Could Tech Save Us From Obesity?

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Not too long ago a Disney film presented a horrifying version of the future. Humans were floating around in space, completely unable to walk and totally dependent on technology. It presented tech as the reason why health problems like obesity are soaring in the western world. However, recently there has been counter-evidence to suggest that technology could be the fix rather than the cause. It seems crazy, but tech just might get more people out of the house and exercising again. It’s already starting to happen!

Get Off Your Segways And Walk!

Hoverboard LScooter LBS15 - The "Little Scooter"

Well actually, anyone who has ever ridden a segways will tell you it isn’t quite as simple as most people believe. You are certainly not rolling around from one area to the other with no effort. You need to bend your knees, tilting your body forward and backward. Yes, you can travel a great amount of distance on a Segway compared to running or walking. However, it’s not quite the same as sitting on an electric scooter. Your body is still doing some of the work and that’s an important thing to remember. Particularly, when we think about the new craze of hoverboarding.

Love it or hate it, using a hoverboard will still get you some exercise. First, this idea they are used by unhealthy people is preposterous. If you’re over a certain weight, you won’t even be able to stand on the board without breaking it. Most people on hoverboards are quite young, slim and fit. You have to be to ride them at all. It takes a great deal of balance and of course, this means using your muscles. Again, it’s not as lazy as most people believe. Here’s a nice site that explains how great this new tech is. But it’s certainly not the only tech that’s getting people out of the house.

Go And Catch A Pokemon

Pokémon Go da más dinero a Apple y Pokemon Company que a Nintendo

Yes, Pokemon Go has taken the world by storm. It’s Nintendo’s next conspiracy as they continue their efforts to get the world back in shape. They tried this before, remember the Wii? That brought around a brand new era of gaming that encouraged people to get off the sofa. It didn’t last long, and they took a stumble with the Wii U. Pokemon Go, on the other hand, seems to be working quite well. On the first day of release, everyone was staring at their phones. Most of the players were children and that’s important. Of late, child obesity has become a more serious problem. Even with new school dinners that are healthier and artificial flavors being taken out their favorite foods. Kids are getting fatter. We admit, Pokemon Go has taken things a little too far. However, it’s certainly getting people moving.

The Future?

Lexus made a hoverboard! Say what? ??Read more about it on

Truth be told, we’re not sure what the next piece of tech will be to get people exercising. We have a sneaky suspicion other game developers are working on their own forms of AR. However, it might be something completely different. If Google Glass ever does surface from development hell that certainly has the potential to make people more active. One thing is clear, though. We should stop seeing technology as the enemy to physical fitness. It may turn out to be it’s greatest ally.  

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How EU Data Protection Regulation Will Impact Your Business

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Following European Commission debates, the end of this year sees the publication of new legislation governing how personal data is to be stored and processed by EU member states. These proposals look to unify and streamline rules across the EU, whereas at present all 28 states have markedly different rules and interpretations for personal data protection. The new legislation will create an even rulebook for all of the EU, including penalties for violations and misconduct.

The new rules will have the most impact on cloud service providers. While currently across the member states, data protection responsibilities fall upon the business owners, following publication in 2016 Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) will have legal obligations to ensure that data stored and processed in their systems is adequately protected.

In practical terms, what this means for CSPs is a lot more work – establishing cloud servers will mean working with clients to establish exactly what kinds of data will be stored on the servers and finding the most appropriate protection and encryption procedures for these. In general, CSPs will be forced to offer a more bespoke service to clients large and small. Additionally, servers face legal obligations to notify clients and a Data Protection Authority of any security breaches within 72 hours. Businesses can expect to pay a good deal more for their cloud infrastructures because of these additional rules, or risk facing a fine of up to €100 million, write Computer Weekly.

The new rules set out will have a wider global impact than just the EU – cloud servers from the US and outside the EU will be affected if holding data of clients from within the EU, as it is the residents to whom the laws apply. The ‘right to be forgotten’ clauses are a large contesting point for this global impact, as it allows EU residents to demand their data be deleted once it is no longer needed.

What this means for EU residents is peace of mind, the right to be forgotten, as well as increased transparency between clients and data processors, with the knowledge of how personal data will be used. Companies are now being urged to upgrade their data protection in anticipation of the EU’s implementation of the laws in 2017. Landmark Technologies welcome the changes, stating that too many businesses are risking too much by utilising basic protection methods such as passwords. What most businesses need, they argue, is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA), which layers multiple methods of authentication together. This offers increased protection for businesses, as well as more freedom for workers to bring their own devices or work on a mobile scale. This meets the requirements as laid out by the European Commission, as authentication methods can be customised depending on the volume and types of data being used.

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Smart Glasses and Other Technology Coming to You in 2015

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Every year brings about something bigger, better, faster, or stronger than the year before. 2015 is no exception, as there are multiple new technologies and gadgets on the way. Techies with an interest on the most potentially impactful products will no doubt be talking about, wishing for these items.


Smart Appliances
Forget browsing the internet and tweeting photos. At home smartphones will be given even more capabilities, including WiFi controllable coffee makers, refrigerators, and washing machines. While the need for being able to turn on an appliance via smartphone may be debatable, appliance makers are pushing hard to make people think these products are necessities. Smartphones will continue to pay for more offline purchases, and more stores will be offering the option to check out with a simple touch of a phone.

Smart Glasses
While Google Glass may be a dying product, other manufacturers are preparing their own smart eye wear. Companies like Vuzix, Zektronix, and Epson are all pushing augmented eyeglasses that allow varying degrees of computer functionality. Many of these are designed for particular industries, such as a pair of glasses that shows schematics for a given device. According to Dr. Bishop & Associates, a vision care center in Calgary, if these devices become popular in industrial settings, expect them to make the transition to consumer uses.

Apple Watch
It looks like Apple will forgo its tired practice of putting an “i” in front of every product name, as the Apple wristwatch will be simply named the “Apple Watch”. It promises simple ease of use, which means that much of navigating by tapping and manipulating items on its extremely small screen will be replaced by rotating the watch in different directions.

More 4K
Ever since HD finally became the default format for TVs in 2013, TV makers have been rushing to push the next format. 4K TVs that are roughly double the definition of HD, and have been appearing in stores as high-end products. Just as they did with HD, manufacturers are lowering prices and producing more 4K TVs to lure consumers with an enhanced experience at a competitive price. Once networks begin broadcasting live events in 4K, expect sales to rise.

Many of the above mentioned technologies are promising, but only time will tell how they will be received well by consumers. Listen to the buzz, and check sales figures to see which new tech will become indispensable.


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House-hunting is just a tap away with Lamudi Mobile App

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Finding your dream home that will go well with your lifestyle can be a stressful course. Searching for a desired property can now be just a tap away by installing the Lamudi mobile app for android phones. This app allows you to look up for homes you wish to buy on any device anytime.

Lamudi  Mobile App


Global real estate portal Lamudi recently launched an Android app Lamudi: Real Estate for Sale and Rent which hosts more than 400,000 property listings from Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa. This app covers 28 countries from Lamudi’s global network, such as Indonesia, Myanmar, and of course, the Philippines – giving international house-hunters a free mobile platform to buy, rent or sell real estate on an Android device.


The unique property platform of Lamudi app is designed to meet the growing demand for mobile internet services in the emerging markets and is a world’s first mobile app to help house-hunters to find property on the go.  A key feature of the app is the match alert function, which notifies users as soon as a property that suits their needs hits the market. Users can also create a list of favorites to bookmark properties, which can be accessed at any time and on any device.


All listings feature high-quality photo galleries, detailed property information, maps, and multiple contact details for property owners or agents. House-hunters can also share their favourite properties with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter or email.


Click here to download the Lamudi Android app.  You may also visit Lamudi Philippines on Facebook and Twitter

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Verifying Site Ownership via Google Webmaster Tools

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In order to keep track and analyze a website’s performance on Google search engine, it is important to first verify your site ownership. Recently, Google launched a Google Webmaster Tools plugin available for WordPress users. Once ownership for a website has been verifed, the website owner will be able to –

  • improve the quality of the site
  • will be able to diagnose site’s potential problems
  • manage how you wish and prefer your site to be indexed
  • can be able to remove sitelinks from Google search results and can request a change in crawl rate
  • Specify the geographic region targeted by your site

google webmaster tools

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