Portable Power Supplies for Aviation

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Aircraft and locomotive turbine engines are reliant upon batteries that must carry a great deal of starting voltage to power engines. Typically, aircraft engines require a 24-volt battery rather than the previously required 12-volt battery. This battery is lighter and requires lighter wiring, reducing the weight of the electrical system in the aircraft. Modern turbine engines do need a great deal of extra energy to start the engine and then charge the 24-volt battery to its pre-starting capacity.

To achieve this starting voltage and reduce wear and tear on batteries, a portable power supply is recommended to extend battery life. Typically, under normal stress, these batteries last for about 400 stress cycles of discharge and recharge. That means that the batteries are good for only 400 starts before needing replacement. With a power supply, the voltage can be boosted, reducing the sulfation of the battery.

portable power supplies
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The portable power supplies, themselves, can be purchased with either lithium-ion batteries or lead-acid batteries. The advantage of lithium-ion is the lighter weight and freedom from sulfation, whereas the lead-acid is less expensive. Choices are available on the market. Contact with the manufacturer can give graphs and schematics indicating the value of each.

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Protect your Electronic Christmas presents with Eaton 3S

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As a tradition, gift-giving brings more cheer and happiness during the Christmas season.  It is the time where most families are busy buying presents for their loved ones and friends. Everyone’s Holiday tech gift guide is sure to include the latest entertainment technology such as tablets, smart televisions or computers, but what about considering  a gadget like Eaton 3S that could protect all the Holiday electronics from power issues, support them through a blackout, and limit their impact on monthly energy bills?

The Eaton 3S battery backup and surge protector is affordable, energy-efficient and provides protection for up to 10 devices as well as devices connected to data lines. Additionally, the 3S’ EcoControl power outlets can control shutdown of accessory devices to save up to 30 percent in energy consumption.

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