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Smite : A Hidden Gem of a MOBA Video Game

After revisiting Minecraft after 7 or so years, I had the time to take a step back for nostalgia. When I was young, MOBA games were really starting to get popular. Personally, I play a few of them like Smite, League of Legends, DoTA, and Mobile Legends. However, recently, I found the League of Legends community increasingly toxic. I had teammates who would choose a bad matchup against the enemy lane, then they would flame me for losing lane. Needless to say, I ended up quitting League of Legends after a good few years with it.

Still, the urge to play something that is a MOBA game lingers. I tried to go back to Mobile Legends, but found the game to be too broken and toxic beyond repair to enjoy. Then, like a miracle, my friend came to me and asked if I play Smite.

That innocent question made me realize that I have not made a review about Smite yet, despite how great it is.

What is Smite?

Smite is a MOBA game with a unique twist into it: third-person perspective. Instead of using unique champions, the game makes you play from a variety of gods and goddesses. Each one is uniquely different from the other. There are also multiple game modes that is available every day. There is a map specifically for 3v3s, 2v2s, and 4v4s. This means that the game is flexible enough for you to enjoy with your friends!

The game has been existing since early 2014, and is still active today. However, unlike the other two MOBA giants: League of Legends and DOTA 2, it remains in obscurity in the Philippines. I find this a shame due to the fact that it is an incredibly fun and great game. You can download the game here.

How do I play the game?

Smite is a PC-based game, and you play it like any third-person shooter. The movements rely on the WASD setup, and the skills are all based to your preference. There are not many click-based skills, as most of the skills in the game are purely skillshots. This makes it harder, as all players can move incredibly well.

Each god and goddess have different kits as well as roles. Depending on your playstyle, you can choose from a variety of roles to enjoy! The roles are split into Hunter, Assassin, Guardian, Mage, and Warrior. Each has their own merit, but it is mostly up to the player to choose which one.

It is also free-to-play, so anyone can download and enjoy it!

Why should I play it?

I have been playing the game for a while now with my friends. Whatever god or goddess we select, the games end up being fun despite being on the losing side. While some gods or goddesses are broken to face against, we usually have a broken god or goddess on our team as well. The balancing of Smite is odd that way, but it makes the game more challenging. There are more ways to initiate a comeback in Smite, unlike in League of Legends or Mobile Legends. Snowballing can be harder to do, and that makes the game thrilling once it does happen!

While the fanbase is not as active to its counterparts, there are still plenty of players that keep games going!  Additionally, you might meet up with more chill players than toxic ones. In all of the games I have played, only roughly 2 out of 10 games did I encounter an awful player. This means that the game is still simple enough for all to enjoy!

All in all, Smite is a fun game that you should try out one time with your mates. Who knows, it might become a regular game for you!

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