debuted his first book back in 2016 and has since gone on to publish two more. But we’re here to discuss his first – Your One Word. Not only is Evan a social media star, he created and sold his own biotech company at the age of 19. Could you mirror his success with this read? It’s worth a try!

For upcoming entrepreneurs, you’ll know just how to unlock your potential and feel motivated by the relatable language used by the author.

Make sure you make the most of 2019 and put some of these books on your list!

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